What is Punk Rope?

Punk Rope is a cross between recess and boot camp. A combination of themed workouts, creative calisthenics, fitness games and rope jumping.

Punk Rope, which operates across America, has just launched in Britain. Lisa Fairclough is the UK's first Punk Rope instructor: "Punk Rope has actually been around for about 10 years in America but it's only just becoming a trend here. There are currently more people training to be instructors so it's going to get even bigger."

Lisa and two volunteers joined us for a video on line to demonstrate the new craze which has fitness fanatic jumping for joy...

Get fit for Feb with the latest crazes

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Is your house is making you ill?

Recent research has shown that 15 million homes in the UK are affected by Toxic Home Syndome, with symptoms such as unexplained headaches, tiredness and sneezing often being the result. Well, This Morning is going to investigate.

For a chance to have tests conducted within your home, and receive tips and tricks on how to improve it, get it in touch! Email us at thismorning@itv.com by 4pm on the 30 January. Please state the location of your house.

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Can Christina lose weight with a healthy diet?

I feel much healthier ... I was stupid thinking it's expensive, but it's not

– Christina Briggs

Last year 26-year-old heavy weight Christina Briggs from Wigan hit the headlines for claiming she felt tax payers should give her more benefits to eat healthily.

We sent our dietician Evelyn Toner to visit Christina, and set her a healthy eating plan. But three weeks on, will Evelyn's healthy eating tips have helped her to turn her life around?

Today we'll see how she's done so far, and see how her weight, and life has changed.

Download Christina's healthy shopping list (pdf)

Download Christina's healthy meal plan (pdf)

Get fit for Feb with the latest crazes

We're looking at the funnest ways to keep fit right through February and beyond! From shaking your booty like Beyoncé to grown-up skipping, there's plenty of great alternatives to the gym that are still guaranteed to make you sweat.

To prove it we're speaking to instructors of some of the newest fitness classes to sweep the country, Seen on Screen, Punk Rope, Konga and Hula-Hooping, while a group of mums test them out!