Mancini: Balo must calm down

Former Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini does not believe Mario Balotelli will realise his full potential unless he learns to curb his anger.

The AC Milan striker has been banned for three games for making insulting and intimidating comments towards the referee after Sunday's 2-1 defeat to Napoli.

There is only one way to end this and that is for Mario to learn to resist those anger attacks.

He must break that spiral. If word spread that he no longer reacted to that, then he would not be a target.

All the defenders in the world know that it only takes two kicks to see him (Balotelli) lose his mind and hence, they do that.

In England I had to have words with some of the players that marked him.

That happened on occasions where they were clearly provoking him.

But more or less, everyone tries to have him sent off.

– Mancini speaking to Gazzetta dello Sport.