Girls Team

All About Sydney

Essex girl Sydney is heading into The Lodge to bring the Girls Team back together. "The Boys are really solid, even when they lose they are uplifting each other. Whereas with the Girls, they're more fickle and there are cracks in the Team. My plan is to cement the cracks."

She says she will bring something different to The Lodge, telling us: . Watching the show, I can see there is no one in there like me. I’m quite mischievous, energetic, bubbly."

All About Sam

Bubbly Sam loves to smile - but don't be fooled by those dimples - she's fighting fit and here to win, telling us: "I think everyone wants to see that battle [between the Girls and Boys] and it's enticing."

"I feel I’m most suited to this type of show because of what I do in my spare time which is gym and fitness, she says, adding: "I love to be challenged in life."

All About Mettisse

Mettisse is a real independent woman, and says girls are used to holding things together. "I do think females are the stronger sex, not just in regards to this show but in life, I think women are so much stronger."

"We are stronger minded, we are the mothers, we are the nurturers. It’s about time that men were put down a little bit. They need to get off their pedestal."

All About Lottie

Blonde beauty Lottie James is our first replacement to enter The Lodge - and she's sure to set the Boys' temperatures soaring.

The 22-year-old is the picture of innocence, but she's ready to work her charm, telling us: "My flirtatious side will come out so that might make the Boys’ games a little weaker."

Meet Georgia

Name: Georgia Cole
Age: 25
Occupation: Business Development Manager
"I’m going to stay focussed on the money and I’m going to use the guys as stepping stones to get what I want."

Meet Georgie

Video guidance This video contains strong language

Name: Georgie Clarke
Age: 25
Occupation: Research and Development Tax Credit Consultant
"It doesn't matter how tired I am, or how annoyed I am about something, I'm always going to find the energy within me to get what I want and win."