Give your pelvic floor muscles a workout

One in three women experience pelvic floor problems but could a new gadget which promises to give your vagina the ultimate pelvic floor workout via an app on your phone - give your vagina muscles of steel?

Dr Monah is here with her diagnosis, along with women's physiotherapist Katie Mann and consumer expert Alice Beer who has road-tested the new gadget. Plus Nilufer Atik as she has kindly agreed to demo the device live on the show.

We featured the Elvie from, £149 - other items on the market include the NHS Physiotherapy App, kegel8 Cones, Pelvic Toner, Aquaflex and Privategym (for men)

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Frank Bruno on his battle with mental illness

He is a sporting legend and former heavyweight boxing champion of the world. But it was outside the ring that Frank Bruno has faced his biggest battle.

Frank's mental health has been well documented in the headlines, most recently when he was admitted to hospital after suffering a devastating relapse from his bipolar disorder.

Now, on the road to recover and back to training, he joins us today to talk about his hopes for the future and how he is still fighting his toughest opponent: mental illness.

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'I ate my own placenta'

With news that Coleen Rooney plans to eat her own placenta in pill form following the birth of son, we speak to one woman who went one step further ...

Lynnea Shrie ate her placenta following the birth of her second child and now prepares it for other mums. She says the benefits include an increased milk supply, reduced post-natal bleeding, improved energy levels, feeling healthy and well, fantastic skin, hair, nails!

Take the fear out of a smear

My advice for people who are very afraid is make sure you take time for your appointment, don't be rushing around to get there, listen to music or count down from 100. The key is to take your mind off it.

– Dr Monah

In the UK, eight women are diagnosed with cervical cancer every day and three women will lose their lives to it.

Last year, 1.4 million women did not attend their cervical cancer screening, so today Dr Monah tells us why it’s so important and answers any concerns to take the fear out of a smear.

We’ll also meet Samme, whose first smear at 25 put her off going back, but aged 35 was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She tells us why having the test can be lifesaving.