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We've got quite a show for you on Thursday! We're packing up the whole studio, the family, the crew, and even little Clover! And we're all heading to Sidcup in Kent to broadcast live from one viewer's living room...

Gok's got gorgeous party wear, Rylan will be there bringing us all the latest gossip, and Denise and all the gang will be there.

All that and more, from 10:30!

Phillip Schofield bitten by 'thug' rabbit

We're treated to a number of cute guests on the show, but Phillip Schofield bit off more than he could chew with this cheeky bundle of fluff!

Nicknamed 'the thug rabbit', Willow was not a fan of This Morning and it turns out Phillip Schofield was less than impressed with his behaviour on the show today too!

Watch the hilarious moment naughty Willow suddenly bit Schofe as he handled him live on the set.

Ronan and Storm's Emeralds and Ivy Ball

It has been a busy year for Ronan Keating and new wife Storm - as well as tying the knot and jetting off on their honeymoon, the couple are set to host the 10th annual Emeralds and Ivy Ball, set up by Ronan in aid of Cancer Research UK and The Marie Keating Trust.

In addition to all of this Ronan has been busy in the studio recording his new album. The couple join us now to talk about the past year and what's to come for the new Mr and Mrs Keating.

The Speakmans help Sarah to leave her house alone

I feel like I'm living just half of my life

– Sarah on her sex assault ordeal

Sarah was the victim of a sex attack 14 years ago, but she was left so traumatised she struggles to talk about that night and has not been able to leave the house alone since.

Talking about her ordeal, Sarah said, "I didn't feel normal anywhere. Every time I went out the house, I was throwing up beforehand."

Sarah's son is going to be 13 next week, and she’s determined to leave the house to host a party for him, and Nik and Eva are determined to help her overcome her Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

But during filming they discovered Sarah wasn’t the only person left traumatised by the attack.

Sarah’s mum Carol was also in need of treatment, not because she had been attacked but because had been left picking up the pieces.

The pair joined us on the sofa along with the Speakmans to talk about Sarah's remarkable progress.

Rape and sexual abuse helplines

Coastal Cottage: Leek and cheese puddings

Chef Lisa Faulkner travels to Pembrokeshire in Wales to take in the amazing countryside and delve into the local cuisine.

In this episode, Lisa takes a horseriding trip in one of the few places in the UK where you are allowed to ride horses on the beach, before meeting Wyn and his daughter Lynda, who are famous for the cheeses they make on their organic farm. Lisa then heads home to Coastal Cottage to cook her leek and cheese bread and butter puddings recipe with some of Lynda's farm-made cheese.

Ben Haenow's winning year

Reigning X Factor champion Ben Haenow has just released his self-titled debut album.

He's here today to talk to us about his new music and upcoming tour, what it was like to work with Kelly Clarkson, and what he thinks of this year's X Factor contenders.

What are the nation's favourite Christmas songs?

A new poll released today reveals that Mr Blobby is the nation's most hated Christmas song, whilst the Pogues and Kirsty McColl's Fairytale of New York is our favourite.

But what other songs make the hot and not lists? Tony Blackburn is here to spin the decks throughout the show, playing your favourite Christmas songs.