The must-have vitamins for winter

After a glorious summer, the days are now getting shorter and the nights are longer. But between October and March our bodies don't get enough vitamin D from sunlight… so where do we get it from instead? And what about other vitamins in general?

Dr Chris is on hand to talk us through the best way to keep our bodies in nutritional harmony.

Dr Zoe's EpiPen advice

  1. Certain batches of adult EpiPen can be safely used for four months after the expiry date has passed

  2. Do not dispose of expired devices until you have replaced them. They’re highly likely to still have some effect.

  3. If switched to alternative device than Epipen due to shortage. Be aware that different brands of adrenaline auto-injectors are not used in exactly the same way and therefore specific training and advice is required for each of the devices. This can be done by your pharmacist, practice nurse and there are videos online.

  4. Junior devices should only be dispensed to children who weigh less than 30kg, the adult pens are suitable for those who weigh more

  5. Ambulances carry adrenaline that is not affected by shortages

Are EpiPens actually safe?

The coroner in the inquest into 15-year-old Natasha Ednan-Laperouse’s death from a Pret A Manger product has made comments stating that EpiPens are ‘inherently unsafe’. According to him they do not contain enough adrenaline and the needles are too short to be effective.

Dr Zoe is here to address these concerns around EpiPens, and to give what could be lifesaving advice on using them.