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Our Coaches are ready for Battle!

The Coaches are revealing ALL to our Jamie Miller about what it takes to impress them at the Battles.

Are their teams ready to go? Which Coach would Olly choose to Battle?

With only one more sleep until the Battles, it's time to find out...

The Battles Begin... And Here Are Your Previews!

We do love to treat you, so here are some preview clips ahead of this Saturday's show. You don't HAVE to watch them, but who doesn't love a sneaky look ahead of the big moments airing on the telly?

During the Battles, our qualifying Singers get paired up by their Coaches and challenged to a sing-off. Here's just a taste of what's to come...

Donel Vs Rhianna

Holly Vs Chris

The Coaches' Dinner Party

If the Coaches hosted a dinner party for the other Coaches, what'd they put on their playlists? Would Sir Tom go jazz or rock 'n' roll? Olly: pop or dance? Their answers may surprise you...

Jamie's superstar tips

It's time for our Singers to get ready for Battle as the Blind Auditions come to a close.

Luckily our resident Voice UK pro Jamie Miller is on hand to dish out the superstar tips. He sure knows a thing or two about bossing that stage!