TV's best bad girl Zoe Lucker

When TV producers need a bad girl they tend to call one lady and one lady only... Zoe Lucker!

Her first big role as the glamorous but twisted Tanya Turner in ITV1's Footballers' Wives, made her a household name and cemented her as one of the nation's favourite actors. Her career has since seen her take on the cells of Bad Girls, the Square of EastEnders, and the corridors of Waterloo Road, and she joins Phillip and Amanda to discuss the tenth and final series of the BBC school drama.

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Do you put your pet before your partner? Does your furry friend come between you and your other half? Maybe you need some help with your pet's wayward behaviour? Or have you spoilt your pet and you need help to change their demanding ways?

This morning psychologist Laverne Antrobus and vet Joe Inglis are teaming up to tackle all your pet problems. Whatever your issue​, call us on 08000 30 40 44 - calls are free from BT landlines though calls from some mobiles and other networks may charge. You can also email us at You must be 18 or over and we need your calls​ by​ ​​11:45am​.

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Do you love your cat more than your man?

Staying in today? We've got fashion with Gok and his Real Women; a lady who chooses her cats over a man; and Soapbox with Sharon Marshall, and we want to hear from you about anything we're discussing on today's show.

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From riches... to rags

If you allow debt to build up, it can actually wreck lives, and it isn't that far away for any of us

– Ed Mitchell

Ed Mitchell worked his whole life to build himself a 30-year career as a successful broadcast journalist, interviewing world leaders and travelling the globe. However, he ended up sleeping on park benches after alcohol and gambling destroyed his career, broke up his marriage and cost him his family.

Eight years later, Ed has found love once again, turned his life around and is back fronting his own radio show.

Ed joins Phillip and Amanda to reveal why he is still haunted by his past - and why he will never go back.

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