Crawley chairman asks supporters who he should sign on Twitter

Crawley chairman Dave Pottinger took the unusual step of asking the club's fans who he should sign before landing Matt Tubbs.

Pottinger went onto Twitter over the weekend to canvas opinion among the Crawley support and the overwhelming choice was former Town striker Tubbs, who has now rejoined the club on loan from Bournemouth.

I'm no expert in social media but I often go onto the forums and do Q&As to engage with the fans, and we thought this was a way of reaching a wider base of them.

It was just a fishing line really, everyone knows we needed to enhance the side and goals have been a problem. We have scouts and an experienced manager in John Gregory but we have 20,000-odd fans so why not ask them?

A lot of supporters are treated with disrespect but they know their football. I might do it again, ask them to go down to the Conference North and find us a gem.

– Crawley chairman Dave Pottinger @crawleychairman.


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