Nicole Scherzinger on 1D and her 'elephant knees'

I'm human. I have these elephant knees and I've definitely had my struggles with my weight.

– Nicole Scherzinger

As frontwoman of The Pussycat Dolls, Nicole Scherzinger was part of one of the most successful girlbands of all time, selling 54 million records worldwide. Her debut solo album Killer Love went to No 8 in the charts, and included her No 1 hit Don't Hold Your Breath.

Three years on and Nicole is in the studio to perform her brand new single On The Rocks, and to talk about her second album Big Fat Lie, One Direction and her 'elephant knees'!

Ultimate glazed chocolate cake

It's National Chocolate Week and to celebrate Phil Vickery is in the kitchen whipping up a decadent and delicious chocolate cake - perfect for weekend indulgence. Plus drinks expert Olly Smith has the perfect tipple to go with such a decadent dessert!

Hats created by Andrew Blas, Executive Pastry Chef at Hotel Café Royal in London’s Piccadilly

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Back from the brink of death

After Ryan Smith was involved in a near-fatal collision last year, his father Mark feared the worst. Ryan had a head-on collision with a van, and after refusing to wear a helmet because it would mess up his hair, suffered a devastating head injury that left him in a coma.

Over a year after Mark appeared on This Morning to warn people about the dangers of cycling without a helmet, Ryan is on the long road to recovery. Waking up from a coma after four months, Ryan has defied doctors expectations and managed to stand unaided earlier this year.

As he slowly recovers, Ryan and his father join Eamonn and Ruth to talk about their difficult struggle - and the need for people to wear helmets.

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