Phil Vickery's Yorkshire pudding masterclass

Roasting season is upon us and Phil is in the kitchen to show you that you don't always have to go with the traditional when it comes to serving the perfect Yorkshire puddings.

He proves just how versatile this British classic can be and brings us a foolproof method along with different serving suggestions that you can use to make sure your Yorkies are a delicious treat this Sunday lunch.

Make a meal in a mug, in minutes!

Forget the mug cake - it's the turn of the gourmet mug meal. With 92% of households owning a microwave, a quick carbonara, speedy pork noodle soup or healthy bean stew have never been quicker or easier to achieve.

Chef Theo Michaels walks us through his favourite fresh, healthy recipes, all made from scratch in a microwave, in a single mug. It's a tasting, microwaving, extravaganza worthy of a Michelin star!

Recipes taken from Microwave Mug Meals by Theo Michaels