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News review
Nick Ferrari and Christine Hamilton give their views on the morning's headlines

My decade-long eating disorder
TOWIE's Harry Derbidge speaks for the first time on TV about the secret body issues he kept hidden for over a decade.

Plus, later in the show Dr Dawn Harper and psychotherapist Matthew Campling answers calls from viewers who've also been affected by eating disorders.

Remembering World War I
On the Centenary of the Great War, antiques expert Tracy Martin gives us a hidden insight into the lives of those that fought through a selection of artefacts from the era

Pumeza performs
1 billion people watched her perform at the Commonwealth Games - now, South African soprano Pumeza sings 'Freedom Come All Ye' for us to commemorate the centenary of the First World War

The Hub meets some famous faces

Kate, Marilyn and Kate - in pizza form

You're very pizza-genic!

– Pizza chef Domenico Crolla thinks Eamonn's got a face for pizza

We have a few famous faces in our hub today, all saucy and a little bit cheesy! Scot-born Italian chef Domenico Crolla has made a name for himself creating works of art on Pizzas in his Bella Napoli restaurant in Glasgow.

Domenico joins us now with Kate and William, Johnny Depp, Marilyn Monroe and our very own Eamonn and Ruth!

For more information about Domenico's pizza faces, visit his website

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Eamonn and Ruth make their pizza face debut...

... and Laura makes a new friend

Rebecca's in the Thick of It

After over 20 years in the business, The Thick of It and Lewis actress Rebecca Front felt the time was right to write an autobiography, but rather than a tale of her life from then to now, Rebecca wanted to look at some of the strange and unusual things that have made her the person she is today.

Watch her reveal to Eamonn and Ruth what she discovered about herself whilst writing it.

Further information and support on anxiety and panic attacks

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Weekend family brunch

There's no such thing as a relaxing weekend when you're entertaining kids on summer holidays, so Phil Vickery is here with a perfect family brunch to give you all the energy you need to get through.

With an incredible warm honey french toast and an easy ham, potato and egg dish, Phil has everything you need to get your kids in the kitchen and ready for a fun packed weekend.

Get grilling with Phil's barbecue ribs and sticky chicken recipes

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Celebrity beauty trends to try

With festivals around every corner this summer, it seems like the beauty world is getting a sense of humour with some more eccentric styles that will get you looking good and feeling quirky this season.

Following in the footsteps of Rihanna, Katy Perry and Cara Delevingne, blogger and make-up lover Fleur de Force is in the studio to take us through the latest fun and fabulous celebrity beauty favourites.

Darren Kennedy and Leo Bancroft make over some very hairy men!

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'I was left penniless by my Tunisian lover'

When divorced mum of six Michelle Amri met sweet and dedicated Hamma Amri online, they had an instant connection. Even though he was living in Tunisia, Michelle fell for his good looks and charm. After flying out to meet him, the pair had an Islamic marriage ceremony after knowing each other just six months.

However, Michelle's happily ever after disappeared two years later when Hamma ended their marriage and she was left penniless, having spent her life savings on providing for him throughout the relationship. Today, Michelle joins us to talk about her broken fairytale, and why she feels she may have been used by her husband to get a UK Visa.

See our helplines for advice on staying safe in online relationships

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