Best Bits sheds a tear...

As much as it pains us to sit through a sad film at This Morning we love a tearjerker. With that in mind Eamonn and Ruth chose their interview with actor Jamie Blackley as the moment to relive in today's best bit.

Jamie's starring in the film adaptation of If I Stay. We hear it draws parallels to Ghost.

We can feel the tears coming on already...

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Jamie Blackley is here to stay

He is being billed as one of the hottest new Hollywood stars, but he was born and bred on British shores. And with his performance in teen tearkjerker If I Stay there's no doubt Jamie Blackley is here to stay; the only question now is just how big he's going to get?

Jamie joins us today to talk about playing a budding rock star, young love and what the future holds for the bright new star.

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Losing a child to drugs

Back in April, Peaches Geldof died of a heroin overdose; leaving behind a shocked and loving family. Someone who knows only too well what it's like to lose a beloved child to drugs is James McConnel.

James' son Freddy, who was friends with Peaches, also died of a heroin overdose four years ago, aged just 18 years old. Freddy, who was a talented musician, was the inspiration behind a new Channel 4 programme, fronted by James, which helps people overcome their addictions through classical music. James joins us today to talk about 'Addicts' Symphony' and tell us his own heartbreaking story.

Use our helplines to find more information and advice on drug addiction

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Paper tax discs are on the way out!

If you drive a car or use a vacuum then our consumer expert Alice Beer has got big news! Paper tax discs are being scrapped in six weeks but apparently half of motorists have no idea! Alice explains the new way to pay.

Plus, new EU rules come into force this weekend which will seriously affect suction! Alice shows us how they'll affect our vacuums, and she's got a warning about payday loan middlemen.

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From landlord to historian...

He's one of the UK's most recognisable and successful comics with his alter-ego, The Pub Landlord. But now Al Murray has gone from Landlord to historian and is going back in time to uncover secrets of one of his ancestors in new two-part series Secrets From The Asylum.

Al joins us today to reveal what mysteries he uncovered about his family, his latest stand-up tour and how he is planning in celebrating 20 years in the busIness.

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What health tests do we need?

A study into the NHS Health screening programme, which carries out a range of health tests on adults in England aged 40-74, has recently found that it showed 'little benefit' over the usual care in diagnosing chronic diseases.

The programme has been controversial, with many GPs claiming that they divert resources away from people who are sick. But what tests do we really need and when do we need them?

Dr Ranj is here to talk us through the simple and necessary health tests that could save your life.

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