Taking the stigma out of stomas

April is Bowel Health Awareness month and we're joined by some inspiring people who are trying to raise the profile of bowel disease.

When Judi Spiers' husband Rik had part of his bowel removed, leaving him with a stoma, the pair set about inventing a product to make living life a little easier. Their efforts resulted in the RikSack, a handy bucket that helps stoma patients to discreetly change their bag.

Judy joins us on alongside blogger Sam Cleasby who hopes to break the 'taboo of poo' by posting pictures of her stoma on her blog So Bad Ass, and leading colorectal surgeon, Dr Ian Daniels who will give his advice on spotting the signs of bowel disease.

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Talking about suicide

It's a subject which is uncomfortable to talk about. It's a word we shy away from using because of the taboo surrounding the issue. But it's something we have to keep talking about.

Suicide claims the lives of over 5,000 lives in the UK every year. It can affect anyone at anytime. And that's why it needs to be talked about. Because no one should ever feel helpless or alone - left by themselves to fend off a barrage of negative thoughts.

That's why we're doing our best to keep the conversation about suicide going. Because the more we talk about it the less chance it has to isolate those who need help.

See our helplines for information and support about suicide

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The A Word: Coping with autism

New BBC drama The A Word follows a family struggling to cope with an autistic child. This is a story all too close to the lives of Tom and Beth Purser, whose son Charlie, now 14, was diagnosed with autism at just two years old, and Tom read The A Word scripts to ensure the story felt authentic.

With autism now affecting one in 100 people in the UK, Dr Chris is here to tell us the signs to look out for, how you can assist a child with autism and the link between eating, sleeping and autism.

TV: The A Word starts tonight on BBC1 at 9pm

Autism helplines

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I was convinced my naughty child had ADHD

A recent study has suggested that the condition Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is being 'vastly overdiagnosed', with children being given unnecessary medication when they may actually just need tougher discipline and clearer boundaries.

So are medics and even parents rushing to label children with a diagnosis too quickly? One mother who thinks we might be is Emma Cross, who's here alongside Dr Ranj.

ADHD helplines

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How to spot the early signs of cancer

According to the NHS more than one in three people will develop some form of cancer during their lifetime, and the survival rate for the most common cancers is more than three times higher if diagnosed early.

So Dr Chris joins us to talk through how to spot the early symptoms of some of the biggest causes of cancer deaths. He will also explain the recent scientific advances that could promise hope for even those in the advanced stages of cancer.

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Dr Chris saved my life - meningitis

It’s become the most signed online petition in parliamentary history - that is to give the meningitis B vaccine to all children after the devastating effects of the disease have, once again, hit the headlines.

Well, we've been raising awareness about this terrifying illness for many years here at This Morning. Ten years ago Dr Chris was here with a feature explaining the symptoms of meningitis.

Watching that show was parents Sarah and John McLuckie - and the advice they heard saved their son's life ...

Meningitis helplines

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How to perform basic life support on an adult

In our latest life saving video with Dr Ranj, we take a look at how to perform basic life support on an adult should the situation ever arise.

Adults are more likely than children to require basic life support, and it’s more likely to be because of a heart problem, the key as Dr Ranj explains is to get in there EARLY as this will improve the chances of success.

For more information please visit The Resuscitation Council (UK) - St John Ambulance

How perform basic life support on a child

How to stop someone from choking

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Eva Speakman talks about her own eating disorder

I would lie down and make sure I could see my hip bones

– Eva Speakman

This week is National Eating Disorders Awareness week: a condition which affects more than 725,000 people in the UK.

As a former sufferer, Eva Speakman says that in order for people to overcome the disorder, they must find the reason behind it. Why did they originally stop eating? She joins us alongside husband Nik to tell us about their approach to treating eating disorders, why you can't simply treat the 'not eating' symptom of an eating disorder.

We're also joined by Sophie Baldwin, live from Fiji, who is a Speakmans' success story.

Eating disorders helplines

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