Got a foot question for Dr Chris?

Are you suffering from funky feet? Do your bunions have bunions? Did this little piggy run all the way home with athlete's foot?

This week Dr Chris is talking all things feet. If yours are looking a scaly, scabby or yellow get in touch for tips and expert advice.

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Chill out for World Calm Day

Today is the inaugural Calm Day, focusing on highlighting the stressful effects of today's busy connected world.

Anxiety affects one in six people in the UK and the condition has a knock-on effect with sleep and stress levels. An estimated 70% of visits to GPs are due to stress-related issues.

According to calm expert Michael Acton Smith, we can do little things to combat stress. Michael's here today to share tips for better sleep, less anxiety and more serenity.

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BOOK: Calm by Michael Acton Smith is out now

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Quick fix physio tips

Joint pain in your hips and knees can be severely debilitating and have a huge impact on your day-to-day life.

Following Dr Chris, Valentina Roffi, a musculoskeletal physiotherapist, talks us through four simple exercises to strengthen, condition and relieve joint pain, which can be performed in your own home now.

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Are you worried about a hereditary disease?

Following the news that Angelina Jolie chose to have her ovaries removed, we're asking if you're worried about a hereditary disease in your family. Perhaps, like Angelina, your relatives have had cancer, or maybe there is another illness in your family that concerns you.

Whatever the family medical history Dr Dawn is here to take our viewers' questions and concerns.

Breast cancer and mastectomy helplines and ovarian cancer helplines

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Removing my ovaries saved my life

It wasn't an easy decision by any means.

– Michelle Heaton

Faced with a 50% chance of dying from ovarian cancer, Angelina Jolie made the drastic decision to have her ovaries removed, as in her eyes, it was the only option for her to see her children grow up.

Today we speak to Michelle Heaton, who went through the same harrowing decision. She said: "We had decided that we were gonna do that as soon as we had our next child", she added "there's really tough days because I'm going through the menopause."