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Di Matteo tactics questioned by Schalke defender

Di Matteo
Di Matteo's side were humiliated against Chelsea. Credit: PA

Schalke defender Christian Fuchs has questioned the strategy used by coach Roberto Di Matteo for their 5-0 defeat to Chelsea in midweek.

Di Matteo got it right on Saturday with Schalke defeating Mainz 4-1 in the Bundesliga, but Fuchs says he does not know why the Italian had to change things for their Champions League tie against his former club.

"I feel really good playing in a 3-5-2 formation," Fuchs said, responding to the question as to why Schalke had played differently on Wednesday with a shrug of the shoulders. "Good question. He must have had his ideas, but it didn't work. We can only learn from that."



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