It's five minutes that could save your life

– Dr Dawn Harper

One in four women in the UK do not attend their smear tests when invited. In some areas of the UK, attendance rates are as low as 55%.

With over 4000 lives saved every year by the Cervical Screening programme, and an average of 1,000 deaths to cervical cancer annually, now is the time to improve those attendance figures.

We are asking you to pledge that you will attend your screening test when next invited, and nominate a loved one to do the same.

Simply take a photo making a heart shape with your hands and write:

I pledge to have #NoFearGoSmear and I nominate [LOVED ONE'S NAME] to do the same @itvthismorning

Then upload to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Make sure you use the hashtag - #NoFearGoSmear – so we can make an album of your photographs, which we may feature on the show. Any pictures, videos and comments using the hashtag may be featured on air and on the This Morning website.

If you are with your friend, then hold a photograph making a heart shape together.

Please note that your photos and information may be used in our programme broadcast and please ensure those both nominating and being nominated to participate in our #NoFearGoSmear have read and agree to our itv programme interactivity terms itv.com/terms.

Got a question for our Well Woman Clinic?

Are you secretly bleeding but you're too scared to visit your GP? Maybe you think you've got an STD but you're too embarrassed to tell anyone? Perhaps you're suffering with painful periods or bad PMT? Whatever your question, get in touch.

Call us on 08000 30 40 44. Calls are free from BT landlines, though calls from some mobiles and other networks may charge. You can also email us at thismorning@itv.com. We need your phone calls and emails by 11:45 this morning. Terms and conditions at itv.com/terms

Have you spiced up your life? Let us know!

How have YOU and your partner(s!) spiced up your life? Stars of the comedy movie Sex Tape Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel are here on Wednesday. We want to let them in on some of the funniest or most unusual ways that you've tried to spice up YOUR marriage or partnership! If there's an embarrassing story with it, let us know!

Email thismorning@itv.com with your story and even a phone number by 11:30am Wednesday Sept 3. You should be 18 or over. T&Cs at itv.com/terms.

Katie Hopkins goes to Fat and Back

My armour was my skinny self

– Katie Hopkins

She's spoken out against everything from benefits to baby names and obesity, and is back to prove a new point - fat people have no one to blame but themselves for being fat.

In a groundbreaking documentary, Katie Hopkins has piled on three-and-a-half stone and vows to lose it all again to prove how easy it truly is to shed the pounds.

She joins us today at her heaviest ever, to talk about her journey so far and her plans to ditch the excess flab in no more than three months.

Journey to Fat and Back will air on TLC in 2015

Are you entitled to a payout after flight delays?

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Looking dishy, Brian!

Ten years ago Brian McFadden waved goodbye to the ballad-belting boy band that made him famous, Westlife. Since then it has been non-stop for the Irish heartthrob as Brian went on to release four solo albums, appear as a judge on Australia's Got Talent, salsa his way to second place on Stepping Out with wife Vogue Williams, and most recently present the Channel 5 dating show Stand By Your Man.

Now, Brian's here to tell us about his latest presenting project, Who's Doing The Dishes, which is a combination of Through the Keyhole and Come Dine With Me!

Visit the Who's Doing the Dishes website

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