Fried chicken with all-in-one potato slaw salad

It's almost the weekend and Phil's in the kitchen with a meal that's sure to make the whole family feel good.

He's sharing his secrets for the ultimate fried chicken- it's part baked, part fried (so better than your local takeaway) and he's even got a canny way to sneak some veg into the kids with his all-in-one potato slaw salad. You'll be happy, and the kids will be too!

Buster the hero dog

They say that dogs are a man's best friend, but there are few that would have put their lives on the line like the one we're about to meet.

In the heat and dust of Afghanistan, RAF Police Flight Sergeant Will Barrow and his bright-eyed springer spaniel Buster risked their lives every day dodging the Taliban's sniper bullets as they went out on foot patrol.

Today we are joined by Will and his four-legged best friend, to talk about how Buster - who has saved countless lives - has a nose for danger, but a heart of gold.

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