Schuster: Doping is fine for treating injury

Malaga manager and former West Germany international Bernt Schuster has suggested that doping in football is fine, as long as it's intended to treat injuries.

I say, as long as it comes to the pure regeneration, I have no problem with it. If a player is fit again after an injury in two or three weeks, then it makes good sense. But not when it is intended to bring a player to 120, 150, 180%. So as long as it is not intended to increase his performance but intended to bring him back as quickly as possible to the right standard.

Some players have more pills and packs of tablets in their bags than deodorant and aftershave. And it is often just a state of mind. You could give them glucose and tell them it is good for them and they would take it.

– Malaga manager Bernt Schuster speaking to Bild

Schuster also revealed that footballers took "all sorts of things" during his playing career.