Sour cherry Welsh cakes

As the nights draw in and we are hanging onto one last burst of sunshine, chef Lisa Faulkner gives us a feast for our eyes and our palates in her Coastal Cottage series.

Lisa will be exploring the wilds of Wales and finding out about its local specialities in the kitchen. Set in a cottage in Pembrokeshire, today Lisa finds out how to cook Welsh cakes with her own cherry twist, before enjoying music from a traditional Welsh choir.

Fun food facts with Jamie (and a nice bit of salmon)

It's always a treat when Jamie Oliver comes in

– Holly Willoughby

Today Jamie Oliver joined us to share some super facts about his superfoods, including how carrots and beetroot weren't always as we know them today. In fact, the humble carrot actually looked completely different until it was changed by aristocracy!

Plus, things got very tasty as he showed us how jazz up our salmon with sesame seeds - a trick Holly will certainly be trying at home!

Get Jamie's recipes and watch his full chat and demo with Holly and Phillip

Phil Vickery's sausage rolls

Last weekend, Britons and Americans reacted with confusion and disbelief after finding out that our beloved sausage roll exists on only one side of the Atlantic.

A recipe for sausage rolls in the New York Times, along with the claim that it was a traditional British dish served on Boxing Day, prompted neighbours across both sides of the pond to quiz each other about the culinary cultural difference.

Phil Vickery is here to allay any fears and show our American cousins how to cook and serve the perfect British sausage roll.

What will you make in your slow cooker?

As the nights draw in and the weather gets even more grotty, slow cookers are flying off the shelves! But what should you look for when buying one and which ones are the best?

The Good Housekeeping Institute has just produced the ultimate review, and Alice Beer is here to showcase just a few of her favourites and reveal what you can create in them other than a humble stew.