Are you feeling Superhuman today?

It's half-term but you can keep your kids learning as Professor Robert Winston gives us a fascinating lesson on the human body!

Sir Robert's brand new encyclopaedia, Superhuman, looks at the amazing things the body can do, and today he's here to teach us some of the most extraordinary facts about the brain, heart, skeleton and stomach - and to set Eamonn and Ruth a biology test.

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Paralysis breakthrough - what next?

For Polish fireman Darek Fidyka, who became paralysed after his spinal cord was severed, the secret to walking again was under his nose the whole time.

After receiving pioneering surgery that took naturally regenerating cells from his nose and implanted them into his spine, Darek eventually regained sensation in his legs. Ten months after the surgery Darek was able to walk again with the aid of braces and a walking frame.

We are joined by David Nicholls, who raised close to £1 million to fund the research into the surgery after his son, Daniel, was paralysed, and Professor Geoffrey Raisman, who conducted the groundbreaking research.

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Brain and spine injury helplines

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Do you have body confidence issues?

Are you feeling the pressure of trying to achieve an unrealistic body image? Does how you look make you feel miserable? Maybe you're worried your children feel anxious and insecure about their shape and appearance and you don't know what to do.

Body image specialists Holli Rubin and Natasha Devon are here to take our viewers' questions, queries and worries,