Look after your ears, and they'll look after you

Summer ear infections can be quite common, as Prime Minister David Cameron found out earlier this month when his holiday in Portugal was interrupted by a case of swimmer's ear.

Our ears are an important part of our communication system and it is important to care for them, just as we care for any other part of our body.

Consultant ENT surgeon Nick Eynon Lewis joins us to discuss some of the most common ear infections, how to clean our ears and his top tips for good ear health.

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My gastric band nearly killed me

[Doctors] said any later, and it could have killed you, because it was strangling my organs

– Emrah Mevsimler

Emrah Mevsimler became the youngest person in the UK to have a gastric band fitted in 2007 when he was just 13. Despite dramatic initial weight loss, Emrah was left with daily stomach cramps and his weight continued to yo-yo.

Regretting the surgery, Emrah had been saving up to pay to have the gastric band removed privately, but just two weeks ago, he was rushed to hospital as the band was strangling his internal organs and he was moments away from losing his life.

So after his experience, how would Emrah advise others in a similar situation? "Definitely try and manage it in another way first - I wouldn't want anyone going through what I went through. Speak to somebody first."

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Living with early-onset Alzheimer's

Since I was diagnosed, I've had to adapt to a totally new way of living. The sooner you can accept you need to adapt, then the easier it becomes to accept that you have dementia.

– Wendy Mitchell

Researchers at Bournemouth University have discovered that dementia is being diagnosed in people ten years earlier than it was 20 years ago. Wendy Mitchell was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's last year, which hugely affects every aspect of her life. She is now taking part in clinical trials and research to raise awareness of this cruel disease and writing a blog, Which me am I today?, which has now become her memory. Wendy joins us along with her daughter Sarah.

Dr Chris will also be on hand to discuss when being forgetful can become more serious and when to discuss this with your GP.

Wendy told Ruth and Eamonn, "The sooner you can accept you need to adapt, then the easier it becomes to accept that you have dementia."

She continued, "When you do get a diagnosis of dementia, it isn't just me who has got it, it's the whole family."

Should e-cigarettes be available on the NHS?

It's been revealed in today's papers that e-cigarettes could become available on the NHS to help smokers kick the habit. But is this money well spent?

Dr Hilary says no, e-cigarettes shouldn't be available on the NHS, but Dr Dawn says she would prescribe them if they were...

Amazing new microchip that monitors your heart

A new technological breakthrough has just been revealed which now allows heart patients to be fitted with an ingenious microchip which monitors heart health and alerts GPs should any problems arise.

Today Dr Chris joins us to talk about the crucial heart-attack symptoms we should be aware of and we speak to Mark Mason, a cardiologist who fitted this new technology in patient Reg Youngman, who also joins us to talk about why he's fully behind this cutting-edge technology.

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Essential first aid for children

Now, with the summer holidays in full swing ,so are the doors of Accident and Emergency with NHS figures for serious accidents among children soaring during the 6 week break.

But if your children have an accident at home would you be prepared and know how to perform basic first aid?

Joining us with his up to date guide on what should be in your first aid kit at home and the essential life saving techniques you should know is Dr Ranj Singh.

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Essential summer eye health

Research by Boots Opticians reveals that a third of us spend between five and 10 minutes looking for them, 35% of us would head back home if we'd forgotten them and on holiday 20% of us feel restricted without them. No, not our kids but our sunglasses!

Sunglasses are incredibly important but unfortunately Brits aren't putting them on as much as they should. A new survey has revealed that people are exposing their unprotected eyes to dangerous levels of UV light. So today Dr Chris is here to debunk some eye health myths and Hesham Goda talks through the best sunglasses on the market for maximum protection.

Is your digestive health linked to depression?

Doctor Dawn Harper is here to help us digest the latest headlines, including new reports that your digestive health could be linked to depression and be the reason you're struggling to shift that baby weight.

Plus she discusses gut profiling, the cutting edge technology which could soon be coming over from America.

And with 57 million consultations per year taken up by 'minor health problems' - often related to digestion - she'll be going through the most common digestion problems, how you can help yourself, and when you should visit your doctor.

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