Fried chicken with all-in-one potato slaw salad

It's almost the weekend and Phil Vickery is in the kitchen with a meal that's sure to make the whole family feel good.

He's sharing his secrets for the ultimate fried chicken- it's part baked, part fried (so better than your local takeaway) and he's even got a canny way to sneak some veg into the kids with his all-in-one potato slaw salad. You'll be happy, and the kids will be too!

Beef bourguignon and white chocolate parfait

They say staying in is the new going out, as more and more of us are choosing to entertain in our own homes rather than shell out for expensive restaurants.

Someone who's an expert in rustling up top-notch dinners is our chef Jimmy Garcia, and in he's going to show us how to cook up a storm for family, loved ones and friends.

Today he shows us how to please our toughest critics - the family. But never fear, Jimmy's philosophy, as always, is that cooking to entertain doesn't have to be tricky!

Deliciously Ella serves sweet potato brownies

After a rare illness called Postural Tachycardia Syndrome left her almost completely bed-ridden, Ella Woodward's taken healthy eating to new heights.

She's part of a new phenomenon of healthy eating bloggers who have awoken a nation's desire to eat better.

With a blog that receives over five-million hits a month and a record-breaking debut cookbook, Ella's become an overnight success, turning her life around literally by eating herself well again.

Shellfish barbecue

In the last of our Phil Vickery Down Under series, Phil heads out to one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef.

Visible from space, the Reef is as breath-taking from above as it is below - so what better way for Phil to be introduced to it than from a bird's eye view? Cue the Sea Plane!

With his legs dangling in the crystal waters whilst sitting on the paddles of the sea plane, Phil speaks with a local marine expert before jumping in and going snorkelling to find out how coral-ful it really is.

Back on dry land Phil meets island chef Grant Murray to discover more about the seafood found around the Whitsunday Islands before signing off the series with a show-stopping shellfish barbecue.

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