Diagnosed with testicular cancer - aged nine

Nine-year-old Jack Bristow was diagnosed with testicular cancer after suffering a football injury - he is believed to be one of the youngest sufferers in the UK.

After having had his right testicle removed and two rounds of chemotherapy, he joins us alongside his parents Joanne and Dan, and Dr Ranj to raise awareness of the devastating, but potentially curable disease, in light of new statistics that show that 42% of parents do not regularly talk to their children about health issues or concerns.

Jack's parents Joanne and Dan are raising money for Southampton Hospital Charity, the hospital where Jack was treated.

Testicular cancer helplines

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Dr Chris discusses tummy troubles

Today Dr Chris is talking tummy troubles. From bloating to IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) to stomach cancer, so many troubles can affect our gut, we decided to give our viewers the choice over which digestive woes you'd like us to discuss.

Thousands voted (thank you!) and the clear winners were Crohn's and Colitis, followed by Irritable Bowel Syndrome and acid reflux, and Dr Chris is here going to give us a lesson about these conditions, with the help of a 24-foot intestine and a body-painted model.


Who is at risk?

  • The condition can develop at any age, but is most often diagnosed between 15 and 25
  • It's more common in white people of European descent (especially those descended from Ashkenazi Jewish communities) and black people
  • The condition is rarer in people of Asian background (although the reasons for this are unclear)
  • Both men and women seem to be equally affected by ulcerative colitis


  • recurring diarrhoea which may contain blood, mucus or pusabdominal (tummy) pain
  • needing to empty your bowels frequently

How to Save a Life - scalding and poisoning

Be honest, if your child had just drunk a bottle of bleach would you know what to do? If the answer was no, then you're in the same position as majority of parents. Recent figures from St John's Ambulance has revealed that many parents in the UK are unaware of what to do if their child experiences a healthcare emergency. Today, Dr Ranj is here to educate parents and give some incredibly important and potentially lifesaving advice.

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Is no drinking safe during pregnancy?

I think the message has got to be very clear - no alcohol is what people understand

– Dr Mary Mather

In the UK advice to pregnant mums about drinking is often conflicting and confusing. Many mothers say they received no advice about how much alcohol to consume during pregnancy while others are told it was fine to drink one to two units a week.

In a new documentary called Exposure: When Pregnant Women Drink, experts warn that foetuses stop breathing and moving for up to two hours after the mother consumes just one unit of alcohol. They say that consuming even small amounts during pregnancy can be dangerous with booze being more harmful to the baby than heroin, cocaine, cannabis and cigarettes.

Today we are joined by Jade, who suffers from Foetal Alcohol Syndrome and her adoptive mum Alison. We also welcome Dr Mary Mather who warns expectant mums that alcohol is a poison and that the safest option is to steer clear completely.

Pregnancy and childbirth helplines

Safe drinking helplines

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Your questions about painkiller addiction, answered

Are you worried you could have an addiction to painkillers? Have you become reliant on pain relief medication? Maybe you are concerned for a loved one who seems to depend on painkillers more than they should?

Statistics released today found a staggering one in four people believe they know someone who could be addicted to painkillers. Dr Dawn Harper and Cathryn Kemp are here to take viewers' calls.

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I was addicted to prescription painkillers

I would go in, I would bully him, I would wheedle with him... I'd do anything to get those painkillers

– Cathryn Kemp talks about visiting the doctors

New statistics released today show that almost 200,000 people in the UK are addicted to painkillers. It coincides with the release of Jennifer Aniston's latest film Cake, whose character is addicted to painkillers.

Today we meet Cathryn Kemp, who was given just three months to live after she became addicted to a prescription painkiller, which if taken incorrectly, can be up to a 100 times more potent than heroin. Cathryn joins us along with Dr Dawn Harper.

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How to spot the signs of lung diseases

Today Dr Chris is here to give us a life-saving lesson about the lungs. Following the news that more than a million asthma sufferers may have been misdiagnosed, Dr Chris gives us a step-by-step guide to the condition which affects more than five million people in the UK.

He'll also teach us how to prevent and spot the signs of other deadly lung diseases like emphysema and lung cancer, all with the help of one enormous inflatable!

Please see our lung cancer helplines

With thanks to roycastle.org who provided the inflatable lungs

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