Living with foreign accent syndrome

In 2006 Kath Lockett lost the ability to speak after being struck down with rare brain condition. But when her voice recovered, she found she started speaking with a distinctive European accent which has been described as Italian, French and even Japanese.

The rare condition is known as Foreign Accent Syndrome, and Kath is here to tell us how her life has changed dramatically.

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When Robert turned Lorraine red and the air blue

Today's Throwback Thursday is a special one, in honor of Lorraine Kelly's incredible achievement of 30 years in television.

Back in 2005 Lorraine was presenting this very show with Jeremy Kyle (we know!) and had the opportunity to have a chat with Hollywood legend Robert Downey Junior (pre Iron Man fame, we might add).

RDJ was known as a bit of a hellraiser back in the day, but none of us could have envisioned he'd be able to stir up controversy at such an early hour in the day by offering Lorraine such a crude complement!

We've bleeped out the offending word - you can use your imagination to fill in the blank...

Phillip and Holly go a bit Michael Caine in an explosive homage to the great man

Minnie Driver sends Phillip and Lorraine running for cover in a golf game gone wrong

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Want to give up smoking? Dr Chris can help

Still fancy a cigarette?

There has never been a better time to give up smoking. As the cost of a pack of cigarettes rises, Dr Chris takes us through not just the money that can be saved by kicking the habit, but the numerous health benefits as well.

So from the best methods of stopping to how the new Government run campaign Stoptober can help even the most hardened smoker pack in the fags, now could be the time to give up smoking forever.

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Take part in our moving on with grief phone-in

Have you lost someone and you're struggling to cope? Do you feel guilty that you didn't get to say goodbye? Are you worried your memories of a loved one are fading and you're struggling to move on? If so, get in touch.

Call us on 08000 30 40 44 - calls are free from BT landlines though calls from some mobiles and other networks may charge. You can also email us at - you must be 18 or over and we need your calls by​ ​11:30am today.

Terms at

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April Jones' parents - two years on

In many ways, seeing their daughter April's murderer jailed was just the beginning of the ordeal for Coral and Paul Jones. Mark Bridger still refuses to tell them what he did to the five-year-old's body, or give details of his sickening crime.

The Jones' have had to hold a funeral for their daughter without being able to bury her. Their older daughter Jasmine still sleeps in April's room, which the pair shared and reminders of the harrowing murder are all around them in their small Welsh town.

On the second anniversary of April's disappearance, Coral and Paul join us to talk about the pain they are still suffering, why more should be done to stop paedophiles, how their own relationship has survived the tragedy and their plans to commemorate their daughter.

Adult bereavement helplines

Children and young people's bereavement helplines

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Prep perfect preserves (in time for Christmas)

With Christmas three months away, now is the time to start prepping and pickling if you want a scrumptious selection of chutneys, relishes and sauces to accompany all of that lovely festive grub.

As well as providing that extra kick to a bit of roast turkey, packaged in the right way, a jar of chutney can make a wonderful Christmas gift. Thane Prince, queen of preserves and judge of the Big Allotment Challenge is here to show us how to make her favourite preserves as well as gives us some presentation tips so our jars and bottles will meet her impeccable standards.

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