The hidden signs of breast cancer

We’ve seen him carry out a breast examination numerous times on the show. But what about the hidden signs of breast cancer?

From dimples to discharge, Dr Chris shows us the symptoms of breast cancer that you might not notice, and has today’s top health headlines.

Live testicular exam with Love Island's Chris Hughes

He was the star of last year’s Love Island, but behind the body confidence, Chris Hughes had previously suffered a serious health scare, when he found a problem with one of his testicles. On top of that his own cousin was diagnosed with testicular cancer.

With the recent news that 68% of men don’t know how to check themselves, Chris is in the studio with our own Dr Chris to talk about his experience, working with charity Movember, and have a live testicular check-up on air.

Are you being poisoned in your own home?

As winter creeps in and temperatures continue to drop, you might rely on your boiler for some much needed warmth.

But as we switch our central heating back on, could you be putting yourself at risk from this season's 'silent killer' - carbon monoxide poisoning? Dr Chris is here to tell us more.

The gadgets to help beat Seasonal Affective Disorder

With temperatures dropping, and the days getting shorter, we’re all in need of some summer sunshine. But could this miserable weather be making you depressed?

With one in 15 of us said to suffer from 'Seasonal Affective Disorder', Dr Chris is here to investigate. Plus, he’ll be showing us the latest gadgets that could help.