Shearer: FA right to back Hodgson

Alan Shearer believes Roy Hodgson should have steered clear of using the word "monkey" as part of his half-time team talk against Poland earlier this week but believes the England manager deserves the full backing of the Football Association.

There's always something with England that wants to sabotage our success.

The pressure on the players and in particular the manager in the game like this - and at half-time - is absolutely huge.

But you can't use a word like Roy Hodgson used in a dressing room like that.

But what I would say is, the time I have spent with Roy, he's an intelligent bloke, he's a tactical genius and he loves his football.

There was no offence meant, no offence taken. He got the backing - and rightly so - of the FA, and he got the backing - and rightly so - of all the players.

– Alan Shearer speaking on Football Focus.