Are you brushing your teeth the right way?

"Brush and floss or prepare for loss." It's a mantra that has seen many a bathroom bin transformed into a sticky snake pit of discarded threads. But an investigation by the Associated Press now suggests our dentists may have been stringing us along.

So if dental floss is now dross, what else can we do to keep our mouths healthy? Dr Milad Shadrooh is here to bust the most common myths and misconceptions when brushing your teeth.

Britain's oldest fitness instructor

Everybody should exercise. It's so good for the mind and for the body and it's social.

– Fitness fanatic Minnie Solomons

She's 99 and recovering from a hip operation, yet great-grandmother Minnie Solomons refuses to let this stop her continuing as Britain's oldest fitness instructor.

Spurred on by"regular brandies and eating a lot of salad", she still teaches two classes a week!

Find out what's happening near you for the nation's biggest ever sports day - I Am Team GB

'Worst case of chickenpox' sparks call for rethink on vaccination

It is rare that children are so severely affected by it, but parents should have the choice.

– Mum Sarah Allen is campaigning for children to have a chickenpox vaccination

It's every parents worst nightmare when their child becomes ill. But what if a routine spout of chicken pox became so much worse?

Sarah and Keith Allen's son Jasper was turned away from his GP's for having chickenpox, then just hours later he was rushed to hospital as the disease took hold. Now, three weeks later Jasper is happy and healthy whilst his mum Sarah is campaigning for every child to be able to receive the chickenpox vaccine.

Lots of you contacted us with concerns and queries about chickenpox so we put a few of your questions to Dr Chris after the show.

Group B strep - what is it, and how to test for it

If you’re pregnant or know someone who is then pay close attention. With the number of babies being born with the potentially fatal group B Strep rising, Dr Chris wants to raise the profile of the killer that claims the life of a newborn baby each week, especially as Britain remains one of the few developed countries not to routinely test mothers.

So what are the risks and what do you do if you test positive? Fear not, Dr Chris will be explaining everything.

Strep B helplines

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Dr Chris goes under the knife

Dr Chris Steele has been our resident GP for nearly 30 years, and during that time he’s shared with us very personal accounts of his own health issues, including battles with depression, skin cancer and coeliac disease. Now he’s allowing us to follow him as he undergoes surgery to have a cataract removed - in the hope he will help reassure some of the 300,000 other people facing similar surgery each year.

We follow Dr Chris through yesterday’s operation, and join him live at his home in Manchester to see how he’s recovering.

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What to pack in your summer holiday first aid kit

The summer holidays are coming, which means many of us are dusting off our swimsuits and making lists of holiday essentials passports, sunglasses, travel adaptor plugs. But too many people put themselves at risk of a highly unwelcome holiday souvenir and come back with an illness caught abroad.

Dr Zoe Williams shares her advice on how to avoid those holiday hazards along with some essential first aid tips.

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