It's a Kendra vs Edwina rumble in the jungle

It's Kendra vs Edwina - so whose side are you on? From rows to reunions, laughter to luxuries, Kian Egan is back with with the hottest news from the I'm A Celebrity...jungle.

Last night on I'm A Celeb... we saw the first major row of the series! It royally kicked off between Kendra Wilkinson and Edwina Currie after Edwina overheard Kendra saying "You should never live your life for other people, ever.” Edwina took issue with this, which resulted in a four-letter tirade from Kendra.

But did Kendra overreact? Or was she well within her rights to answer back to Edwina in the way she did?

Be A Best Seller - Andrew

Over 4,000 people applied to This Morning's Be A Best Seller competition and all this week, we'll be meeting our five finalists - all budding authors hoping for the chance to win a place on a creative writing course and literary agent representation for their winning novel.

Today we meet our second finalist Andrew Ewart and his love story with a twist, Reels.

Be A Best Seller: Meet Megan Hodson

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Pointless guests Armstrong and Osman

If you had told Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman five years ago that they'd be the hosts on a prime time quiz show, they wouldn't have believed you. But over 800 episodes later the formidable presenting duo are enjoying more success than ever.

The pair even have a new Pointless book out with some of the show's best questions for fans to play at home. They join us today to discuss pointless questions, unusual fan mail and Richard's acting debut.

BOOK: The Very Pointless Quiz Book is out now

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Would you leave your child alone?

Today we're meeting Tim Hines, the dad who was arrested for leaving his poorly child in the car for five minutes whilst he popped to the chemist to get her medicine.

Watch Tim talk about his experience

Do you think that it's right for parents to be arrested for leaving children alone? Do you think that prosecuting a parent for leaving their child is nonsense and a waste of time? Would you leave your child alone, even for a few minutes? We answer some calls from parents who tell us of their experiences, opinions and concerns.

Social services and family courts support

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The Paedophile Next Door

Tonight on Channel 4 a groundbreaking documentary airs called The Paedophile Next Door which looks at the devastating effect paedophiles have had on society but also how the current approach to tackling child abuse is not working.

Today we're joined by two people who appear in the film: senior lecturer Dr Sarah Goode, who believes society needs to stop the witch hunt and offer paedophiles treatment instead, and Ian McFadyen who was repeatedly raped by his teacher in the 70s and who comes face to face with a self-confessed paedophile in the documentary.

TV: The Paedophile Next Door airs tonight at 9pm on Channel 4

Child abuse and survivor support helplines

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