Are you feeling tattoo regret?

Are you feeling tattoo regret? Are you itching to remove the ink?

On Monday's show, we will have a tattoo fixer team live in the studio, and we're looking for volunteers who want to say bye to the bodyart. Do you want to remove an ex partner's name? Or did you ink first and think later? Perhaps you're going for a new job which requires tattoo removal.

Email by Friday 3rd July at 6pm. Please include your name, telephone number and a photograph of your tattoo. You must be 18 or over.

Terms and conditions

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Mark Ronson Can't Lose

I know I'll never be a good dancer... I stand there and play my guitar and nod my head. In time!

– Mark Ronson

He had the most successful song of the last eight years, but he says he can't dance and his underpants are falling apart!

Fresh from his incredible Glastonbury performance on Friday, Mark Ronson is here to talk about his upcoming single I Can't Lose and finding and making a star out of a young Mississippi chorister.

Talking about his smash hit with Bruno Mars, Uptown Funk, Mark said, "The song came out of a jam at Bruno's studio in LA... I'd be silly to think I'd have another song as big as Uptown Funk."

Fans of Mark will know about his lucky underpants that he bought at Ibiza Rocks at the start of his career. He said, "My wife hates them. They're from the gift shop. They're the only thing I've held on to, they're like a cockroach in a nuclear war."

Mark worked with the late Amy Winehouse on the song Valerie in 2007 and he still thinks Amy was the best singer he's ever worked with. He said, "Amy would go in a room and come back out two hours later with a piece of genius."

SINGLE: I Can't Lose is released on 5 July

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DJ BBQ fires up the barbie

With summer well under way, it's time to dust away the cobwebs from the BBQ and bring it out of the shed!

From keeping your utensils clean to ensuring you don't burn your back garden down or make anyone unwell with your cooking, the country's biggest barbecue fan DJ BBQ, aka Christian Stevenson, is here with everything you need to know about grilling your food to perfection.

Need travel advice?

With so many problems around the world right now, we are here to answer your travel problems. Have you been caught up in Calais? Are you bothered by the situation in Greece? Have the tragic events in Tunisia left you worried about travelling abroad or any upcoming holidays?

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