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Alison's Jamaican adventure

If it's looking a bit cloudy where you are today, then get yourself comfortable and enjoy the sun-kissed beaches and breathtaking scenery of Jamaica.

In the start of a new series, Alison Hammond takes us all on a journey to the place very close to her heart - a place she says she could quite easily retire.

The inspirational mum fighting to prevent stillbirths

Why can't we talk about still birth? Yes it's scary, but the only way to prevent it, is to be empowered by it, and know about it

– Kicks Count founder Elizabeth Hutton

A powerful documentary airs on ITV tonight, which sees Amanda Holden describe the heartbreaking stillbirth of son Theo in 2011. And Amanda’s story is far from unusual, nine babies are stillborn everyday.

Elizabeth Hutton knows all too well how painful a stillbirth can be and she now uses her own experience to help others as the CEO of stillbirth charity Kicks Count.

She joins us alongside Dr Ranj to explain why counting your baby’s kicks could save their life.

Use our helplines to find more information and advice on baby loss.

Would you volunteer to go on your child's school trip?

A father from Essex has become an online hit after live tweeting a hilarious account of his day as a volunteer on his daughter’s school trip to the Science Museum. Simon Smith instantly regretted his decision to help, calling the day chaotic and like ‘carnage’! He's since deleted the tweets and has admitted to being a-bit flexible with the truth to make a funnier account of his day.

We are joined by mum of four Liz Fraser and mum of two Vanessa Feltz to give us their take on this viral story.