Sofa Superstar

Francine and Joe's festive Sofa Superstar

Naomi's photo stays on Stephen's bookshelf for ANOTHER week as the Sofa Superstar reigning champion - here's how Francine Lewis and Joe Swash got on with today's festive version!

A Girl's Aloud Sofa Superstar special with Kimberley Walsh
Fiona Wade and Rylan play Sofa Superstar

A Girls Aloud Sofa Superstar special

It's a Girls Aloud special on this week's Sofa Superstar - but does Josh know the songs better than Kimberley - certainly seems that way! Find out how they did in this week's Sofa Superstar!

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Sofa Superstar wall of fame

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Fiona and Rylan play Sofa Superstar

Fiona and Rylan only managed to score 6 points for Mary this week, which means Naomi from Monmouth's picture is safe on Stephen's shelf. Check out which ones they got right!

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Christine and Brian's Sofa Superstar

They only managed to score five points for Chris in Widnes, which means Naomi still reigns supreme, with her photograph on Stephen's bookcase. In case you missed it - here's Christine and Brian's Sofa Superstar attempt.

Matt and Arg take on Sofa Superstar

TOWIE's Arg and McBusted's Matt Willis are helping this week's Sofa Superstar caller Naomi from Monmouth. But can they help her knock reigning champ Charlotte off the top spot?

Watch again to find out.

It's time for Sofa Superstar

It's week two of Sofa Superstar with lovely viewer Charlotte from West Sussex. But how many of her fabulous noises did Laura Whitmore and Biggins guess correctly? Watch the video to find out...

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Sofa Superstar: Soap special

How many sounds can Jennie McAlpine and Laura Norton decipher in today's soap extravaganza of Sofa Superstar? Watch the video to find out...