Group B strep - what is it, and how to test for it

If you’re pregnant or know someone who is then pay close attention. With the number of babies being born with the potentially fatal group B Strep rising, Dr Chris wants to raise the profile of the killer that claims the life of a newborn baby each week, especially as Britain remains one of the few developed countries not to routinely test mothers.

So what are the risks and what do you do if you test positive? Fear not, Dr Chris will be explaining everything.

Strep B helplines

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Dr Chris goes under the knife

Dr Chris Steele has been our resident GP for nearly 30 years, and during that time he’s shared with us very personal accounts of his own health issues, including battles with depression, skin cancer and coeliac disease. Now he’s allowing us to follow him as he undergoes surgery to have a cataract removed - in the hope he will help reassure some of the 300,000 other people facing similar surgery each year.

We follow Dr Chris through yesterday’s operation, and join him live at his home in Manchester to see how he’s recovering.

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What to pack in your summer holiday first aid kit

The summer holidays are coming, which means many of us are dusting off our swimsuits and making lists of holiday essentials passports, sunglasses, travel adaptor plugs. But too many people put themselves at risk of a highly unwelcome holiday souvenir and come back with an illness caught abroad.

Dr Zoe Williams shares her advice on how to avoid those holiday hazards along with some essential first aid tips.

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Anxiety: The mental health epidemic sweeping Britain

On Saturday, former One Direction singer Zayn Malik pulled out of his first solo performance at the Capital FM Summertime Ball citing that he was suffering from 'the worst anxiety of his career'. But Zayn is not alone - with one in five Brits now suffering from some form of anxiety.

Today we are joined by Natasha Benjamin, who has suffered with crippling anxiety her whole life. She's here alongside the Speakmans who'll offer their expert opinion on why anxiety is fast becoming an epidemic.

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Can negative thoughts cause cancer?

My belief from my personal experience is that pulsed electro-magnetism can help with tackling cancer.

– Noel Edmonds

Can negative thinking make you ill? Well that's what Noel Edmonds seemed to imply yesterday when he challenged a cancer sufferer on Twitter by saying his illness was caused by his negative attitude.

Well since writing that tweet, Noel, who has recovered from prostate cancer, has received quite a backlash on social media and even angered leading cancer charities.

Does he stand by what he said? Noel joins us today with his side of the story while Dr Ranj also has his say.

We all have cancer in us. It's outside forces that trigger it.

– Noel Edmond argues his beliefs

Are fitness gadgets a waste of money?

A recent article suggested that wearable fitness monitors don’t motivate us to exercise. The fitness industry is currently saturated with gadgets that promise to help us, but are we wasting millions on them with no clue about how they work?

We've put some of the top fitness monitors to the test with some This Morning viewers to see if their new tech has made them motivated to get fit.

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How to combat hayfever

Get the sunscreen ready because summer has arrived! But while many Brits can’t wait to bask in the sun, nearly 18 million hay fever victims will sneeze, wheeze and itch themselves through the summer months.

And while medicines such as antihistamines help reduce symptoms, an outright cure remains elusive. But with new treatments on the horizon, are we getting closer?

We sent Dr Chris to investigate treatment - including the effects of 'allergen immunotherapy'.