Emmanuel Eboue still loves Arsenal

Emmanuel Eboue has confessed he is still very much in love with Arsenal football club.

The 30 year-old left for Galatasaray two years ago when his performances deteriorated so much that supporters cheered sarcastically during one game when he was substituted.

But he's a loving man.

I always want to hear news from the club because I am a big supporter of them. I’m a Galatasaray player now, but I am still in love with Arsenal and I always watch their games.

My only bad day was that game against Wigan, but that was something you must be ready for as football player. I will never, ever forget Arsenal or its supporters and I cannot wait to see them again.

I am so excited the Emirates Cup. I was on holiday when I first found out - one of my friends called me and said: ‘Manu, you know you’re going to play in the Emirates Cup against Arsenal?’

– Emmanuel Eboue speaking to Arsenal's Official Matchday Programme