Callum Pardoe

In Pictures: The Buoy Code Challenge

Our Teams got themselves back in the zone and geared up for the first ever Reward Challenge - Buoy Code. Blossoming relationships were set aside as the Girls looked to bounce back from defeat, while the Boys focussed on continuing their winning streak.

Things got wet and wild as the Teams attempted to crack the code and take home the win. Take a look at the pictures as the drama unfolded.

Callum and Lottie head off on safari

Video guidance This video contains strong language

Callum and Lottie buckle up as they head off on a wild safari for the very first date. Lottie keeps her eyes peeled for some ferocious beasts... but it's Callum that's going in for the kill!

All About Callum

Our Welsh boy Callum is here for the experience - he says the most exotic place he’s ever been until now was on a boys’ holiday to Zante, and tells us: “It was probably the best time I’ve ever had!”

  • Callum Pardoe