Has the deep-fat fryer had its day? Not in our kitchen!

To fry or not to fry… that is the question. This week Mary Berry caused outrage when she declared war on our humble deep-fat fryer, saying the appliance has no place in the nation’s kitchens.

So should we be ditching the fryer for fresh fruit, or does it still have a place in our home? Phil Vickery puts five of the best fryers on the high street to the test and reveals his secret to the perfect chip - and when we say perfect, we mean PERFECT!

Could the Mediterranean diet save your life?

The Mediterranean diet has long been seen as healthy, but now scientists have discovered it actually makes hearts healthier, making patients more likely to survive heart attacks or cardiovascular disease.

A study found those who had a diet rich in vegetables, nuts, fish and oils were a third less likely to die early, compared with those who ate larger quantities of red meat, such as beef, and butter.

So what’s the truth behind the statistics? Is this just another food fad? Dr Chris is here with the facts behind the headlines.

Master Frances Quinn's strawberry shortcake bake

It's that time of year when everyone is inspired to get their bake on and former Bake Off champion Frances Quinn is here with her top baking gadgets to transform us all in to star bakers overnight.

She'll also be whipping up a super easy bake that any novice baker can create - strawberry shortcake cake, helping us all rise to the challenge and become master bakers in no time at all!