Overheard in The Lodge Day 9: Who said that?

The Lodge was creaking under the weight of all the tension on Day 9. After Mettisse spilled the beans about Lottie and Georgia to the Boys, the pair were left to fight it out for their place in the competition - and some people weren't too happy with the result. See if you can match the quote to the teammate in the quiz below.

The Audience Challenge: How closely were you watching Day 7?

Things got messy, muddy and ugly on Day 7. Georgia wasn't impressed when a party game got a bit personal, and she also kept herself busy pieing David off... again. Our Teams got stuck into the Clear As Mud Reward Challenge, and it was the Girls who cracked the code and earned themselves a safari, before they reluctantly chose to end Ryan's time in the Lodge. Now it's your turn to see if you can crack the quiz...

Overheard in The Lodge Day 7: Who said that?

Ohhhh there was gossip galore on Day 7 as a game got a little too personal and some of the Girls were left upset, while Warren's birthday balloons quickly deflated. There was also plenty of chat about who was hooking up with who, as replacement Sam got closer to James. See if you can match the Teams to their quotes in the quiz below.