Jamie Oliver on sneaking kids veg and living beyond one hundred

Can you believe that Jamie Oliver has been on our screens for over 20 years?! Who better to provide tips on serving up healthy food than the doting father of five?

While on the subject of the second series of his show Jamie's Super Food, Jamie discussed the amazing people he encountered around the globe during filming, including several healthy people over the age of one hundred.

The chef also provided some handy hints on how to get kids to eat fruit and veg. Phew, just what all parents need!

Leon Ockenden's no-bake chocolate cheesecake

The weekend is nearly upon us and what says Friday more than a delicious chocolate dessert with a hint of something wicked! With sales of tabasco and hot sauces soaring, we’re bringing our own unique twist to the chilli trend that’s blazing its way across Britain... by adding it to a chocolate cheesecake. And if you haven’t got the time to start baking don’t worry, Leon Ockenden is here to teach you the only chocolate cake you’ll ever make again - all you need is 5 ingredients and 15 minutes to make it! Dish: No bake chilli chocolate cheesecake