Extreme PND made me want to smother my baby

Postnatal depression affects as many as one in seven mums in the UK, however thousands of women try to ignore their symptoms for fear of being considered a bad mother.

Suzi Wood was one of these women, but as her depression worsened, she became so desperate that she made a plan to murder her three-week-old baby daughter Annabelle with a pillow.

Now, fully recovered from the postnatal depression and enjoying a healthy and loving relationship with her eight-month-old daughter, Suzi is speaking out about this crippling condition and why women shouldn't be ashamed to ask for help.

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Seven steps to a better diet

By adding just seven items (well eight including the lime!) to your shopping list your diet could be in a much better shape according to nutritionist Amanda Hamilton.

In our latest video Amanda runs through the seven foodstuff which could make a big difference to your well-being and, although there might be a few vegetables in there, there might be one or two fun surprise additions which can lead to a balanced diet.

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Find out if your fridge measures up in the healthy stakes

I'm creating my own vagina

You wouldn't think there was anything different about Kelly Smith. However she lacks what most women take for granted - a vagina.

Born without a womb, cervix and internal workings of a vagina, aged 17 Kelly was told she would never be able to have sex or children. Still coming to terms with the news she is now in the process of creating her own vagina, and she's here with Dr Dawn Harper to tell us more.

Find out more about MRKH (Mayer Rokitansky Kuster Hauser Syndrome)

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Do you suffer from a skin condition?

After Tuesday's show, when Dr Chris spoke about headaches, a huge amount of viewers got in touch to tell us of another health concern - skin conditions.

We arranged for one viewer to meet the experts for a special consultation and treatment.

Katey Jo and skin facialist Donna Glazer join us in the studio alongside our resident GP Dr Chris Steele, who can explain more about other skin conditions and how best to treat them.

Skin conditions helplines

Got a headache? Find out causes and treatments

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Dental leaders shocked by tooth decay figures

Tooth decay has become by far the biggest reason why primary school children are admitted to hospital, new research has found. Last year, almost 26,000 children in England aged between five and nine had multiple tooth extractions - the equivalent of nearly 500 a week.

Dental leaders describe the figures as shocking and say they are proof of the damage being done to children's teeth by the over consumption of sugary drinks and fruit juice.

Dentist Dr James Russell joins us to discuss the headlines, give some advice to parents whose kids are reluctant to brush, and point out some of the nasty foods that are key in causing the decay.

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