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Emmerdale's Danny Miller on the Robron reunion

On again… off again… they’re the Ross and Rachel of the Dales and we’ve all been waiting patiently for a romantic reunion between Robron (that’s Aaron and Robert for those not in the know) and last week, they spent a rather romantic Valentine’s Day together - albeit they were cooking a meal for Aaron’s boyfriend Alex.

This week, it becomes clear that they can’t stay away from one another - but will Aaron break it off with Alex to be with his one true love, Robert?

We know producers are already planning a summer wedding, and so we’ve asked Danny Miller who plays Aaron to join us on the sofa to share more of the romantic details.

Is a compound in cannabis the key to flawless skin?

From hemp to plant oils to turmeric, the world of beauty has started to embrace the natural ingredients which promise to be kinder to your skin.

So what super-powers do they hold? And which should we be going for?

Good Housekeeping’s Beauty Director Eve Cameron is here with her top picks for 2018.

Eve's pick of natural beauty products


MGC Derma from £40
Carun hemp range from £4.99
Perricone MD CBx for Men range from £29
The Body Shop Hemp range from £4.50
Hempz Herbal Body Moisturiser £19.99


Elemis Superfood Skincare range from £25
Votary Super Seed Nutrient Cream £65
Kiehl’s Instant Renewal Concentrate Mask £44 for a pack of 4
Sister & Co Super Seed Facial Formula £30


Clarins Double Serum £57
Aveda Invati Hair and Scalp range from £25
This Works Stress Check Face Mask £32

'I've spent £45,000 to look like a real-life elf'

I am aware of my human limitations

– Luis Padron

Argentinian Luis Padron has spent over £45K to transition into what he has always wanted to be: an elf. To achieve his dream, he's had liposuction on his jaw, rhinoplasty, full body hair removal, laser skin bleaching, an op to create a 'vampiric' widow's peak hairline, and more.

Luis joins us, live from his home in Buenos Aires, to talk about life as an elf and the drastic surgery it took to become the creature Luis says he was born to be.

'I made millions shoplifting - but now I've changed'

'I've stopped stealing, but now no one will give me a job!'

Back in 2015, Kim Farry sat on our sofa and revealed how she'd built up a reputation as one of the country’s most notorious shoplifters to fund her lavish lifestyle which included boob jobs, designer goods and luxury holidays.

The newspapers dubbed her The Millionaire Shoplifter - since she reportedly made £2 million during her 44-year ‘shoplifting career’. She told us that she had been a bad mother to her six children, even spending time in jail. But that day, she revealed her determination to turn her life around and show people it’s never too late to change.

Almost three years since she gave up her criminal past, Kim is still unemployed but has remained on the straight and narrow. She joins us to talk about her struggle to find a job, keeping to her word, and why her story may soon be appearing on the big screen.

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Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield

Coming up - Benidorm's Nigel Havers and Tony Maudsley talk bad tattoos and growing old disgracefully.

Emmerdale's Danny Miller - that's Aaron Dingle - is here with all the latest on the Robron love saga!

And we meet the man who has spent over £45,000 and had countless surgeries in his quest to become an elf.

Join us for all this and more from 10:30 on ITV!

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Get on the road with a caravan to suit any budget!

To mark the start of the UK’s biggest indoor display of caravans, motorhomes and holiday homes - we’ve got three of the most ‘in demand’ portable homes from the show live on the Southbank.

From a bargain-worthy model at under £20k to a bank boosting luxury version at a whooping £84,000 - Phillip and Holly will get a nose around with the guidance of Alice Beer.