Worried about your kids being led astray?

Do you ever worry about your child 'getting in' with the wrong crowd or being led astray by friends at school? On Tuesday's show, Eamonn and Ruth be will taking your calls on the subject.

For the chance to get a reply on the show, send a short email to thismorning@itv.com, summing up your problem, with your name and telephone number. You must be 18 or over, and we need your emails by 11am on Tuesday 29 July 2014. Terms can be viewed at itv.com/terms.

Rylan forgets his shirt... again!

It's not as easy as it looks being a Hub presenter... for one you might forget your clothes...

But luckily there's always Supermarket Couture...

... A quick trolley dash and problem solved!

Brought up in the Children of God cult

Twenty-nine-year-old Natasha Tormey was born into a religious cult called The Children of God.

To the outside world the sect presented a wholesome image of a Christian family living in harmony, but behind closed doors Natasha was torn away from her parents and brainwashed, regularly beaten and raped from the age of four.

Natasha is here to reveal how she finally escaped the cult at the age of 18.

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Soak up summer with a seaside staycation

This month marks the 200th anniversary of the seaside pier! And with weather hotter than the Mediterranean and more people deciding to holiday at home than ever before, there has been no better time to celebrate and visit some of our best British seaside resorts.

Travel queen Jenni Falconer runs us through her top 10 seaside staycations with some great ideas of things to keep the kids entertained and places to stay.

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Why we're blinging-up baby

What little girl doesn't want to dress up?

– Sophie-May Dixon defends her choice to 'bling' her daughters with hair extension clips and spray tans

Every parent thinks their child is beautiful, but some will go to any lengths to prove it!

From crystal-covered dummies and hair extensions to make-up and spray tans, a new Channel 5 documentary features toddlers who dress more like teenagers.

Among them are siblings Princess-Bliss Tianna May, four, and Precious-Belle Ruby Rozina, two, who join us now with their mum Sophie-May Dickson. Alongside her is fellow bling-loving mum Sami Bushell with her daughter Halliemai, 18 months.

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Sami Bushell's 'blings up' baby Halliemai for her appearance on This Morning