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Do you need help with body hang-ups?

On tomorrow's show we'll be taking your calls on body hang-ups. Do you worry about losing your hair? Are you concerned about being too tall or small? Or having moles on your body? Whatever the issue, we want to hear from you.

Send your questions to thismorning@itv.com with your name and a contact telephone number. We need your questions by 11:15am on Thursday 23 October. You must be 18 or over. Terms can be viewed at itv.com/terms.

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Cilla Battersby is back on the Street

Cilla Battersby is preparing return to the cobbles. After a seven-year break, loudmouth Cilla - played by Wendi Peters - is due to make her long awaited return in tonight's Coronation Street.

Bold, brash and morally corrupt, nothing is ever as it seems with Cilla - and she
returns harbouring a secret.

Actress Wendi Peters plays the character, and she joins us today to talk about the secrets, lies and scandal coinciding with Cilla's return.

Find out more: National Osteoporosis Society

WATCH: Celebrate Cilla's return by looking back at these classic clips

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Beauty on a budget - can you tell?

Sorry to remind you ladies, but women lose an average of £284-worth of make up EACH YEAR!

Thankfully one high street store has released a pound-per-product budget beauty range - which means it's not so expensive to restock your make-up bag.

We've decided to put the quality of their wares to the test with you at home. Could our four testers guess that the products cost a quid each? Even better - what would they be prepared to pay for the products, without knowing what they cost?

Make-up artist Bryony Blake will be in the studio to demonstrate how to get the autumn/winter key looks for less - with two whole faces of make-up for under £20!