Lambert backs Holt to shine

Aston Villa boss Paul Lambert is ready to unleash his trusty warhorse Grant Holt on their former club Norwich this weekend, despite describing the striker as "the worst trainer I've ever seen".

Holty will be involved with the squad anyway, that's the thing.

I think he'll be looking forward to it, it's his first time facing them so it's maybe new for him.

He was a major catalyst for that club with what he did. When I was there he was player of the year for three years in a row and he was great for me.

He was probably the worst trainer I've ever seen but you put him in on a Saturday and he performed. He was brilliant, he was absolutely fantastic.

I know exactly what you get from him.

I've always had a laugh and a joke with him about his training but he's 30-odd years of age now.

– Aston Villa manager Paul Lambert