Hair roller masterclass with Leo Bancroft

Want healthier-looking fuller hair using rollers, but not sure how to go about it? Our hair expert Leo Bancroft is here on Thursday to show us how to get the luscious look at home.

We're looking for three viewers with shoulder-length or longer hair who are free Tuesday night to try and style their own hair at home (with rollers we'll send you, and you'll film this on your phone) and then to come into studio on Thursday morning.

So, if you're free to take part this Tuesday and Thursday, then please email by Monday 1 December at 10am. Participants must be over 18 years old.

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Want to learn how to shimmer?

It's the season to sparkle, but adding glitter to your make-up can often leave you looking like an eighties wildchild. So how do you wear it properly? Well on Wednesday, Bryony Blake will show us how!

So if you want to know the best way to shimmer this season, then get in touch. Email us at make sure you send us a picture and a contact number by midday Tuesday 2 December and you could be here IN STUDIO.

Terms and conditions

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Breaking Bad with RJ Mitte

If like us, you view Breaking Bad as one of the most exhilarating, engaging and breathtaking dramas to have been created, then you might be interested in our behind-the-scenes chat with Walt Junior himself, the incredible and very lovely RJ Mitte.

Answering everything we could throw at him - from how he reacted to the show's success, how the cast managed to unwind between takes and who his favourite character is, we were in full glorious fandom mode!

Now excuse us, we're off to fire up series 1 and start all over again...

If you're on the fence about watching the show, simply do it. It's THAT good.

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Gemma will donate I'm A Celeb... fee to charity

I went through horrific ordeal 24 hours before I left for Oz

– Gemma Collins

During an exclusive interview with Eamonn and Ruth, TOWIE star Gemma Collins explained her side of the story following a dramatic jungle exit.

Gemma said, “I had been through a horrific ordeal… 24 hours before I left for Australia and I’ve had a terrible backlash from the media and the general public. But it’s not their fault because they don’t know what happened to me."

Gemma also revealed that she'd been paid a percentage of her fee, and she'll be giving it to charity, "It’s going to a children’s charity for starving children because a lot of it was played on in there, ‘Oh Gemma is starving, she’s leaving the jungle’ and I’ll be honest with you, I was starving! I’m a plus-size girl, I went from everything to 500 calories a day, and that did affect me..."

Watch the video above to hear what Gemma had to say about her time in the jungle.

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Gemma, who says she's giving her I'm A Celeb... fee to charity, gets a big TM hug from Ruth and Eamonn

Fill your freezer with homemade dishes

It's the last Friday of November and all eyes are on Christmas but if you're panicking about catering for a crowd or those pesky surprise guests, DON'T!

Great cooking is all about preparation and Leslie Waters is here to show you how you can fill your FREEZER with impressive home-made dishes that will suit all kinds of occasions, and you can get the lot for just £25.

Get Ruth's look

Eamonn and Ruth's stylist shares details of their studio look on Friday's show

Friday 28 November: Ruth wears dress​ from Marks & Spencer with ​Whistles shoes; Eamonn's shirt and suit are from Souster & Hicks