Are 'family shaming' videos harmful?

We've got a festive discussion ahead of Christmas that will get all parents talking. Last week Laura Cole, 32, from Epsom, Surrey, devised a plan to get her children to behave. She gave Tyler, eight, and Freya, four, a letter from Santa telling them they were on the naughty list, then filmed their reaction as they burst into tears. She uploaded the footage to YouTube, where it has been watched 103,000 times.

While these online videos are funny, experts warn that 'family-shaming' can be harmful to both children and adults, and psychological therapist Emma Kenny warns that posting disciplinary videos online can leave a child open to bullying.

Both Emma and Laura join us today to discuss the issues raised. Let us know what you think by leaving your comments below, and by voting in our poll before 10:35 today.

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'I feel like I’ve put my life into perspective'

At first I was quite nervous because I felt like I was thrown very much in the deep end

– Tulisa talks about stepping in for Mel B on The X Factor

Following an acoustic live performance of her new single Living Without You, Tulisa joined Phillip and Amanda to discuss her rollercoaster year, a year, which saw her on trial for a drugs scandal and suffering with depression, before being cleared of all charges and welcomed back into the public eye.

The singer summed it up as she explained, “I think everyone goes through rough patches in their life, some worse than others... sometimes I feel like you can only get given what you can handle, and I guess it’s about just taking every negative experience as a life experience.”

Talking about true friendships during the trial, Tulisa said, “I lost touch with people and I also gained new friends… and it’s funny, the one thing that interested me the most was that I had friends that were associates that I didn’t actually spend that much time with, but then became really solid, like best mates, throughout the whole process.”