Rochelle gets a fright during filming

It wouldn't be Halloween without a few spooky surprises - as Rochelle found out today.

The Saturdays singer was left scrambling not once, not twice, but three during today's show!

Rochelle gets a fright live on air!

First she was stunned when a member of the crew dressed up as a skeleton and jumped up behind her during a fashion segment with Jenni Falconer.

Watch out Rochelle, there's a Halloween spider about!

Hubby Marvin was then in on the joke as a plastic spider dropped from the ceiling as she introduced Rylan and Alison Hammond's Fright Night at Thorpe Park.

Rochelle said: "No more please! I should have known that was coming!"

The final shock came at the end of the show during an interview with Diversity star Ashley Banjo.

After a zombie crept up behind the sofa, she screamed: "I hate you all!"

He's behind you! Rochelle gets yet another scare

Thankfully Rochelle was still smiling at the end of the show, posing for pictures with her new spooky friend.

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Rochelle and Marvin make new friends

Ashley Banjo's blossoming mission

Ashley Banjo with Rochelle, Marvin and a zombie!

I want to spread a positive message about healthy living

– Ashley Banjo

Diversity dance-troupe leader Ashley Banjo is taking on a new mission - lending his green fingers to Helping Britain Blossom.

Ashley joins us today to talk about his allotment and bringing communities together.

The recently-engaged star says: "I want to spread a positive message about healthy living."

He also tells us to expect lots of flips from Perry Kiely on Diversity's latest tour.

The frizzy-haired star is now 18 but many - including Rochelle - feel he looks much younger.

She said: "I saw him driving and I had to phone Marvin up and say Perry from Diversity is driving"

Ashley replied: "He has his own house now but I can't stop flipping him!"

During the interview a zombie snuck up on an unsuspecting Rochelle but thankfully they were all smiling by the end of the show.

Diversity's tour Limitless is touring nationwide from 28 November - 13 December.

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Make your pumpkin stand out from the patch

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We're joined by pumpkin carving expert Dave Turner who is going show us how to carve a nifty design into a pumpkin that will make everyone scream with envy.

Dave will show us how it's done and will also judge a carving contest between Phil Vickery, Leo Bancroft, Bryony Gordon and Ashley Banjo, to crown the This Morning Pump-king or queen 2014!

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Rochelle and Marvin Humes pumpkin carving

Last minute Halloween hair and make-up

It's Halloween BUT you don't have a costume... what a nightmare! But don't fear, it's never too late to fix up a spooky style and we have beauty expert Bryony Blake and hairstylist Leo Bancroft on hand to show you how.

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There were spooky faces galore in the studio today