Get Fit in 5 with Very

Gym memberships can cost the earth, and take up too much of your already busy day.

But did you know you can use your furniture and fittings to create your own workout at home? It’s simple, easy and it’s free!

We’re talking bench presses against the kitchen island and coffee table glutes. Who’d have thought that furniture can equal fitness. What’s more you can Get Fit in 5! Check out our super speedy home workout video.

Dr Ranj's five minute holiday first aid essentials

As the nation gets ready to go away for the summer, we couldn’t let having Ranj presenting the show go to waste.

So he’s promised to give us a five minute first aid class you won’t want to miss.

From what to do if you get sun burnt, to how to deal with an insect bite, it’s Ranj’s Holiday First Aid essentials.

Could acupuncture take the sting out of life?

From tackling period pains to numbing migraines to increasing fertility to boosting mental health, acupuncture has long been credited with helping aid various ailments. But how can a series of tiny needles take the sting out of life?

Gerad Kite believes his five element technique, which he’s used on celebrity clients like Fearne Cotton, Chris Evans and Greg James could be the answer and he joins us in studio to explain more.

What does your body odour say about your health?

Dr Chris is once again disguising himself as Dr Detective, by explaining what your body odour says about you. It’s known by many that ‘smelly’ odours occur when we are overweight or when we are stressed, but Dr Chris explains how certain smells could actually indicate certain diseases.

Get your gut health right

Why do most diets fail? Why does one person eat a certain meal and gain weight, while another eating the same meal loses pounds? Why, despite all the advice about what to eat, are we all still struggling to lose weight? The answer, Tim Spector says, doesn’t lie in the simple mantra of ‘eat less, exercise more’, but in the microbes already inside us.

Drawing on the latest science, and his own pioneering research, Professor Tim Spector demystifies the ways we can overcome the confusion of modern nutrition and finally achieve a healthy gut - and therefore, a healthy body.

Cancer miracle: Cured after experimental treatment

Earlier this week, we revealed that thousands of breast cancer patients were to be spared the agony of chemotherapy thanks to a groundbreaking new study. And today we meet we one woman who is now cancer free after undergoing experimental treatment.

In 2003, Judy Perkins was diagnosed with stage zero breast cancer. After a mastectomy to remove her left breast, chemotherapy and hormone therapy, Judy believed she was through the worst. However, ten years later, in 2013, she was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer. Feeling she had nothing to lose, she turned to experimental treatment at the National Institute of Health in 2015. The trial involved injecting her with 90 billion white blood cells and now, she is cancer free.

Judy joins us live from Nova Scotia to tell us more about her amazing story, whilst Dr Zoe is on the sofa as she explains the advances in breast cancer care.

Dr Zoe says: If people are affected by cancer and would like to see if they could potentially be in a clinical trial, check out, CRUK, Macmillan and specific cancer sites such as Beast Cancer Now.