Mackay praises brave new signing Caulker

Cardiff manager Malky Mackay has praised the bravery of record signing Steven Caulker in swapping the "comfort blanket" of Tottenham for a new challenge in south Wales.

To be part of a squad is a very good thing and at the time you are loathed to leave because it has a comfort blanket associated with it.

You are wrapped in it, you have been there and you know it. To actually step out and go and further your career is a brave decision.

It is something that I would commend players for when they do it. You see a situation in football when they leave a club and it is unexpected. When it is for the reasons of playing football regularly then I think that is a brave decision. It shows that a player has maturity attached to them and where they see their career going.

– Cardiff manager Malky Mackay