Mettisse Campbell

Mettisse comes clean to Georgia

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Thanks to Mettisse defecting on the Girls, Georgia and Lottie face a head-to-head battle for survival in The Lodge. Mettisse approaches Georgia to tell her that she's responsible, but how will Georgia take it knowing her place in the competition is at risk?

Dates over mates causes a stir

Mariam and Mettisse are given the chance to go on a date after taking the win for the Girls in the Reward Challenge. But when they pick Callum and Tristan to join them instead of their fellow ladies, it causes more tension between the Girls - just as they really need to stick together.

Replacement Mettisse joins the Girl squad

Video guidance This video contains strong language

With the Girls one short after Tia's sudden departure, it's time to bring a fresh face into The Lodge. Beautician Mettisse is the latest replacement to join the Girl squad, but how will she settle in now that close friendships have already formed?

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All About Mettisse

Mettisse is a real independent woman, and says girls are used to holding things together. "I do think females are the stronger sex, not just in regards to this show but in life, I think women are so much stronger."

"We are stronger minded, we are the mothers, we are the nurturers. It’s about time that men were put down a little bit. They need to get off their pedestal."

  • Mettisse Campbell