Greg Rutherford's inspiring the next generation

Olympic long jump gold medalist Greg Rutherford MBE is best known for contributing to the success of our London 2012 Olympics, by winning his gold medal, sandwiched in between Jessica Ennis-Hill and Mo Farah's wins on Super Saturday.

Greg's here to chat about his hopes for securing a quadruple at the Beijing World Championships later this month, and why he's hoping to inspire a new generation of athletes.

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Adam Hills: From The Last Leg to Clown Heart

We do comedy for a living - if you're having a temper tantrum about that, you need to take a look at yourself!

– Adam Hills on his 'nicest man' tag

He's often called the nicest man in comedy, so we're happy that Australian comedian and star of Channel 4's The Last Leg Adam Hills has made time to chat before he prepares to set off to Edinburgh with his new stand up show Clown Heart.

Born without a right foot, Adam talks turning his disability into humour, ranting with celebrities on live TV and taking over hosting duties on TV game show classic, 15 to 1.

COMEDY: Adam's new stand-up show Clown Heart runs from 22 to 30 August at the Assembly Hall in Edinburgh
TV: The Last Leg continues on Fridays at 10pm on Channel 4

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What's it like to be deaf for the day?

One in six people in the UK suffer with some form of deafness, with more than 800,000 people classed as severely or profoundly deaf. On top of this, deafness is on the rise in the UK, and it's estimated that 14.5 million people will suffer with hearing loss by 2031.

We are joined by Lisa Dower, whose life has been transformed by her hearing dog, Kelly. We also asked our runner Anthony, to experience going deaf for the day, in order to understand the difficulties and challenges that deaf people face every day.

Hearing loss helplines

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