Mary Berry is one of our Absolute Favourites

I love what I do. To me it’s not work, it’s something that I have done over the years… and now, if people ask me things, I know the answers because I’ve been doing it for such a long time. I love it.

– Mary Berry

Thanks to her role on The Great British Bake Off, Mary Berry has become a national treasure. With over 60 years' cooking experience, Mary's just released her latest cookbook and hopes to impart her culinary wisdom to readers at home.

Known for her tough but fair judging, to the current generation she is definitely the Queen of Cakes and harsh critic of the soggy bottom! Following a stint in the This Morning kitchen with resident chef Phil Vickery offering her his own tips, Mary Berry explained to Eamonn and Ruth what her new book and series are all about. She said, “I’ve done family favourites that I’ve updated, and I’ve only put in the book what they’ve said are really good!

She's smiling now, but what will Mary Berry think of Phil Vickery's three-minute microwave pudding?!

Moroccan spiced lamb kebabs with coriander yoghurt

It's set to be the warmest weekend of the year after a long cold winter - spring has finally sprung. With temperatures set to beat some of the Med's top holiday hotspots, Phil Vickery's bringing the warm weather inside with a BBQ-inspired favourite you can do in your very own kitchen - Moroccan spiced lamb kebabs with coriander yoghurt and flat breads.

And as if that's not enough he's got an inventive idea for a kitchen appliance 56% of us couldn't live without. A time-saving syrup sponge that cooks in minutes - in the microwave!