A popstar in our kitchen! Try Kelis' prawn alcapurrias

Not only do her milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard - so do her recipes! R&B singer, mum of two and now a trained Cordon Bleu chef Kelis Rogers has dropped the mic and picked up her oven mitts.

She’s in the kitchen today to tell us why food is her happy place, and cook a dish from her childhood summers spent with family in Puerto Rico - prawn alcapurrias (dumplings filled with spicy prawn) with her very own sangria on the side!

DJ BBQ's pulled pork, Mix of Rad and pineapple salsa

Now the weather may not have got the memo - but there's no getting away from it - summer is well and truly upon us! So in true British style we’re braving whatever the elements throw at us and opening the doors of our This Morning pop-up food festival!

DJ BBQ gets us started with delicious smoky pulled pork. Then if you've still got room we’ve got mouthwatering mac and cheese, a cheeky Italian and the most unusual ice cream stall you've ever seen, plus some rosé wine to wash it down with.

All the inspiration you need to mix up your meals and make this weekend delicious!!