Phil Vickery explains the meat minefield

Don’t eat that burger, it could be kill you - that’s the alarming message from the World Health Organisation, which has classified processed meats such as bacon and sausages as group 1 carcinogens - alongside cigarettes, alcohol and even asbestos.

The front pages have been covered with scary headlines but with other experts warning of the potential dangers of cutting red meat entirely from your diet, it feels like a total minefield.

Here to present the facts, and some options, is our resident chef Phil Vickery. He’ll talk through the suggested safe limits and then for those who are still not sure about the dangers of processed meat, he’ll show you how to make your own fresh versions of some family mealtime classics.

Tuck into the Cereal Killer Cafe cookbook

Ever thought about adding Frosties to a mojito? Or serving up a grilled Cheerio cheese sandwich with a side of Branfries for brunch?

Well, if you haven't, there are two brothers from Belfast who want you to give it a go with a cookbook like no other! Cereal Killer Cafe owners Alan and Gary Keery have garnered as much controversy as they have success, and they join us now to tell us all - from serving breakfast to Boris, to why they won't be bullied.

Plus, they show us some of their cereal killer creations in the kitchen.

BOOK: Cereal Killer Cafe The Cookbook is out now

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