Cheers to wine and chocolate

With Easter celebrations just two days away, the time to over-indulge in chocolate is nearly here. But if you're a grown-up wanting to enjoy the occasion, what's the best tipple to drink with your Easter treat?

Most people would argue that wine and chocolate definitely do not go well together. However drinks aficionado Olly Smith begs to differ - and is here with some surprising, but delicious pairings.

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Easter egg extravaganza

Tuck into our pick of high street Easter eggs... our testers did!

Prestat London Gin Truffle Easter Egg £15
Nestle Easter Collection from £1.99
Lindt Easter collection from £2.99
M&S Eggs from £12
Sainsbury's eggs, from £1.25
Hotel Chocolat from £28
ASDA Easter collection from £1
Cadbury Eggs from £8.15
Green & Blacks Eggs £5.59
Tesco eggs from £3

Remember your school tuck shop?

It's a closely guarded secret!

– Steve Berry won't spill on what makes Love Hearts fizz!

Many of us will fondly remember our favourite sweet shops full of with penny sweets, fizzy pop and chocolate bars. From Space Dust to gobstoppers to a packet of Space Invaders, watch connoisseurs of confectionary Phil Norman and Steve Berry take us on a 'sweet' walk down memory lane - and indulge our sweet tooth!

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