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Prue Leith: 'I felt suicidal’ after announcing Great British Bake Off winner early

She stole the nation’s hearts this year as she took the reins as the new judge on the Great British Bake Off, alongside long-time host and baker Paul Hollywood.

In addition to her high profile TV fame, Prue Leith is a rock and roll figure of the cooking world. In her memoir, Relish: My Life on a Plate, Prue reveals the secrets from her past.

From her 13-year affair with her mother’s best friend’s husband, to baking disasters for royalty and marrying again at 76, Prue joins us to talk about her latest book, Great British Bake Off, and accidentally revealing this year’s winner on twitter.

It's time to shine with Pixiwoo's fabulous festive make-up

With the party season nearly upon us, YouTube sensations Pixiwoo join us live in the studio to show how we can zhoosh up our make-up look with the latest holographic and metallic trends.

From the unicorn rainbow glow to metallic shimmers, the girls will show us how we can achieve this on trend glam look in minutes whatever your age or complexion.

'I reunite children with autism with their precious possessions'

When Marc Carter's son Ben had nearly worn his favourite sippy cup to breaking point last year, Marc knew that the consequences could be devastating. The blue Tommee Tippee cup, no longer being manufactured, was the only thing Ben, who is severely autistic, would ever drink from.

With the cup desperately worn and only fit for the bin, Marc took to social media for help. The tweet went viral and when the cups' manufacturers heard of Ben's plight, they tracked down an old mould from a factory in China and produced a lifetime supply of 500 cups for him. Since then, Marc began helping other families of autistic children to find discontinued items they have become attached to, and his website has helped nearly 2000 items be found.

Marc joins us to tell us more about the challenges of parenting three autistic children and how he had no idea quite how incredible his search for the 'little blue cup' would become.

Steal Holly's Wednesday style

Holly and Phillip's stylist shares details of our presenters' studio looks with us.

Holly wears top from Oasis with M&S trousers and LK Bennett shoes

Phillip wears shirt from Wistles with NN07 trousers

Natasha Devon: We need to stop calling girls 'girls' and boys 'boys'

Former government mental health tsar Natasha Devon has found herself the centre of a Twitter storm today over her comments about gender-neutral language.

Natasha says the terms 'boys' and 'girls' shouldn’t be used in schools as it can alienate those who are confused about their gender and instead we should adopt the terms 'students' or 'pupils'. Natasha joins us to explain her point of view.

Gino's taste of Italy... and his ongoing struggles with the English language

Just what was Gino doing when he left us for a holiday this summer? We say a holiday, but it seems he’s been a very busy boy - finding time to put together another book and television programme following him on his latest Italian Escape.

Gino’s in today to tell us all about his trip along one of the world’s most beautiful coastlines, bring us a taste of some of Italy’s best speciality ingredients, and explain how he’s still struggling with his grasp of the English language (watch the clip, you’ll see exactly what we mean!).

Get rainbow ready with winter brights

The skies may be grey and the nights drawing in, but that doesn't mean we should be living in black tights and dark jeans.

From brilliant blues to vibrant reds, be like Victoria Beckham, Fearne Cotton and our very own Holly (whose sparkly rainbow dress was an Instagram hit) this season, as Trinny brightens up your winter wardrobe.

Saccone Jolys: The family who share EVERYTHING online

Imagine filming and then broadcasting every single aspect of your life - from walking your dog, to doing the school run and even giving birth! That's the reality for the Saccone Joly family, who have been described as YouTube's answer to the Kardashians.

The award-winning YouTube sensations make their living from sharing absolutely everything with their four million subscribers - from Jonathan’s proposal, to their wedding and even the births of their three children.

So do they ever crave privacy? And what do they say to those who criticise them? Anna and Jonathan join us in the studio, with their youngest child and three of their famous dogs!