Crime really does pay for Martina Cole

Queen of crime Martina Cole is one of the UK's most popular writers and her books have topped bestseller lists for over 20 years. Her books have sold more than 14 million copies and been translated into 29 languages worldwide. Martina's hard-hitting writing made her the first British female adult author to surpass the £50 million sales mark.

Now, this No 1 bestseller is back with her 22nd novel Get Even, a story about a woman who takes revenge for her husband’s death, 20 years after the crime. Martina joins us to tell us all about her new release.

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Milk Tray ad: Chivalrous or sexist?

The Milk Tray Man is returning to our screens as Cadbury launches a search for his successor. In a new advert, James Coombes - a Milk Tray man from the 80s - calls for "a new hero to deliver the famous box".

But in 2015 is this our idea of romance and chivalry? Or is it sexist and out of date? Journalists Catherine Cooper and Kelly Rose Bradford join us to discuss the chocolate box icon.

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Did Social Services do the right thing?

Three years ago, Karissa Cox and Richard Carter were wrongly accused of child abuse against their six-week-old baby. Despite being cleared yesterday, the couple face a fight if they are ever to be reunited with their now-adopted child again.

Joining us today to discuss the issues surrounding cases like this are Denise Robertson, who is outraged at what she calls a lack of 'proper investigation' in child abuse cases, and, social worker Joanna Nicolas, who argues that cases like this are extremely rare and says a criminal conviction is not what's important when discussing the interests of child welfare.

Social services and family courts support helplines

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Holly and Phillip are proud doggy parents

Our baby went to school!

– Phillip Schofield

Holly and Phillip are bursting with pride in Thursday's Best Bit, as This Morning's guide dog puppy Clover had her first proper training day, alongside some other canine companions who joined us in the studio.

Clover did very well in her lessons and Phillip and Holly called her over to demonstrate what a good girl she is!

Watch: Clover's first day at school

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Roast root hummus

This is a great snack or starter, served with crudités or warm flatbreads, or spooned into toasted pittas with salad and/or some shredded cold meat. Use whatever leftover roast roots are to hand, and if you have some roast onions or garlic, chuck those in too.