Join In

Join In was set up off the back of the London 2012 Games and is encouraging people to connect to a local sports clubs or community group across the UK that are looking for volunteers. Seven out of ten clubs need more volunteers in a variety of roles and this summer there have been more than 10,000 events held to introduce local people to clubs and groups in their area.

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Local Giving is a great initiative and website that helps you find out about local charities and community groups that are striving to make your community a better place. Many of the charities on there are looking for local support and volunteers. A brilliant way for you to find a local cause and have a huge impact where you live!

Your Voice

Two young people who are fixing the future

Think that because you’re younger you can’t make an impact in your community? We’re here to tell you different.

Across the UK there are numerous schemes and programmes available that enable young people to get involved in the community and make a difference. The National Citizens Service is open during the summer and autumn, and Fixers and vInspired are there all year round to help you find something in the heart of your community. Nominations for the vInspired National Awards are also coming up in September - so not only are these two brilliant examples of schemes available to young people, but also a way to get recognition for your efforts.

Meet our shining examples

Today social action and volunteering take place in many shapes and sizes. In fact, you’ve probably been a volunteer yourself at some point and just not realised it!

But still many people dismiss formal opportunities and schemes thinking it’s not for them, they don’t have the skills to help or don’t know how to get started.

To give you some inspiration we’d like to introduce you to a few people who are volunteers in very different ways...