Seared tuna steaks

First hitting our screens in 2011 with her easy, wholesome cakes, Lorraine Pascale has gone on to become one of TV's hottest new chefs with three successful television shows and five bestselling cookery books.

Lorraine is now back on our screens and in our bookshops teaching the nation How To Be a Better Cook, and she's in the TM kitchen to whip up a tasty mid-week treat of seared tuna steaks with cannellini beans, feta and mint.

Last Taste of Summer in San Sebastian

This week is our last Last Taste of Summer, and Olly is travelling to San Sebastian to sample the local cuisine, tipples and amazing beaches!

Thanks to
Winerist for their help in organising the trip
The Tourist Board of Gipuzkoa and San Sebastian for their help in organising the trip
Hotel Astoria7
Three-starred Michelin restaurant Akelarre
One-starred Michelin restaurant Mirador De Ulia

All you need to know about cupcakes

It's National Cupcake Week this week, so what better excuse do we need to dive into the sugary sweet world of cupcakes?

After all, this little humble cake has become a hero of our times, referred to as an 'economic lifeline' during the recession, acting as a powerful rising agent for national revenue.

It's also been voted the cake that makes us the happiest and is a affordable luxury.

And joining us today, to teach us all we need to know about cupcakes, is baking expert and National Cupcake Champion Emily Johnson.