Former Man United boss David Moyes keen on managing a Champions League level club

Moyes and Man United was a hellish, short-lived marriage. Photo: PA

Former Man United boss David Moyes is targeting Champions League action when he returns to management.

Moyes, sacked by the Red Devil after 10 months in the job, is currently on holiday in Florida.

He told The Guardian: "I have had a couple of opportunities to go back in and chosen not to do anything just now.

"I am going to look for what I feel is the right opportunity. I would like to think I proved myself over the 11-year period at Everton and what I am capable of, and the level at which I want to manage.

"I got my real first taste of the Champions League this year and I thought I showed I can manage at that level.

"I would like somewhere that would give me a chance of being in the Champions League or a club that has ambitions of being in the Champions League."

The 51-year-old Scot is not ruling out a job in Europe.

He added: "It could be at home or abroad. I have always liked the thought of broadening my horizons and learning a bit more and at the moment I am quite comfortable watching and learning.

"I will go away and learn and look again to see what is happening."

"I will use United as an important experience in my managerial career. I feel I needed more time but I will use it to benefit me and help me in the coming jobs."