The facts behind our coffee fix

I feel on top of my game, and if I'm honest, a little bit buzzy!

– Phillip Schofield at optimum coffee level

Many of us can’t function without our daily cup of coffee and a recent study revealed that Brits guzzle 70 million cups of coffee each day. Whether it's a mug full of fresh-brewed coffee, a cup of hot tea, or a can of soda, consuming caffeine is the energy boost of choice for millions who want to wake up or stay up, but what else is caffeine doing to us?

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Monday's Best Bit: What Gino wants, Gino gets!

You'd think that after the row he made about not being consulted before our last studio revamp we'd have learnt that Gino is a bit fussy when it comes to change.

So, after a three month hiatus recording Gino's Italian Escape, during which our studio was completely renovated, Mr D'Acampo was always going to get his knickers in a twist with our new-look kitchen.

He kicked off. Big time. But fortunately a little bit of DIY from Schofe was enough to soothe his minor temper tantrum...

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Make ours a tequila please - cheers!

Mexico’s signature spirit is enjoying a comeback and celebrity-backed brands are leading the way. P Diddy, Justin Timberlake and George Clooney have all invested in their own labels and George launches his brand (with best mate Rande Gerber) Casamigos, in the UK tonight.

So what is it about tequila that makes it such a Hollywood favourite? President of the Tequila Society Cleo Rocos is here with mixologist Rich Woods and some tasty tipples!