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Pulis praise for Martinez

Everton manager Roberto Martinez has exploited the loan system with a string of "clever" short-term signings, according to Crystal Palace boss Tony Pulis.

They've not broken any rules

If it's within the rules, as long as they're not breaking any rules they're entitled to do what they want.

" think Roberto has been clever.

Do I think certain rules are right? There are certain rules I think are absolutely crazy, but they are the rules and you abide by them.

Everybody knows them, they are set out.

I think the important thing is that if Roberto had broken the rules then you could talk about it, but the rules are there for everybody to use.

And if he's used them, and he's used it to his benefit and Everton's benefit then fair play to him.

– Crystal Palace manager Tony Pulis


Pulis calls for more consistency from Puncheon

Jason Puncheon can be as good as he wants to be but must improve his consistency if he wants to be a top player, according to Crystal Palace manager Tony Pulis.

The 27-year-old hit the headlines for the wrong reasons in January after an embarrassing penalty miss against Tottenham but he bounced back, scoring twice in his next three matches.

Puncheon could be anything he wanted to be.

Jason has the tools to be a top player but he's been very, very inconsistent over his career - good players are not that inconsistent.

It's a lack of concentration as much as anything else. For him to be a really good player he has to do this week after week after week and we've spoken to him about that.

– Crystal Palace boss Tony Pulis.


Pulis to show no mercy

Tony Pulis has fond memories of watching Cardiff as a child but will not go easy on the Bluebirds when he takes his Crystal Palace side to Wales on Saturday.

I watched Cardiff when I was a young boy and I also watched Newport when I could.

If I didn't have games on a Saturday, if I wasn't playing for the YMCA then we would jump on a train and if we could we would get to Cardiff.

That was when (John) Toshack was playing, (Ian) Gibson was in midfield, and they had a very, very good team.

My dad took me to watch Cardiff on a Tuesday or a Wednesday evening when they played Real Madrid when there were 50,000 people in the stadium.

– Crystal Palace manager Tony Pulis
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