Is it safe to diagnose from a photo?

Last week it was reported that a mum saved her daughter's leg from being amputated after sending a picture of it to an expert, according to the article, doctors in Singapore mistook the baby's badly swollen foot for a severe bone disease and wanted to cut it off.

The baby's mum was doubtful and sent a photo of it to a skin expert in the UK who spotted that it was a treatable skin disease.

Is asking for a diagnosis digitally a safe thing to do? Today on This Morning we will see whether it's possible to get advice from a doctor from only a photograph.

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Kira smiles for Rylan as she shares remarkable story

Kira Yates, nine, is about as remarkable a child as you could imagine. She was born with an extremely rare chromosomal disorder called Apert Syndrome which resulted in her being born with completely unexpected malformations to her skull, face, hands and feet.

The condition has been dubbed broken doll syndrome, as for years Kira has had endless painful operations to rebuild parts of her body so that it's able to facilitate her growth like that of a healthy child.

Today she joins us now alongside her mother Michelle and Joan Grogan, the Cranio Facial Nurse from Alderhey Children's Hospital in Liverpool who's supported Kira and her family through the initial trauma and life with such a rare and debilitating condition.

Apert Syndrome helplines

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Are you in shock after losing a parent?

Are you coming to terms with the shock of losing a parent? We're not just talking about suicide, it could be any circumstances. Are you feeling overwelming guilt or anger - perhaps you feel you didn't get the chance to say goodbye.

Call us on 08000 30 40 44. ​ ​Calls are free from BT landlines, although calls from some mobiles and other networks may be charged. You can also email us - you must be 18 or over and we need to hear from you by 11. ​15​​am.​

Find advice on our depression helplines page

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Are you suffering from depression?

With the world still coming to terms with the sad loss of actor and comedian Robin Willliams, who had fought a well documented battle with depression, we're taking your calls on the subject.

We're joined by mental health campaigner Jonny Benjamin, who himself has battled depression, and Dr Dawn Harper.

For more advice and support see our depression helplines

Bobby Norris' mum's leukaemia battle

It's the little things you miss when someone isn't there

– Bobby Norris

Just a month ago Kym Norris was walking to and from work, doing 10-hour days and dog-sitting for her son, TOWIE star Bobby, unaware that anything was wrong.

However in the last few weeks the family's world has been completely turned upside down after Kym was diagnosed with leukaemia.

Now desperately ill in hospital she's been told that she urgently needs a bone marrow transplant if she has any hope of surviving.

Bobby is absolutely devastated. He is throwing himself into campaigning for a transplant. He's here today along with leukaemia expert Ann O'Leary from the charity Anthony Nolan and Dr Chris, who will explain what Kym is going through.

For more advice see our leukaemia helplines

Find out more about the Bone Marrow Registry

Bobby is calling on everyone aged 16 to 30 to join the Anthony Nolan bone marrow register at

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Sisters with a strange appetite

You can't just smell it... you have to taste it

– Pica sufferer Anita craves not just the scent, but also the taste of second-hand books

Adele and Anita are 50-year-old twins with very bizarre appetites. When she was a child, Adele started to eat candles and has never stopped, while Anita got a very strange craving whilst pregnant... for books!

The sisters join This Morning to talk about suffering from Pica Syndrome, the condition which causes the strange cravings.

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