Summer sleepover feast

For most kids around the country, summer has officially arrived and the holidays are in full swing! To get your little ones active this school holiday, Phil Vickery is in the kitchen with some simple recipes perfect for a summer sleepover.

He's got a homemade healthy mozzarella pizza, blueberry lemon posset with crème fraiche for dessert and some homemade mango and raspberry fizz to wash it down.

Whatsmore, BGT stars Bars and Melody (BAM) will also be joining us in the kitchen to have a go at making their very own pizzas!

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Should you only ever date your own class?

Whether it's Lady and the Tramp, Cinderella or even Pretty Woman, classic stories have taught us that when it comes to falling in love, class doesn't matter.

I think it's a really lazy, old-fashion attitude

– Samantha Brick

But dating expert Lisa Palmer disagrees with this notion and thinks that marrying below your class can only lead to disaster. However, journalist Samantha Brick says class doesn't matter, and to live by archaic rules such as class and status is out of touch. They both join us now.

We want to know what you think! Tweet with #YesClass if you agree with Lisa, or #NoClass if you agree with Samantha, and watch the show to see how everybody else is voting.

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Ever had a famous photobomb?

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Extreme PND made me want to smother my baby

Postnatal depression affects as many as one in seven mums in the UK, however thousands of women try to ignore their symptoms for fear of being considered a bad mother.

Suzi Wood was one of these women, but as her depression worsened, she became so desperate that she made a plan to murder her three-week-old baby daughter Annabelle with a pillow.

Now, fully recovered from the postnatal depression and enjoying a healthy and loving relationship with her eight-month-old daughter, Suzi is speaking out about this crippling condition and why women shouldn't be ashamed to ask for help.

For advice and information see our postnatal depression helplines

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