Postpartum psychosis left me suicidal

After giving birth to her newborn son Leo in September, Holly York was on top of the world. Feeling like a supermum, Holly believed she was almost invincible - but her behaviour became increasingly manic and she soon spiralled into having suicidal thoughts and violent hallucinations.

Holly was eventually diagnosed with postpartum psychosis - a condition that affects one in 1000 new mums. She joins us now to tell us more about this mental health condition alongside Dr Zoe.

Postnatal depression and puerperal psychosis helplines

Beat the winter blues with Dr Zoe

The clocks go back this weekend, bringing in shorter days and darker nights - but this will also mean misery for millions of us. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of winter depression that makes many of us feel lethargic, low and irritable as we crave the return of sun-filled days.

But this year, we're not going to give into the winter blues! Dr Zoe is here with all the tips you need to combat SAD and return to the light.

Meet the children saved from choking thanks to Dr Ranj's first aid video

It goes to show that anybody can do simple first aid and save a life. Any age, any background. You don't need special training to do it

– Dr Ranj on the importance of first aid training

Dr Ranj's first aid training video has helped to save the lives of three children who joined us on the sofa today.

Dr Ranj tells us that "choking still causes 25 deaths in children every year", and stresses the importance of basic first aid training for both parents and children.

How to administer first aid to an unresponsive person

If you came across a person who was unresponsive , would you know what to do?

Dr Ranj explains the basic first aid anyone can administer if they discover an unresponsive adult or child.

Remember, if you're ever faced with the possiblity of having to perform CPR, it's better to do something than nothing at all.

For more information please visit The Resuscitation Council (UK) | St John Ambulance

How to stop someone from choking

How to administer basic life support for children

How to perform basic life support on an adult

In our latest life saving video with Dr Ranj, we take a look at how to perform basic life support on an adult should the situation ever arise.

Adults are more likely than children to require basic life support, and it’s more likely to be because of a heart problem, the key as Dr Ranj explains is to get in there EARLY as this will improve the chances of success.

For more information please visit The Resuscitation Council (UK) - St John Ambulance

How perform basic life support on a child

How to stop someone from choking

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