What's stopping you from being healthy?

Even if your body doesn’t change or even if you’re not losing weight, if you’re doing a hundred and fifty minutes of moderate exercise per week, you’re still getting those health benefits that are really important

– Dr Zoe Williams

It's our first #WellnessWednesday, and we're on a mission to get people up, eating better, and feeling healthier!

This week Dr Zoe Williams, GP, former Gladiator and health advisor, kicks us off with ways we can get active at home, getting past the excuses and making small changes to make us feel a whole lot better.

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Raising awareness of nut allergies for Amy May

On 12 April 2014, a valued member of the This Morning team Amy May Shead set off for a trip to Budapest. Severely allergic to nuts all her life, Amy carried her EpiPen with her and felt confident she could deal with an allergic reaction should it occur.

However, on the third day of the trip, Amy ate a chicken dish in a restaurant which caused a severe anaphylactic reaction. Amy went into cardiac arrest, it took six minutes for the paramedics to revive her. Amy was placed on life support in the Budapest hospital before being flown home.

Her parents Sue and Roger joined us on the sofa on 12 September 2014.

Can cow's milk really rot teeth?

How do you take your tea, milk no sugar? That seems like the healthy option, right? According to Tessa Kar, hidden sugars in milk caused her five-year-old son Dylan's teeth to decay, leading him to have four teeth extracted.

To help clear up some common myths around oral health, we're joined by the man dubbed the Singing Dentist, Dr Milad Shadrooh, along with Tessa and her son Dylan.

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Miracle mum whose menopause was reversed after horrific car accident

It's the ultimate silver lining

– Miracle mum Kate Mansbridge

A car crash victim has been dubbed a 'medical miracle' after traumatic injuries caused her body to 'reboot' reversing her early menopause and allowing her to have the baby she always dreamed of.

Kate Mansbridge was involved in a head on collision while on a cycling holiday in France 10 years ago. After years of surgery, rehab and therapy not only has she got her health back but she also has a 6 year old daughter Ruby.

She joins us on the sofa to tell us about her miraculous recovery.

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Taking the stigma out of stomas

April is Bowel Health Awareness month and we're joined by some inspiring people who are trying to raise the profile of bowel disease.

When Judi Spiers' husband Rik had part of his bowel removed, leaving him with a stoma, the pair set about inventing a product to make living life a little easier. Their efforts resulted in the RikSack, a handy bucket that helps stoma patients to discreetly change their bag.

Judy joins us on alongside blogger Sam Cleasby who hopes to break the 'taboo of poo' by posting pictures of her stoma on her blog So Bad Ass, and leading colorectal surgeon, Dr Ian Daniels who will give his advice on spotting the signs of bowel disease.

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Talking about suicide

It's a subject which is uncomfortable to talk about. It's a word we shy away from using because of the taboo surrounding the issue. But it's something we have to keep talking about.

Suicide claims the lives of over 5,000 lives in the UK every year. It can affect anyone at anytime. And that's why it needs to be talked about. Because no one should ever feel helpless or alone - left by themselves to fend off a barrage of negative thoughts.

That's why we're doing our best to keep the conversation about suicide going. Because the more we talk about it the less chance it has to isolate those who need help.

See our helplines for information and support about suicide

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The A Word: Coping with autism

New BBC drama The A Word follows a family struggling to cope with an autistic child. This is a story all too close to the lives of Tom and Beth Purser, whose son Charlie, now 14, was diagnosed with autism at just two years old, and Tom read The A Word scripts to ensure the story felt authentic.

With autism now affecting one in 100 people in the UK, Dr Chris is here to tell us the signs to look out for, how you can assist a child with autism and the link between eating, sleeping and autism.

TV: The A Word starts tonight on BBC1 at 9pm

Autism helplines

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I was convinced my naughty child had ADHD

A recent study has suggested that the condition Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is being 'vastly overdiagnosed', with children being given unnecessary medication when they may actually just need tougher discipline and clearer boundaries.

So are medics and even parents rushing to label children with a diagnosis too quickly? One mother who thinks we might be is Emma Cross, who's here alongside Dr Ranj.

ADHD helplines

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