Are you having a mid-life crisis?

Do you feel like you might heading towards a mid-life crisis? Or is someone you know displaying signs of a middle-aged meltdown? Denise Robertson will be in the studio on Thursday to take your calls about dealing with a mid-life crisis.

If you would like a chance to speak to Denise, send details of your problem, plus your name and a contact number to and you may be selected as a caller.

Emails must be in by midday on Wednesday 16 April and applicants must be 18 or over. Terms and conditions at

More single mums to have IVF

Time was running out very quickly. I remember the words: 'You haven't got a day to waste'

– Melanie Hemmings, a single mum who opted for IVF despite not having a partner

The number of single women opting to make their dreams of motherhood a reality using IVF has doubled, with 632 women choosing to go it alone in 2012 compared to just 259 in 2007.

Melanie Hemmings is one of those single women. After 10 years alone, she decided to stop waiting for Mr Right and bring up a baby by herself. Following three rounds of IVF, she had a daughter; who is now six months old.

Melanie's here to explain why she isn't worried about her child growing up without a dad.

Plus, fertility expert Professor Dr Geeta Nargund gives her opinion below, before we meet Melanie's new daughter.

'I believe my terminal cancer was caused by extensive use of sunbeds'

42-year-old Debi Gibson first started using sunbeds at the age of 14, opting not to use protective goggles to avoid 'unsightly' tan lines. She continued to use sunbeds for over 20 years until she started reading stories in the press linking sunbed use to cancer. Debi never used a sunbed again, but, unfortunately, in 2012 she was diagnosed with a rare form of eye cancer and had her left eye removed. She joins us today to tell her story.

Tragically, the cancer spread to her liver and Debi was given weeks to live. She believes that her cancer was caused by her extensive use of sunbeds without goggles and is now calling for all sunbeds to be banned. She recounts what happened when she first noticed something was wrong, and GP Dr Dawn Harper explains more about the diagnosis and the regulations surrounding the use of sunbeds.

Eye Cancer helplines

NHSChoices – Eye Cancer

Comprehensive help and information from NHSChoices with links to external websites.

CancerResearch UK

Call ournurses on freephone 0808 800 4040


All about eyecancer, including early symptoms and causes, tests to diagnose eye cancer,treatment including surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and currentresearch. Living with eye cancer covers coping with your diagnosis, sightchanges, your appearance and your sex life.

McMillanCancer Support

Helpline: 0808 808 0000 to speak to a specialist nurse.

Melanoma of the eye

This information is about a rare type ofcancer called ocular melanoma (melanoma of the eye). You may also find ithelpful to read our general information about malignant melanoma. Macmillan CancerSupport improves the lives of people affected by cancer. One in three of uswill get cancer. We are all affected by cancer. We can all help. We areMacmillan. As treatments improve, moreand more people are living with cancer in their daily lives. This means theyneed more than medical help, they also need practical, emotional and financialsupport.

Eye Cancer Forum, is primarily aimed at UK andEuropean Ocular Melanoma patients who want to share their experiences andknowledge.

Childhood Eye Cancer Trust

Tel: 020 7377 5578

The Childhood Eye Cancer Trust (CHECT)is the only UK charity dedicated to providing support to families affectedby retinoblastoma (Rb). Our support workers are here to help families get through diagnosis and treatment, and are available during clinics or later by phone and email.

'I smell of fish'

For the past 14 years, Ellie James, 44, has been blighted by an incredibly rare and embarrassing genetic disorder, known as trimethylaminuria, or fish-odour syndrome. She is one of only a handful of people with the condition that leaves her smelling of fish or rotten eggs.

I rubbed myself red raw

– Ellie James

Ellie joins us to bring to light what living with such a debilitating disorder is like, how it left her on the brink of suicide, and how eating the right diet, combined with medicine is now beginning to help her smell much more pleasant. Ellie will also be joined by Dr Chris who will give his medical expertise on her condition.

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