Comparing Sherwood and AVB's record at Spurs

AVB has started well at Zenit. Photo: PA

Betting companies love a gimmick but for a manager to get his own bingo card just a couple of months into a job must mean he is doing something different. Tim Sherwood has not exactly followed protocol since taking the Tottenham job.

The 'Tim Sherwood meltdown bingo' card started doing the rounds on social media on Sunday night in the wake of Spurs' 4-0 loss at Liverpool.

Entries on the card include 'starts watching game in the stands', 'no wait he's down on the touchline', 'no, hang on, he's back up in the stands again,' and, of course, 'throws fashionable gilet on the floor in a fit of rage'.

Say what you like about Sherwood, but he has certainly made things interesting on the sidelines since replacing the equally-maligned Andre Villas-Boas.

Gimmicks aside, though, it is on the field where Sherwood will be judged and a series of heavy defeats have not helped his cause. Four goals have been conceded to the likes of Manchester City, Chelsea and most recently Liverpool, and Tottenham are now faced with a battle for Europa League qualification, let alone the Champions League spot they badly craved.

Throw in Villas-Boas winning two games from two in his new post at Zenit and some Spurs fans have started to ask if they were better with the devil they knew. With both men having taken charge of 16 Premier League games this season, Press Association Sport's MatchStory looks at whether or not that is correct.

Overall results

Despite their differing public styles - AVB's clipboard and Tim's clenched fist - their records are almost identical.

Over 16 games, Sherwood has won nine to AVB's eight, with five losses each. Sherwood's points-per-game of 1.81 is higher (AVB 1.69) and over the course of a full season would bring in five more points.


Sherwood was lauded for bringing Emmanuel Adebayor back into the fold so successfully and the results are tangible. Spurs have scored 25 goals under Sherwood compared to 16 under AVB.

A dour frontline was not necessarily AVB's undoing, though. It was more their collapse-prone defence which, under Sherwood, has got worse (23 goals to 21).

Sherwood has got Spurs from 0.94 goals a game to 1.56, which makes a rise from 1.31 to 1.44 conceded worth it.

Spurs were embarrassed by Liverpool twice this season. Credit: PA

Shots taken

Here is the surprise. While Sherwood's Spurs score more goals, they create far less chances. AVB's team had 278 shots on goal compared to Sherwood's 174 - a difference of seven per game on the averages. It could be suggested that under AVB Andros Townsend was both a regular starter and shooter. His impact under Sherwood has been diluted.

Where Sherwood has got the edge on his old boss, though, is in conversion. It now takes Spurs seven shots to score where under AVB it was 18.5. The difference could well be Adebayor but it could also be the greater role Les Ferdinand is playing on the training pitch. Had AVB used 'Sir Les'more, then who knows?

Shots faced

Sherwood has been criticised for a gung-ho approach and paying no attention to tactics. His Spurs side are more solid when it comes to giving away chances than AVB's, though, facing less shots (185 to 206). The problem comes in keeping them out, with Spurs now conceding every eight shots compared to a previous 9.6.


Under AVB Spurs were perhaps in danger of becoming like the '1-0 to the Arsenal' side of old, scoring more than once in just four games - 25 per cent. Sherwood's men have done so seven times at just under 44 per cent. That applies at the other end too, with Spurs conceding more than once on four occasions under the Portuguese compared to five under Sherwood.


If the stats are taken at face value then Sherwood could feel pleased to be doing a better job than a man with a far greater coaching pedigree than he.

The eyes tell a different story sometimes, though, and the whole 'Sherwood bingo' sideshow has perhaps detracted a little from what has been a steady upwards curve for the former Blackburn player.

Sherwood may also benefit from an easier run-in than most. The highest-ranked team they have left is Stoke (10th) and Sherwood has a great opportunity to pull further clearer of AVB. If he does not take it, though, then the vultures may circle.

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