Dr Chris saved my life

Just a few weeks ago, Valerie Thorpe was declared free of breast cancer - but says it could have been so different if it hadn’t been for Dr Chris.

In May 2015 she saw him talking about the disease on This Morning and, a few weeks later, discovered a small lump while in the shower.

Because of what she had heard on the programme, Valerie immediately booked in to see her GP, and within two weeks, she’d been diagnosed. Thanks to catching it early she made a full recovery, and now wants to pay tribute to our resident doctor.

How to check your breasts

Following the news that Rio Ferdinand's wife Rebecca passed away following a short illness with breast cancer, Dr Chris is here with some advice including a reminder of how we all - women and men - should be self checking our breasts.

Breast cancer and mastectomy helplines

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How to tackle tinnitus

Are you one of the six million suffering with tinnitus? It will affect 30% of us at some point in our lives with 10% of those living with the condition permanently.

Causing an intermittent or constant ringing tone, tinnitus sufferers may experience volumes ranging from subtle to very loud - making life sometimes unbearable with sleep and concentration difficult and often leading to depression.

So is a cure available? How do you cope and what products can help? Dr Chris is on hand with all the latest information.

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He's held 11,000 hearts in his hands ❤️

World renowned heart surgeon Professor Steve Westaby opens up about the real heartaches of his challenging job in memoir Fragile Lives, which documents his progression from a young and ambitious doctor to leading surgical pioneer and teacher.

Watch as Professor Westaby is reunited with 18-year-old Kirsty Collier, whom he saved when she was just six months old, as he explains why her case has led to a breakthrough in cardiology.

How to beat your back pain

The latest research shows anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen can do more harm than good when it comes to treating the back pain that 80% of us suffer from.

We've enlisted the help of Britain's top back specialist Garry Trainer to share some tips on the gadgets you can use to help strengthen your back and the simple exercises that can help relieve chronic pain without the use of drugs.

Bowel cancer: Don't die of embarrassment

  • Nearly 50% of bowel cancer tests sent out by the NHS are not returned for analysis
  • Lowering screening from 60 to 50 could increase patients’ survival odds from 7% to 97%
  • Dr Chris' message: 'If you get sent a kit, do it!'

As the charity Beating Bowel Cancer petitions parliament to lower the age for routine bowel cancer testing from 60 to 50 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland (which would bring them in line with Scotland), Dr Chris is joined alongside Lauren Backler, a 26-year-old campaigner who lost her mother to bowel cancer in her 50s.

Screening at 50 could increase patients’ survival odds from 7% to 97%, and as 40,000 people in their 50s will be diagnosed with bowel cancer over the next 10 years, it's essential we all know the signs to look out for.

Group B Strep: Why don't we test for it?

If you’re pregnant or know someone who is then pay close attention. As the number of babies born with the potentially fatal group B Strep rises, Dr Chris wants to raise the profile of the killer that claims the life of a newborn baby each week, especially as Britain remains one of the few developed countries not to routinely test mothers.

Yesterday, bereaved parents Fiona Paddon and Scott Bramley delivered a Change.org petition of over 250,000 signatures to the Department of Health asking for the testing of the treatable condition to be routinely and freely available for all pregnant women in the UK. Fiona joins us today alongside Dr Chris, to tell us about losing her baby boy at just nine days old.

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