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Football Advent Calendar No.4 - Vinnie Jones

Vinnie Jones
Vinnie's so hard he doesn't even need a bottle to drink out of. Credit: PA

Who's behind door number 4 on our Premier League advent calendar...why it's only Crazy Gang hard-man turned Hollywood star Vinnie Jones!

Jones made 284 League appearances for Wimbledon in two spells with the club, during which he famously left his mark on many a shin - and Paul Gascoigne's groin too.

Door No.3

Door No.2

Door No.1



MK Dons v AFC Wimbledon: Your predictions


MK Dons v AFC Wimbledon arghhh I can't wait!! The Dons v The Dons! I think The Dons will win! #FACup @itvfootball


@itvfootball Chadwick on goal scoring form bound to get a goal, maybe the first. id take MK to win by 2 goals the better footballing team.


@itvfootball Time to put aside the point-scoring and jibes for a couple of hours and let the football decide. Im going 2-1 MK #FACup

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AFC Wimbledon aircraft to buzz MK Dons ground


@JacquiOatley: AFC Wimbledon fans have hired a plane to fly over Stadium MK at 12.40pm on Sunday dragging a "We are Wimbledon" banner.” #SAD


This plane that is going to fly over Milton Keynes is getting more coverage than the Enola Gay. What happened to the element of surprise?

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