Is your digestive health linked to depression?

Doctor Dawn Harper is here to help us digest the latest headlines, including new reports that your digestive health could be linked to depression and be the reason you're struggling to shift that baby weight.

Plus she discusses gut profiling, the cutting edge technology which could soon be coming over from America.

And with 57 million consultations per year taken up by 'minor health problems' - often related to digestion - she'll be going through the most common digestion problems, how you can help yourself, and when you should visit your doctor.

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Dr Chris' mole clinic

It's only natural to worry about how much the sun has damaged our skin or whether a suspect mole needs checking and with good reason. Skin Cancer is now the fifth most common cancer in the UK with more than 100,000 new cases diagnosed each year. Today, Dr Chris Steele, who has previously suffered from Skin Cancer is opening up his special mole clinic.

Dr Chris's mole clinic is back

Our This Morning mole clinic is back! Are you worried about a mole on your body and want to get it checked out by an expert? If you're about in London this Thursday (July 30) from 9.30am, then come on down to our drop-in mole clinic from 10.30am on the Southbank (behind the main ITV building) to see our very own Doctor Chris and our mole expert who will be on hand to give you their expert advice on all your mole queries.

Terms and Conditions

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Eye clinic with Dan Reinstein

The eye is the window to your health. Almost every condition can be diagnosed from an eye exam.

– Professor Dan Reinstein who points out an eye exam is different to an eye test

With reports of new advances in cataract treatment and success in laser eye surgery increasing, we're opening our eye clinic.

Joining us to reveal the latest in eye health is top eye surgeon, Professor Dan Reinstein, alongside Lee Nelson, who had laser eye surgery on Wednesday.

Eye health helplines

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Holiday health: The critters that bite back

It's been estimated that up to 40,000 midges can land on your arm in an hour!

– Dr James Logan

Whether you’re heading to the tropics or planning a staycation - summer is feasting time for nasty critters.

But we’re taking the sting out of their tails with our guide to beating the bugs - everything from midges to mosquitoes.

Tropical disease and insect expert Dr James Logan joins us.

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