Juliet Sear's magical reindeer cake

It’s time for the unicorn to make way for our more festive friend.

Juliet Sear’s been busy in the kitchen giving her signature cake a makeover by transforming it into Rudolph.

So if you want to add some festive fun to your Christmas table, don’t miss Juliet’s guide to making the most magical Christmas cake around!

Phil Vickery's sausage and bean casserole with mustard mash

If you’re snowed in or just in need of some warming comfort food in the freezing cold weather, Phil Vickery’s here with an easy one-pot meal - sausage and bean casserole with mustard mash.

And with luck, you won’t even need to brave the cold for a trip to the supermarket, because the ingredients are all store cupboard staples or things you hopefully already have in the fridge.

Tuck into Phil's festive feast

Phil Vickery whips up a roast sirloin of beef with all the trimmings alongside his perfect Yorkshire puddings. And speaking of puddings, Phil shows chocoholic Dawn French how to create a deliciously naughty ‘melt in the middle’ Chocolate fondant.

Phil's festive salmon rosti

Phil travels to one of Europe’s most spectacular locations, the Jungfraujoch viewing platform in Austria. While there he cooks up a festive dish, perfect for your Christmas starter.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's vegetarian Christmas

Once you've carved that turkey and helped yourself to the ham, the vegetables can seem a bit of an after-thought at Christmas, but Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is on a one-man mission to make them more than just a bit on the side. Here are his vegetarian - and vegan - festive dishes for Christmas...

Phil Vickery's sausage wreath

We’ve been in the Christmas spirit all morning - and now we’re bringing it to the kitchen. With party season underway, Phil’s here with a fun idea perfect for any festive occasion - a giant sausage roll!


Very Presents Christmas Food Hacks

If you’re hosting guests this Christmas, it can sometimes feel like you’ve got a lot on your plate, but don’t let festive fatigue set in before the fun has even begun! These simple shortcuts will transform your table and leave guests wondering whether you’ve got an army of elves helping out in the kitchen.