The million-pound domestic violence victim

When Matt Myles won £1 million on the EuroMillions in April last year, he thought all of his dreams would come true. A trip around the world with friends followed and he even had a visit to the This Morning studios. But things turned sour very quickly when his ex-girlfriend Carla Chamberlain turned violent. After she was found guilty of common assault and criminal damage, Matt is speaking out against the taboo of domestic violence against men.

Domestic violence helplines - men

Domestic violence helplines - women

Domestic violence and forced marriage helplines

Do you have to be cruel to be a Chaser?

It's one of the biggest quiz shows on TV and has been so successful, it’s now made around the world. Bradley Walsh may host The Chase, but the real stars are the Chasers themselves.

Masters of general knowledge, they pit themselves against members of the public and ensure that producers don't have to give out too much money!

Today we are joined by two of the fabled chasers, Anne The Governess Hegerty and new Chaser Jenny The Vixen Ryan (on Skype) to talk all things Chase, and how they cope with the pressure of being the all knowing bad guy (or girls in their case!).

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Terri Dwyer's skin cancer scare

Actress Terri Dwyer is speaking out for the first time about her secret skin cancer battle.

In spring last year Terri was diagnosed with malignant melanoma, an aggressive skin cancer, which she believes was caused by using sunbeds in her teens.

Terri is now making a good recovery after treatment, but the ordeal has had a huge impact and she joins us alongside Dr Chris to share her story in the hope of warning others to be sensible when it comes to sunbeds.

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