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Full time

The match is over.


Second half kick-off

The game restarts for the second half.




The players leave the pitch at half time.



Sebastian Larsson booked for unsporting behaviour. A goal is scored by Da Silva Leandro Damiao. The referee shows Emiliano Thiago Silva a yellow card for unsporting behaviour. Christian Wilhelmsson is substituted. That's 533 substitutions in the International Friendly. Rasmus Elm leaves the field. Oscar Wendt joins the action as a substitute, replacing Ola Toivonen. That's Sweden's 15th substitution, so far. Guilherme Juan on for David Luiz. Murara Neto comes on as a substitute. That's the 28th substitution, by Brazil in the International Friendly. Da Silva Leandro Damiao is replaced. Brazil make a substitution, with Rodrigues Lucas coming on for Junior Neymar. That's the 29th substitution, by Brazil in the International Friendly. Da Silva Alexandre Pato scores. That's the 205th goal of the International Friendly. Pontus Wernbloom receives a yellow card. A goal is scored by da Silva Alexandre Pato. Anderson Dede is brought on as a substitute for Ramires.



The whistle blows and the match is started.