Here comes the sun... and Phil Vickery's bargain BBQs!

Get ready for the hot weather! With the warmest day of the year just around the corner, many of us will be attempting to make the most of the sunshine - and what better way than with a BBQ?

But don’t let the fleeting heatwave leave you out of pocket - Phil Vickery shows us how a bargain BBQ will do the job without busting the bank. And if you’re digging your BBQ out of the shed for the first time, Phil's got some top tips to bring it flaming back to life and have you cooking on gas in no time!

John Torode's baked fish, tomatoes, lemon and olives

On the first day in our new studio, John's in the kitchen with a dish that uses nothing more than a baking tray, the oven and a bowl! Perfect if you don't want the washing up and even better if you've just moved house - like us!

It's a one tray wonder that works with any white fish - pollock, hake, cod, packed with fresh flavours. A stress-free family meal that’s great on a Monday night. John swears this is the easiest way to cook fish, it's his one tray baked fish with tomatoes, lemon and olives.

Tom Kerridge's pork samosa pie

Tom Kerridge is in the kitchen with a weeknight meal ideal for the family. He's making a curry pie, with amazing spices and crunchy filo, that’s just 475 calories a portion.

Tom says: 'Roasting the pork for this ‘samosa pie’ beforehand intensifies the taste and, once it is combined with all those amazing spices and the crunchy filo, it really is like eating a samosa – just a lighter version that hasn’t been deep-fried.'

Recipe taken from Lose Weight for Good by Tom Kerridge

James Martin's fresh pasta with wild garlic and basil pesto

James Martin whips up a super quick fresh pasta dish (made with his super duper pasta maker!) with wild garlic and basil pesto, ahead of his upcoming tour which he promises will delight and entertain.

Expect plenty of live cookery, humour, fast cars and perhaps a solo guitar performance from the king of Saturday morning cooking himself!