Cool down with a cocktail!

There's almost nothing better than the supreme chill of a tall cocktail on a hot day. And with another sunny weekend ahead of us it's time to get into the spirit of summer with the coolest cocktails of 2016.

According to cocktail guru Nick Whitby from New World Trading Company, this year it's all about going back to basics and saying goodbye to sugar. He's here to show us how to whip up some tasty tipples at home.

Can you really eat bread and stay slim?

With news that sales of bread have fallen by 50 million loaves a year, we’re asking is bread really the enemy? Is there any way that you can enjoy your favourite loaf and still stay slim?

We’re joined by baker and bread expert Dan Lepard to talk us through the saints and the sinners of the bread aisle. We’re also going live to an artisan bakery in Bolton to see if bread’s increasingly bad press has been taking its toll on the industry.

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