Will Michelle's Corrie wedding dreams come true?

Michelle Connor and Steve McDonald are the Ross and Rachel of Weatherfield - and just like their Friends counterparts, their relationship is just as bumpy.

Next week, they're due to tie the knot, but it's Soapland and we all know romance never runs smoothly there.

Kym Marsh joins us ahead of the upcoming nuptials - as well as a fiery revenge plot courtesy of Tracey Barlow.

Coronation Street is on tonight at 7:30pm on ITV and every weeknight next week at 9pm

Watch Kim try on Michelle's wedding dress for the first time!

Countdown to Steve and Michelle's wedding

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Addicted to social media phone-in

Does your partner spend more time on social media than with the family? Are you fed up of a friend bragging about every little thing they do?

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Ryland is ready for Eurovision

Who will win Eurovision? Who will be the new X Factor judge? Who has kissed and made up and who has fallen out?

We've got so many questions, luckily Rylan is back with the answers! He's got the ultimate B-list and he's also joined by Eurovision expert Scott Mills who has all the secret insider gossip from camp Vienna!

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Foreign getaways, UK getaways and UK days out

Today is the day that millions of kids (and their parents) have been waiting for - in just a few hours time schools in England and Wales break up for half term!

So today Travel Supermarket's Bob Atkinson is here with some last-minute getaways both abroad and on UK soil. As Scotland and Ireland get the bank holiday but not the full week Bob's also got some amazing day trips up his sleeve.

Bradley Walsh is caught in a Sun Trap

Bradley Walsh's career spans decades. From Wheel of Fortune in the nineties to Corrie in the noughties, and mostly recently Law & Order and The Chase.

Bradley's newest show, Sun Trap starts next week and he tells us why filming was like being a kid again and what celebrity faces we can expect to pop up during the series.

TV: Sun Trap is on Wednesday 27 May at 10:45pm on BBC1

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I neglected my firstborn

Prince George's visit to see his new-born baby sister was one of the most memorable moments of the day and what the nation had been waiting for. However it also made some people wonder how Kate and William would deal with the arrival of a second child.

Newsreader Kate Silverton spoke for many parents this week when she admitted to feeling guilt at neglecting her three-year old, Clemency, after the birth of her son, Wilbur. She's here today nine months on from the birth of her second child.

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