Can wine in a box be classy? Eamonn and Ruth put it to the test 🍷

They were a dinner party staple in the 70s and 80s, but last week, Waitrose introduced a selection of premium bag-in-box wines as the supermarket predicted a huge demand for environmentally-friendly packaging.

Our Swedish neighbours like it - almost three quarters of their wine is sold like this and Amazon’s sales are up 212% from last year. But is the idea of wine in a box classy? Or trashy?

Wine expert Joe Wadsack is here with his pick of the best boxed wines.

Farro risotto

Perfect risotto is infamous for being time-consuming, fussy and overall quite difficult to master - but we’re about to change all that! Chef Florence Knight shares her secrets for making a delicious risotto in double quick time. Using the freshest summer ingredients, here's how to make an easy midweek staple without spending the evening standing over the stove.

Gok's stir-fried prawns - three ways

Yuk Sung is one of Gok’s favourite Chinese restaurant starters that always makes him think of his dad Papa Wan. It’s not just fashion that can go from day to night, Gok's versatile recipe can be served in three different ways either at lunch or for dinner - a healthy and flavoursome prawn dish that can be served wrapped in lettuce leaves with fried vermicelli noodles or as a tasty filling for gyoza dumplings.

Corncakes with smoky pancetta, salsa and sour cream

John and Lisa are in Australia cooking up a tasty dish of corncakes with smoky pancetta, salsa and sour cream.

They're the Masterchef couple whose love for cooking has brought them together. And for four weeks, John Torode has given partner Lisa Faulkner a tour around his home country as they demonstrate why there is so much more to Australian cooking than throwing a shrimp on the barbie!

In Sydney they're meeting the Opera House restaurant chef, pointing out the local celebrity homes (hi Russell Crowe!) and making a special brunch together at their coastal kitchen.