Throwback Thursday: Remember these couples?

Katie & Pete (left), Stuart and Robyn (right)

Here's a romantic flashback to another pair of Take Me Out success stories, proving it really is possible to find love on the show.

Both Katie and Pete (Series 4) and Stuart and Robyn (Series 5) have continued relationships since finding love on the Isle of Fernando's.

We can't wait to see which couples find true love this year.

Saturday, 8.05pm, ITV

Meet another Take Me Out triumph on The Gossip

We love a good Take Me Out success story! The second we’ll be raising a glass to on Saturday’s The Gossip comes in the shape of Series 5’s Gavin and Gemma.

Gavin says he knew he’d pick Gemma when he first came flying out of the Love Lift - so maybe love at first sight really does exist!

Tune in 9.30pm on ITV2 this Saturday to follow the couple’s journey and find out why Gemma’s daughters are so excited…

PREVIEW: Shadz slips up

Will ANY of our Flirty 30 get Craig's name right? Shadz is the second to slip up...(!)

Here's a sneaky preview from this weekend's show. Don't miss it - Saturday night, 8.30pm, ITV

The Gossip Returns For a Brand New Series!

This week on Take Me Out's younger, better looking little brother show, The Gossip, we see how true love does indeed conquer all as we check in with couples from previous series and follow them on their journey from Fernandos right up the aisle and beyond.

We start with Dave and Adele from Essex who met in Series 2 of our show after Adele was captivated by Essex boy Dave's skinny jeaned-lift dance and PJ and Duncan dance moves. Don't miss The Gossip this Saturday at 2130 on ITV2 to find out how despite Dave choosing to turn Adele's light off in the show after one of the worst responses to a question ever heard on the show, they managed to bring Take Me Out's first ever baby into the world last year and are now a happily married couple.