Will true love run smoothly for Kerry and Dan?

She's the wild mother with a chequered past, while he's a cheeky chap who has already notched up two failed marriages, but despite their dysfunctional ways Emmerdale's Kerry Wyatt, played by Laura Norton, and Dan Spencer, played by Liam Fox, tied the knot in a lavish wedding this week.

As is to be expected in the Dales, their big day doesn't exactly run smoothly and they join us to discuss what the future holds for their characters' marriage!

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Got a post-pregnancy sex question for Dr Dawn?

It is a very common problem which is rarely spoken about - post pregnancy sex, or lack of it.

Are you struggling to get your libido back after having a baby? Maybe you just don't feel sexy anymore? Perhaps you're worried it will be painful? Or maybe you're a man and you feel differently towards your partner now she's a mother?

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My daughter was stabbed by her boyfriend

On 18 February, 20-year-old Hollie Gazzard was stabbed to death in front of her horrified colleagues at the hairdressing salon where she worked.

The perpetrator of the frenzied attack was her ex-boyfriend Asher Maslin, 22. Last week, Asher was jailed for life and ordered to serve a minimum of 24 years in prison.

Now Hollie's grieving family want to speak out about the dangers of domestic violence and knife crime amongst young people. Her father Nick and sister Chloe join us to tell us how they are hoping to turn the tragedy of Hollie's death into a message of hope for those who may be suffering in the same way.

See our domestic violence helplines and Bereavement after murder helplines

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Got a bug story for us?

Jenni is in The Hub and we want to hear from you about today's show - especially your bug stories!

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It's a bug's life this summer

A perfect storm of scorching weather and thunderstorms have made it a bumper summer for bugs - not just mosquitoes but other creepy crawlies which can give you even nastier bites.

Everyone has their own bite remedies, from drinking gin to eating garlic. But what really works?

Here to separate the fact from the fiction is Dr James Logan from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

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Mosquito repellents

Look for products containing DEET, especially if you're going to tropical countries - a natural alternative is PMD (lemon eucalyptus)

Vitamin B, marmite and garlic do no repel mosquitoes

Are you confused by the property market?

Are you thinking of buying, selling, renting or refurbishing but don't know where to start? On Thursday's show, property expert Louisa Fletcher will be taking your calls.

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