Gordon and Tilly Ramsay teach teens to enjoy cooking

This week sees 13-year-olds Jayden and Poppy join Gordon and Tilly's masterclass to learn how to cook lettuce cups filled with prawns and turkey.

Jayden can’t bear to be apart from his XBox and Poppy has to cook for her fellow scouts. So what tips will they learn

Gordon and Tilly also discuss how hectic lifestyles and social media are causing a loss of interest in the joys of cooking, and that parents should take an active part in teaching their children how to prepare healthy food.

The Ramsays help young cooks get healthy

Challah Mummy Allegra's braided challah bread

Braiding might be the buzz word when it comes to hair trends for 2018, but have you ever tried braiding bread? If the answer is no, then get ready because we’re in the kitchen ready to get our bake-on with a workshop by Allegra Benitah or Challah Mummy - who started baking to entertain her little boy and just happens to be Vanessa Feltz's daughter!

They join us today to bake sweet, savoury and rainbow Jewish challah bread.

Phil Vickery's student store cupboard essentials

With Waitrose getting themselves into hot water over their £8.74 student store cupboard essentials, Phil Vickery, whose own daughter Grace heads off to university tomorrow, gives us his ultimate guide to what we should be packing our loved ones off with.

And to make sure they have a tasty feast when they arrive, Phil will be ‘pimping up’ all-time favourite student dishes - cheese toasties, beans on toast, and a classic pasta dish!

Joe's bangin' chicken balti

After becoming a first-time dad to baby Indie in July, Joe Wicks has got his hands full - which is where his fuss-free, quick meals come in to their own.

Today he’s in the This Morning kitchen cooking up a great weeknight meal: his bangin’ chicken balti. This dish can be on the table in 30 minutes and beats any takeaway, so whether you’re a student wanting to impress your mates, or a time-poor parent in need of a tasty meal, this one’s for you!

Joe will also be telling us how he’s applied The Body Coach mentality to fatherhood - and that means prepping like a boss.

The Ramsays help young cooks get healthy

Learning how to cook in school is just as important as learning a foreign language

– Gordon Ramsay

In the first of a new series, Gordon Ramsay and his daughter Tilly join This Morning to help parents and children across the country ditch the ready meals and learn how to cook easy, quick and healthy meals.

Today Gordon and Tilly discuss why they think cooking should be on the curriculum and offer two young cooks a masterclass at their family home in Cornwall.

Jamie Oliver's tuna fettuccine and mozzarella bread

It’s been 25 years since Jamie first learnt to make fresh pasta - and the love affair continues. Now he’s back from a special journey through Italy, and he’s in our kitchen ready to share a thing or two he’s learnt from the Italian nonnas he met along the way.

Jamie joins us with tales of his recent culinary adventure, which you can catch on Channel 4, and to talk about his accompanying new book Jamie Cooks Italy.