The Hotel of Mum and Dad

A new study this week from Shelter reported that nearly 2 million working adults are priced out of the property market and still having to live at home with their families, rather than flying the nest and getting a place of their own.

Watch 32-year-old Kirsty Corbett describe what it's like to still live at her parents' house with her partner and their two children because she simply can't afford to move out.

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Plus property expert Louise Fletcher is on hand to answer calls from viewers who find themselves stuck in the same situation.

Eamonn... attack!

When North London Sumo wrestler Sharron Alexander joined us in 2012 to demonstrate the ways of the Rikishi who'd have thought that Eamonn and Ruth would be so keen to try out some of the warrior stances demonstrated by the Japanese Juggernauts!

Not us that's for sure. Or our wardrobe department for that matter...

Paying to stay alive

There's a treatment available for Reece Hawley's terminal brain cancer but the NHS won't pay for it because the drug isn't licenced in the UK. Now Reece and his mum are working hard to raise the money themselves each week, and join This Morning to tell us their shocking story.

For more information and support, please see our helplines pages

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The new Eamonn and Ruth?

Has anyone noticed anything different about Eamonn and Ruth? There was something off about the opening to Thursday's show but we just can't work out what... Could those Dead Ringers Debra Stephenson and Jon Culshaw have something to do with it? Have a watch of this!

It's been seven years since Dead Ringers last tickled our satirical funny-bones, but the hit impressions show is on its way back! After their stint as Eamonn and Ruth at the start of the show, Dead Ringers stars Jon and Debra are on the sofa to impersonate a whole host of new voices, as well as some old favourites!

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Seeing double: we've got two Eamonns and two Ruths this morning

Do self-help books really work?

As sales of self-help books rise, and a multi-million pound industry continues to grow, one woman is on a mission to see if they actually work.

Blogger and journalist Marianne Power is following the rules of a different self-improvement bible every month for a year, in a bid to change herself and her life.

Halfway through her challenge, Marianne talks to us about her seven months talking to strangers, jumping out of planes, and driving dream cars!

Read more from Marianne at her Help Me blog

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Keep your cool

I'm always hot, but I rarely perspire

– Eamonn wonders if he's an 'Embarrassing Body'...

So far this summer's a scorcher and, according to the Met Office, this hot spell is set to continue well into next month.

With temperatures in much of the UK rivalling those in the Mediterranean, how do we beat the heat and stay cool this summer?

Dr Dawn explains what we should, and should not be doing in our quest to sweat less, before she takes us through some of the latest products on the market that promise to help in the heat.

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