Can you really cure snoring in two weeks?

Snoring is often the butt of many a joke, but for many snoring is anything but funny. It can ruin relationships, destroy careers and in its most extreme form, can even kill.

Today we meet surgeon Mike Dilkes, dubbed ‘the patron saint of snorers’, who controversially says that it is a voluntary habit much like drinking or smoking that you can choose to stop. He has a simple workout which will help most to stop or to at least reduce decibel levels.

Also joining us are Cody Rogers and Anthony Olive live from their home in Bridlington, Yorkshire, whose relationship is under severe strain thanks to Anthony's nightly noise making.

Could menopause drug ease misery of hot flushes?

Each year, around 1.5million women experience menopausal symptoms, including 400,000 who suffer them to a troublesome extent. But many avoid hormone replacement therapy because it has been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer and blood clots.

Now, a study has found that a new drug was able to reduce the number of women suffering seven or more hot flushes a day by as much as 73%.

The new drug compound, called MLE4901, tested on women who suffered severe flushes, works by targeting receptors in the brain, blocking a chemical called neurokinin B (NKB).

Dr Chris says the drug could be available in five years' time.

Cannabis saved my son's life

At the age of ten, Deryn Blackwell was diagnosed with leukaemia. Two years later he developed another rare form of cancer called Langerhans cell sarcoma, making him one in seven billion. After four unsuccessful bone marrow transplants, he was moved to a children’s hospice where he began to plan his funeral.

A poorly Deryn in hospital

But despite being given just days to live, somehow Deryn battled his way back from the brink as his body began to produce white blood cells - it was nothing short of a miracle.

Deryn’s desperate mother Callie is finally ready to reveal an untold secret – she credits Deryn’s amazing fight back to full health to medicinal cannabis and hopes to stimulate debate and medical research into the treatment. Callie and Deryn, now 17, join us on the sofa.

Childhood cancers helplines

Ditch the nits with Dr Ranj 🐜

Getting head lice is a rite of passage for many schoolchildren, but once the nits have made themselves at home in your child's hair, how on earth do you get rid of them? And how do you prevent yourself from getting them too?

Following the worrying news that most head lice are now resistant to chemical treatments, Dr Ranj is on hand with expert advice. He shares his nit-busting tips, and has even brought one of the itchy critters in with him!