Schweini injury not as serious as reported

Bayern Munich have released a positive update on Bastian Schweinsteiger's recovery process following an ankle injury.

Rumours had been growing that the Germany international may miss as much as a year following an operation, the time and location of which were not disclosed in order to prevent the media from being present.

Club doctor Hans-Wilhelm Muller-Wohlfahrt says claims are unfounded and that the 29-year-old's injury has a "favourable" recovery time.

Unfortunately, since last weekend, the media has been discussing at length the condition of Bastian Schweinsteiger.

This is both unfounded and inappropriate towards the player. People who do not know the facts, such as the results of the scans and imagery, are having their say.

The injury is an extra-articular medical finding and the post-operation prognosis is to be regarded as very favourable.

The possibility of Bastian Schweinsteiger being able to play in 2014 is in no way endangered.

– Bayern club doctor Dr Muller-Wohlfahrt.


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