How to get rid of your festive hangover

Eat carbs beforehand and avoid dark coloured drinks. Dr Chris is here with a quick guide on how to avoid and get rid of that dreaded festive hangover.

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Need help coping with festive stress?

Christmas can be a particularly stressful time of year, as those without friends, family or limited finances struggle to cope with the pressures. On today's show, Denise takes your calls on stress, including one upset mum who says she can't afford Christmas this year.

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Got a question about winter health?

On Thursday's show, ahead of Christmas, Dr Chris is holding a winter open surgery phone-in. So if you or your family has one of the bugs that's flying around, a cough, a cold or a sniffle, or maybeyou're not sure whether to bother your GP, get in touch.

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Got a question about mental health in pregnancy?

Are you pregnant and concerned about your mental health? Are you suffering with postnatal depression and don't know where to turn for help? Maybe you're concerned about taking medication for mental health issues during pregnancy. Or perhaps you're reluctant to ask for help for fear of what people might think.

โ€‹Call us onโ€‹ 08000 30 40 44. Calls are free from BT landlines, although calls from some mobiles and other networks may be charged. You can also email us at, you must be 18 or over and we need to hear from you byโ€‹ 11.20am.โ€‹

Phillip's reaction check

The average person should have EIGHT hours of sleep a night in order to function properly, but for Text Santa, Phillip will be awake for 24 hours straight.

Dr Dawn is here to test Phillip's reactions and concentration with three tests. She'll return at 04:10 on Tuesday morning to repeat the same tests, and see how sleep deprivation has affected our presenter.

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