McCarthy will cost Everton 'at least £14m'

Wigan chairman Dave Whelan says Everton will need to offer at least £14million if they want to sign Latics midfielder James McCarthy.

Whelan was speaking to journalists during a promotional visit to the K Club in Kildare when he took a call from Everton boss Roberto Martinez regarding the 22-year-old Republic of Ireland international.

Roberto is chasing James. If Everton sell Fellaini, they are going to come in again for our boy.

It depends whether Fellaini goes today. I have heard that he's definitely going.

If Fellaini goes, Everton are going to get their £30million or whatever. Roberto knows what James is valued at, so they've got to come back in with the right amount. You've got to be talking £14million or maybe a little more.

– Wigan chairman Dave Whelan.


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