Stretching before and after your run!

If you've been inspired by our women taking part in Run For Your Life and are eager to run 5K in five weeks (well four now) then it's important to limber up before you set off regardless of your level of fitness.

In our latest video, Julie Creffield demonstrates two forms of stretching both important before and after your run. The first is dynamic and the second is static.

Dynamic stretching is used to stretch the muscle through repetitive movement whereas static stretches encourage the muscle to be stretched to a comfortable position then held for roughly 30 seconds.

Send us your first run (or walk!) photos

If you're joining in with our five weeks to 5K running programme, we want to see your first run photos!

Whether it's a sweaty selfie, a pair of muddy trainers or a jubilant jump for joy, capture the moment you got moving and send it to us.

Take part

Please consult a medical professional before starting any new exercise activity.

Running planner (PDF)

Five weeks to 5K programme (PDF)

Picking the right running shoe for you

Have you taken the decision to join us in our five week plan designed to help you run 5K? Was the last time you exercised a sprint to catch the bus or climbing the stairs when a lift was out of service? And do you have five hundred pairs of shoes to cover every occasion but not a single pair of running shoes?

If you're in the market for a new pair of trainers, it's important you're aware of how the sole of your foot is structured to maximise performance and minimise injury.

Just follow the simple water test to give yourself an idea of how your foot arches before setting off to pick up your new sneakers!

#RunForYourLife: Want to start running, but not sure how?

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Get set for hayfever season

The UK is basking in April sunshine, but experts are predicting six months of hayfever hell for an estimated 18 million people with severe pollen levels forecast.

But what causes hayfever? Why do only certain people suffer? And how can it be prevented?

Dr Chris is here with all you need to know about the allergy, how to cope with the symptoms and a few interesting old wives' tales.

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