Graham Norton reveals his life inspirations

Graham Norton is famous for his impressively mischievous and extremely successful BAFTA-award-winning TV chat show.

He's the master of innuendo and the arched eyebrow, who is perfectly at ease chatting to A-list celebrities.

Well we wonder whereabout in his home Graham will display this tasteful figurine?

But the Graham we're familiar with on screen is far from the Graham Walker who grew up in a small town in Ireland, who struggled to fit in and considered himself an outsider.

In his second book The Life And Loves Of A He Devil, Graham writes a truly honest and open account of his loves and passions and he joins us today to share what has inspired him throughout his life.

BOOK: The Life And Loves Of A He Devil is out now

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Bradley Walsh says Keep it in the Family

Bradley Walsh is one of the nation's favourite and most versatile performers.

From playing DS Ronnie Brookes in Law and Order UK, to fronting the hugely successful quiz show The Chase, and even finding time to fit in a successful stand-up career - Bradley has been entertaining the nation for the last two decades.

He's here today to give us the lowdown on his new gameshow Keep It In The Family, the programme that puts the kids in charge.

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Denise dishes advice on revenge

On today's show Denise Robertson is here to take your calls on revenge.

Are you the victim of someone's revenge? Or the loved one of someone who's been betrayed? Have you ever got your own back and regretted it, or do you stand by your decision? Perhaps you're unsure how to deal with resentment and need advice.

Whatever your revenge story, we would like to hear from you. You must be 18 or over. Please call 08000 30 40 44 (lines open now and close at 11:15 this morning). Or email with your name and contact telephone number to Terms and conditions apply. Go to

Sex and relationships helplines

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