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I'm terrified of Simon Cowell

He’s just so frightening, I just can’t watch him. He looks at me like ‘I’m coming to get you’ that’s what I get the feeling of…

– Michelle Hall

Michelle Hall hit the headlines this week when it was revealed she is 'allergic' to music mogul Simon Cowell.

Michelle's phobia began 10 years ago when she first watched The X Factor, and just the sight of the show's head Judge caused her body to shiver and left her breathless with panic.

Since then she has to avoid anything which Simon Cowell might appear in. Just hearing his voice can leave her feeling cold - watching BGT is out of the question as just a glimpse of Simon is enough to leave her feeling physically sick.

Michelle is joined by therapists Nik and Eva Speakman, who are confident they can bring an end to Michelle's phobia.

They're Made in Chelsea!

What's the point of beating around the bush - if you want something, go for it!

– Alik Alfus

Love triangles, champagne and secret snogs - the BAFTA-award-winning Made in Chelsea is back for an eighth series.

After a stint in the Big Apple, the residents of SW3 are back on home turf. Is Jamie OK about ex-girlfriend Lucy's dates with best mate Proudlock? Can Andy get over his relationship with Louise? And will Binky find love after Alex?

We're joined by the MIC gang - Binky, Jamie, Louise, Alik and Andy in the studio.

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