Cider pot roasted pork belly

Any dish with cider and pork you really can't go wrong with - belly is perfect for this sort of cooking.

Phil Vickery says pot roasting in a small amount of liquid in an enclosed pan or tray is brilliant - and he assured you'll be amazed how much stock there will be at the end, making a great sauce or compote!

Cheers! Jake, Ruth, Phil and Olly raise a glass to slow-cooked pork

Which soup comforts you on a cold day?

Nothing warms us up during a cold winter's day like a hearty and comforting bowl of soup and today Phil Vickery will be showing us how to make some seriously delicious flavours... but meanwhile we want to know what your favourite classic flavour is. Let us know by taking part in the below poll by 11.30am on Friday, 14 November 2014. Please read our terms and conditions.