Dave Jones fires off 17 minute referee rant

Dave Jones was livid with the officials after Sheffield Wednesday's 2-1 defeat at QPR in today's Championship opener.

Jones believes the referee had a "shocker" and risked the wrath of the Football Association as he ranted for 17 minutes about the officials' poor display.

I think it is an embarrassment for the official to miss the two clear-cut penalties.

You need big calls at places like this in front of a big crowd. You need a big referee to make a big call and he didn't do it.

We just lost our concentration and they capitalised on that. To add insult to it, he then goes and books him and says it is a dive.

He will go home tonight, put his feet up and get another game - and I don't think it is right.

I don't know where you will put him. I don't know what league you would put him in because if you can't pick that out there, he won't pick it out anywhere.

– Sheffield Wednesday manager Dave Jones


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