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The Chase is on!

Hosted by Bradley Walsh, contestants must answer general knowledge questions and play their tactics right in order to get themselves into the Final Chase, where they could win a cash pot worth thousands of pounds.

However, standing in the way is their common enemy, the Chaser, one of the finest quiz brains in the country. An intellectually dominating and supremely self-confident quiz genius, they will chase contestants down the board in a tense and thrilling test of knowledge to try to catch them and throw them out of the game.

The Chase isn’t just a quiz; it’s a race, where the contestants must avoid being caught by the Chaser. Stay ahead of the Chaser and they share the pot; get caught and they lose the lot!

The Chasers


Not one for holding back, The Sinnerman’s sarcastic put downs are hard to take even by the toughest of contestants. As a newcomer to The Chase he is out to set the bar high for himself, so woe betide anyone in his sights!

Mark 'THE BEAST' Labbett

At 6 foot 6 The Beast is the man mountain of the quiz world. A colossus, with an intellect to match his stature, who cannot stand to lose. As he says himself ‘Ego and pride are the whips that drive me’.

Anne 'THE GOVERNESS' Hegerty

Miss Frosty Knickers herself! The Governess has been know to turn grown men into quivering little school boys with just one word and it’s often ‘hello’.

Shaun 'THE BARRISTER' Wallace

As a former Mastermind champion, The Dark Destroyer is an intellectual powerhouse to be reckoned with. Single mindedly focused on utter destruction of any opponent faces – so don’t expect a smile.

*How will contestants fair against our famous four, can they be beaten or will the Chasers reign supreme? *

The Rules

Cash Builder

Contestants have 1 minute to build up as much cash as they can by answering quick-fire questions. Each question is worth £1000.

The Chaser's Offers

The amount the contestant wins goes onto the board, three steps ahead of the Chaser. Contestants then have the chance to change their starting position - if they want a bigger head start on the Chaser, they can start one step closer to home, but the Chaser will offer them a lesser amount of money. This could even mean a minus amount! Or, if they are feeling brave, they can start a step closer to the Chaser for which they will be offered a higher amount!

The Chase

Decision made, every correct answer to multiple choice questions moves the contestant and their money one step closer to home however, get a question wrong and they stay where they are. The Chaser answers the same questions and tries to close the gap between them. Make it home safely and they go through to the Final Chase along with the money they have built up, but get caught and they go out with nothing.

The Final Chase

Surviving contestants work as a team to answer as many questions as they can in 2 minutes. For every contestant through to The Final Chase, they get an extra step head start on the Chaser. They then get one step for every correct answer and must then watch nervously as the Chaser is given two minutes to try and catch them. If the Chaser gets a question wrong and the team can get it right, they push the Chaser back one step. If the Chaser fails to catch the team, they win and split the cash pot equally between them; if they are caught they go home with nothing.