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Going potty? It's time to beat the toilet training crisis!

It’s one of those dreaded parenting duties - potty training! And right now there’s a crisis in the UK, with teachers wasting hours of lesson time a year toilet training primary pupils, as up to 70% of schools say children are starting in nappies!

But don’t fear, our ‘toilet whisperer’ Amanda Jenner is here to nip your nappy nightmares in the bum with her top tips and expert advice on how to toilet train in just three days!

Plus we’ll be calling out for families in dire need of Amanda’s help, and could be sending the UK’s top toilet training expert to your home.

Britain's oldest transgender person: 'I became a woman at 81'

This week, charity Age UK announced they are offering advice on gender change, to support the growing number of over-60s seeking the operation. This announcement has been applauded by 85-year-old gran Ruth Rose, who underwent gender reassignment surgery herself aged 81 - making her one of Britain’s oldest transgender people.

Born James, Ruth knew she wanted to be female since she was nine years old. Unable to live the life she yearned for, she married a woman and had three children. But, in the end, Ruth had to reveal her true self, and four years ago finally underwent the surgery she says made her achieve total acceptance as a female.

Ruth joins us with her story.

Kitchen gadgets to make your life easier!

Ahead of her appearance on Celebrity Masterchef, we’re joined by Jean Johansson who’ll be revealing the clever kitchen gadgets to save you time and hassle - including the tear-free onion goggles, the heat conducting knife and the ‘rub away’ bar that removes stubborn smells!

Are you ready to climb Matchmaker Mountain?

I’ll help you climb to the heights of passion as you look for love on Matchmaker Mountain!

– Shirley Ballas

If you're over 50 and looking for love, Shirley Ballas could have the answer.

Feel that love has left you marooned on an island of loneliness, get in touch and take part in Matchmaker Mountain!

Is is okay to tell off other people's children

With the summer holidays in full swing, and families out and about, we’re asking whether it’s ever okay to discipline someone else’s child? From a telling off in the park, to a family member putting them on the naughty step - should anyone else be allowed to parent your children?

Nicola McLean doesn’t even allow her husband to tell their children off, but comedian Judi Love thinks a collaborative approach to parenting is the way forward.