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Robben: Arsenal were nervous

Bayern Munich winger Arjen Robben told ITV he felt Arsenal's nerves got the better of them in the first half of their defeat at the Emirates.

They were a little bit nervous, but that's normal. They're a young team and there's a lot of pressure...but all respect to Arsenal, they're a talented team with a great manager.

– Arjen Robben, speaking to ITV's Gabriel Clarke



Wenger fronts up

Arsene Wenger has emerged from the dressing-rooms and has had a word with ITV reporter Gabriel Clarke:

In the second half when it was 2-1 I thought we would come back to 2-2. But when we conceded the third goal you could see something had gone in our team. Mentally the team was down because we'd battled so hard.

Nerves played a big part. The confidence isn't there to play with our technical talent.

– Arsene Wenger speaking to ITV's Gabriel Clarke
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