Bosh's giant burrito cake

Whether you’re watching the footie this weekend or having friends round for dinner, the boys from Bosh - whom the Times recently nicknamed The Vegan Jamie Olivers - are back to ensure you have a tasty dish to serve up to the troops.

Henry Firth and Ian Theasby will be making their special giant burrito for Eamonn and Ruth… and Boyzone are getting in on the action too.

Recipe taken from BOSH! Simple Recipes. Amazing Food. All Plants.

Phil's fried gurnard with tomatoes and courgettes

Today is Summer Solstice - the longest day of the year - and to celebrate the 16 hours of daylight, we’ve sent Phil Vickery to the Dorset coast where he’s busy making the most of the early sunrise with a spot of fishing. But what fishy feast will he be cooking from his catch of the day? Fried gurnard with tomatoes and courgettes - if Phil can catch a gurnard, that is!

Juice your way to good health

Is hay fever making your life a misery? Are you constantly exhausted? Struggling with skin problems or bloating? Well according to juicing guru Jason Vale- there's a juice for that! After his own eczema and psoriasis reportedly disappeared when he discovered juicing, Jason believes that he is living proof that a juice a day really can keep the doctor away.

Jason joins us today with some simple and cheap recipes that we can all add into our daily diets. From ginger and apple to tackle hay fever, to avocado and cucumber to clear your skin, he’s here to wage war on some of the most common complaints and help us juice our way to good health.

John Torode's phat Thai

It's a classic noodle dish, stir-fried with eggs, some veg, prawns or meat and believe it or not, all the ingredients to make this classic Thai dish are available in your supermarket aisle!

John's in the kitchen ready to help us perfect one of his favourite quick and easy meals and there's a scientific reason why it tastes so good - when made correctly, it hits all the five flavour profiles in the mouth; salty, sour, sweet, spicy and bitter. Enjoy John's phat Thai 10-minute noodles!

Jean-Christophe Novelli's steak frites

It’s a modern twist on a French classic that will impress your dad this Sunday, Jean-Christophe Novelli’s in the kitchen with a delicious rib eye steak with blue cheese and mushroom sauce with baked chips.

Quick, easy and healthier than your local pub’s recipe! Jean-Christophe will also tell us how he’s spending Father’s Day now his son Valentino is on the mend after recovering from cancer, and why he’s got something in common with Eamonn as he embraces the city of Belfast.

Nadiya's raspberry ice cream cake

Nadiya’s discovery of an ice cream cake in the supermarket was a revelation... until she discovered it had been discontinued on her next visit. Fear not, this is Nadiya's version of the most delicious cake she’s ever had - combining two of the best things for summer eating: ice cream and cake! Perfect for the warm June weather and a treat for Father’s Day this weekend, enjoy Nadiya's raspberry ice cream cake.

Taken from Nadiya's new book Nadiya's family favourites

Dr Rupy's butternut massaman curry

Flavour packed, slow-cooked dishes are the simplest yet most satisfying and comforting meals. This rich Massaman curry can be made with meat, but I love using butternut squash instead. It takes on the spices really well and, with the extra veg, the dish has plenty of micronutrients. Greens, squash and other yellow / orange coloured vegetables are dense sources of pro-vitamin A and offer vital phytonutrients for immunity and eye health.

This recipe makes enough for lunch the next day (to make your co-workers envious).

Phil Vickery's shepherd's pie

They’re the legendary British band known for their rock and roll lifestyles but it seems these days, Rolling Stones members Ronnie Wood and Keith Richards prefer their home comforts - swapping cigarettes and alcohol for a hearty Shepherd’s Pie. Both have posted pictures of their meal before their live performance for their No Filter tour.

So if it’s good enough for the Stones - it’s good enough for us. Phil Vickery’s here with his twist on the classic recipe.