Klopp plays down Dortmund's Supercup victory

A delighted Jurgen Klopp has piled more pressure on Bayern Munich by insisting the Champions League winners shouldn't have any Bundeliga rivals, despite beating them in the German Supercup last night.

The cool thing about the Supercup is that the losers are not too bothered, but the winners are delighted, and we won it

It was a great game. There are still two weeks to the start of the Bundesliga season and both sides gave it a go like there was no tomorrow.

We have always said that if we meet Bayern we want to beat them, but we don't see them as our rivals.

They are the best team in the league. Of course we want to beat them when we can, but the other 16 sides are our real rivals.

– Borussia Dortmund manager, Jurgen Klopp