Five tips to keep children safe online

There are no bones about it. The internet has revolutionised the way we operate in today's world. Without a question the World Wide Web is one of the most informative and useful tools available at our fingertips, but what was once utilised solely by adults is becoming increasingly accessible by a younger audience.

With the birth of social media and a never-ending supply of platforms offering online support, children are spending longer online and becoming more confident behind a keyboard, a smart phone or a tablet.

But how do we safeguard their activities and create a safe environment for our little surfers?

Child protection specialist Mark Williams-Thomas has five essential tips to help oversee your child's computer activities and protect them from any dangers thrown at them online.

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Loom bands correction

We'd like to correct an error in a recent Facebook posting about loom bands. We incorrectly stated that Carlie Lawrence, whose son was injured in an accident involving a loom band, wanted them to be banned. In fact, Mrs Lawrence had just said she would not allow loom bands in her house again, and that there should be a safety warning on the packets. Sorry for the confusion Mrs Lawrence.

Totally tropical fashion for all ages

Nothing says summer like tropical prints and they're everywhere this season. They were big on the catwalks of Armani, Just Cavalli, and Marc Jacobs, and have now hit the high street too.

Darren Kennedy is here to show us how to try this trend at any age, and it's not just for the ladies - even Eamonn was bang on trend earlier this summer, with his own unique take on the style!

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I'm creating my own vagina

You wouldn't think there was anything different about Kelly Smith. However she lacks what most women take for granted - a vagina.

Born without a womb, cervix and internal workings of a vagina, aged 17 Kelly was told she would never be able to have sex or children. Still coming to terms with the news she is now in the process of creating her own vagina, and she's here with Dr Dawn Harper to tell us more.

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