Roast root hummus

This is a great snack or starter, served with crudités or warm flatbreads, or spooned into toasted pittas with salad and/or some shredded cold meat. Use whatever leftover roast roots are to hand, and if you have some roast onions or garlic, chuck those in too.

Lemon and yoghurt pudding cake

This Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's version of that cosy favourite, lemon delicious pudding. On cooking, the batter separates, leaving a pool of lemon curd-y sauce at the base of the dish and a tender, light sponge on top. The recipe makes great use of slightly mature yoghurt. If you don’t have quite enough, simply combine the yoghurt with some whole milk to bring it up to 250g.

Potato peel soup

I understand that this might be a tough sell. But bear with me because it’s miraculous.

– Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

There's nothing humble about this soup’s rich, creamy flavour – it tastes, remarkably, like mushrooms. Andif it seems just a little too pared-back, it’s very easy to jazz it up with some nice finishing touches (see below). Make sure the potatoes are well scrubbed before you peel them so the peels are very clean.

Learn to love your leftovers

Waging war on the nation’s food waste, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s here to convince us to look at leftovers in a different light. And to prove his point, he’ll be dishing-up a few of the most-unusual dishes from his new book Love Your Leftovers... and they’re not necessarily for the faint-hearted!

Get some of Hugh's leftover recipes

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Lemon and yoghurt pudding cake

Roast root hummus

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