Tan accuses media and threatens to abandon Cardiff if fans "p*** him off"

Cardiff City owner Vincent Tan has accused the British media of being "a little bit racist" for making him out to be a bond villain.

Speaking to BBC Sport, the controversial Malaysian also threatened to abandon the Welsh club if the fans "p*** him off."

I wear sunglasses because of the glare of the spotlights.

I wear gloves because it is very cold in the UK. Frankly, sometimes I think they are nuts making all these comments.

And sometimes the British press [are] maybe a little bit racist and quite unfair.

Some of my family members really want me to leave. They think it's not worth it. They think no-one is grateful, but you have to be patient, accept the criticism and sometimes the insults.

Right now at this point of time, I will stay, unless the fans really p*** me off so much, then I will leave.

– Cardiff City owner Vicent Tan