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All About Sydney

Essex girl Sydney is heading into The Lodge to bring the Girls Team back together. "The Boys are really solid, even when they lose they are uplifting each other. Whereas with the Girls, they're more fickle and there are cracks in the Team. My plan is to cement the cracks."

She says she will bring something different to The Lodge, telling us: . Watching the show, I can see there is no one in there like me. I’m quite mischievous, energetic, bubbly."

Overheard in The Lodge Day 9: Who said that?

The Lodge was creaking under the weight of all the tension on Day 9. After Mettisse spilled the beans about Lottie and Georgia to the Boys, the pair were left to fight it out for their place in the competition - and some people weren't too happy with the result. See if you can match the quote to the teammate in the quiz below.

Georgia apologises to David

Video guidance This video contains strong language

After an intense day that saw her keep her place in The Lodge at the expense of Lottie, Georgia apologises to David. But will he accept that she's sorry?

Lottie and Georgia fight for survival

Video guidance This video contains strong language

Time is ticking for Lottie and Georgia as they battle it out to secure their place in The Lodge. As they run across a suspended beam to keep their sand timers moving, it's Lottie who loses out and has to say goodbye to the Teams.

In Pictures: Boys' Day Out

With tensions running high among the Girls ahead of Lottie and Georgia's head-to-head battle to stay in The Lodge, the Boys were treated to a day out. Far away from the drama and gossip, the Boys revelled in their winning streak and took in a bit of wildlife, before relaxing in some stunning surroundings. Take a look at the pictures...