Life hacks... solutions to kitchen quandaries

If you haven't heard of 'Life Hacks' then prepare to be impressed because there are simple tricks and tips to make our lives a whole lot easier.

Sarah Powell joins us to take us through some rather uncommon solutions to those common kitchen quandaries.

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Fried chicken, chopped salad and cherry pie

In our honour of the Fourth of July celebrations Phil Vickery is rustling up some Stateside stables. He'll be preparing fried chicken, a chopped salad and some good old-fashioned cherry pie.

Whether you're one of the 180,000 US citizens resident in the UK or not, these 100% American recipes are guaranteed to delight and inspire in equal measure.

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A picnic fit for a royal

It's hard to believe that our future King, the gorgeous Prince George will be celebrating his first birthday later on this month.

We are joined by former Chef to Queen Elizabeth II and Diana, Princess of Wales, Darren McGrady who has created numerous dishes to mark the birthdays of Princes William and Harry over the years.

He is rustling up a royal picnic menu fit for a king or a queen, and each of his dishes has a special royal memory attached to it, which Darren will discuss as we go along.

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Bring out the finest china!

When entertaining a royal chef or an etiquette expert, make sure you serve up refreshments on the proper tablewear... oops!

Lesley's strawberry feast

Wimbledon season is truly upon us with the men and women's quarter finals taking place later today. But enough about the tennis, what about the strawberries that we'll be munching on?

And some science news too: the sounds you're hearing while you eat your strawberries can have an impact on how tasty they are. Let's hope the sound of Lesley Waters' voice has a positive effect - she'll be creating a three course meal dedicated to the juicy fruit - and she's even thrown in a special cocktail to try too.