Get fit for Feb with the latest crazes

We're looking at the funnest ways to keep fit right through February and beyond! From shaking your booty like Beyoncé to grown-up skipping, there's plenty of great alternatives to the gym that are still guaranteed to make you sweat.

To prove it we're speaking to instructors of some of the newest fitness classes to sweep the country, Seen on Screen, Punk Rope, Konga and Hula-Hooping, while a group of mums test them out!

And, if you can't afford to fork out for fitness, don't worry, as we'll also reveal the top five YouTube workouts that can be done at home, free of charge!

Dr Ranj debunks diets

Be realistic. Don't do massive changes. If you fall off the wagon, don't beat yourself up about it. Just get straight back on it

– Dr Ranj

Tomorrow, just three weeks after New Year's resolutions were made, is apparently the day on which many diets will fail - with most people citing 'Life's too short' as their reason for giving up.

However if you're determined to stick to your dieting decisions, change your lifestyle for the better and lose weight once and for all, Dr Ranj is here to debunk fad diets and advise on how to finally lose weight successfully.

Juicing or blending? Let's ask Dr Ranj...

Is the Atkins diet or the Dukan diet the eating plan for you?

Or do you fancy trying the 5: 2 or the Paleo diet?

Juicing and extracting machines featured

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Nutribullet £99.99

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Busting the myths of headaches with Dr Chris

Dr Chris is here to continue his head-to-toe health and this week we're starting from the very top with the head. More than 10 million people in the UK get headaches but have you ever worried that a headache could be a sign of something more serious?

Have you ever questioned how to get rid of a headache or been left confused as to what's caused it? Well Dr Chris is here to bust all the myths and answer all the common queries.

Headaches, migraine and pain management helplines

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Miracle baby after the menopause

Most women don't go through the menopause until their forties and fifties. Allison Noyce, now 36, went through hers in her twenties. As a result, she was told she would never be able to have children naturally and she and her husband Richard gave up on the idea of having a baby.

But two years ago Allison went to the doctor with stomach pains and was astonished to learn that she was eight-months pregnant!

Just 12 days later she gave birth to a beautiful baby daughter: Sophie. Now Sophie is 17 months old and Allison and Richard couldn't be happier! The Noyce family join us today to tell us their incredible story.

Menopause and hysterectomy helplines

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Are you struggling with your weight?

Is your New Year's resolution to lose weight? Or are you sick of reading how to lose weight headlines in the glossy magazines? Maybe you're struggling with your weight? Has your weight stopped you getting work? Or are you struggling to get support to lose it? Perhaps you're worried about a relative who you think is too fat and don't know how to tell them.

Dr Dawn and Dr Linda Papadopoulos take our viewers' calls.

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