Try one of these Acts of Kindness

If you'd like to do something kind, but can't think where to start, try one of these suggestions for size - and then let us know what you're going to do here.

Don't forget, for every meaningful act you register on our website the government will donate £5.

  • Smoke alarms should be tested weekly. Offer to test an older persons smoke alarm as it might be difficult for them to reach it.
  • Clear out your cupboards and donate a bag of clothes or other items to the charity shop on your high street
  • Become a donor. Give blood, or join a donor register
  • Offer your seat on the train or bus to someone who needs it more
  • Offer to buy a cup of tea for a homeless person or police man on patrol
  • Request a collection tin for your office or school from a local charity
  • Next time you shop, pick up a couple of extra tins and non-perishable goods to donate to your local food bank
  • Offer to carry someone’s pushchair or suitcase up stairs, or help to carry their shopping to the car
  • Next time you cook, make an extra serving for an older neighbour or someone in need near you, or invite a lonely neighbour for lunch
  • Help a less-mobile neighbour by collecting their morning paper, walking their dog, bringing in their bins, watering their plants or washing their windows
  • Offer to drive a neighbour, or pop to the shops for someone who doesn’t have transport
  • Bake a cake for someone or a local group / organisation
  • Give a young mum who you know (e.g. family, friend, neighbour) some time to themselves whilst you look after their child
  • Help to clean up graffiti on your street or paint a fence/wall for a neighbour
  • Offer to read or play music at your local nursing home
  • Cheer on participants at a charity sporting event, or share a friend’s fundraising page to help them raise money for charity
  • Donate your old magazines to a doctor’s surgery or hospital
  • Check in on a neighbour who doesn’t have many visitors, a quick cuppa can make all the difference
  • Donate used books to a library
  • Send some flowers to a daycare centre or home
  • Visit a care home and chat to the residents
  • Organise a charity day at work
  • Ask a colleague or friend how they're feeling today. If they are low, ask if there is anything you can do to help or offer to have lunch with them
  • Give directions to someone who is lost
  • Show someone how to use the internet who isn’t yet connected. Think of the access to family, friends and services it can open to them.

Don't forget to let us know what you're going to do here because for every meaningful act you register on our website the government will donate £5.

Take a Moment - The campaign

Can YOU Take a Moment to help change the world around you for the better? Because a moment is all it takes!

At ITV we aim to use our audience of millions to inspire people to make a difference. And we would love you to be one of them.

Tell us about a moment of kindness and for the first 50,000 moments we get registered, the government will donate £5 to this year's Text Santa charities

Being at the heart of communities around the country we have seen what a difference volunteering can make, and how easy it is to get involved.

And it isn't only something ITV feels passionate about. Nick Hurd, the Minister for Civil Society is committed to championing this agenda, highlighting that it can be very rewarding and a great way to:

  • Meet new people
  • - Gain new or use existing skills
  • - Get experience
  • - Make a big difference to your community

There are lots of easy ways to give your time to help others – from having a cup of tea with an older neighbour, to helping out in your local area or making a regular commitment to volunteer with a charity or community group. That’s why the Government are supporting Take A Moment by pledging £5 for the first 50,000 acts of kindness registered through the This Morning campaign. We hope that this campaign can help raise awareness and encouraging people to get involved.

– Nick Hurd, Minister for Civil Society

Find out about some of the initiatives and opportunities available in your local area below...

'It's fun, inspiring and enjoyable'

Young volunteer Yakoob Seedat

Yakoob Seedat uses his interests to make a difference at weekends and in the evenings.

Yakoob coaches children in football on Saturday mornings. In the afternoons he runs a Chill Zone for kids age 5-10, then in the evenings helps run the teenage youth club in his area. As well as giving up his Saturdays, he has also set up for local kids: a football league at West View Leisure Centre for Disadvantaged People, a small sided cricket league, a Tae Kwondo academy, and represented young people in focus groups and at the local Neighbourhood Management Partnership Boards. He does it all of his own volition and describes himself as a friend of the community!

'Volunteering is fun'

Volunteer George Taylor

George has been volunteering since he was eight years old and says volunteering has changed his life.

Since he was eight-years-old, George has fundraised for the Royal British Legion. He’s met the Queen, regularly completes sponsored walks, sold poppies, organised raffles and dances and school discos to raise money and awareness, become the youth advisor for his local British Legion Branch and recently became Kent Area Officer for the VC Trust. He’s even lobbied Parliament and now gets his whole family involved in fundraising.