Anxiety: The mental health epidemic sweeping Britain

On Saturday, former One Direction singer Zayn Malik pulled out of his first solo performance at the Capital FM Summertime Ball citing that he was suffering from 'the worst anxiety of his career'. But Zayn is not alone - with one in five Brits now suffering from some form of anxiety.

Today we are joined by Natasha Benjamin, who has suffered with crippling anxiety her whole life. She's here alongside the Speakmans who'll offer their expert opinion on why anxiety is fast becoming an epidemic.

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Can negative thoughts cause cancer?

My belief from my personal experience is that pulsed electro-magnetism can help with tackling cancer.

– Noel Edmonds

Can negative thinking make you ill? Well that's what Noel Edmonds seemed to imply yesterday when he challenged a cancer sufferer on Twitter by saying his illness was caused by his negative attitude.

Well since writing that tweet, Noel, who has recovered from prostate cancer, has received quite a backlash on social media and even angered leading cancer charities.

Does he stand by what he said? Noel joins us today with his side of the story while Dr Ranj also has his say.

We all have cancer in us. It's outside forces that trigger it.

– Noel Edmond argues his beliefs

Are fitness gadgets a waste of money?

A recent article suggested that wearable fitness monitors don’t motivate us to exercise. The fitness industry is currently saturated with gadgets that promise to help us, but are we wasting millions on them with no clue about how they work?

We've put some of the top fitness monitors to the test with some This Morning viewers to see if their new tech has made them motivated to get fit.

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How to combat hayfever

Get the sunscreen ready because summer has arrived! But while many Brits can’t wait to bask in the sun, nearly 18 million hay fever victims will sneeze, wheeze and itch themselves through the summer months.

And while medicines such as antihistamines help reduce symptoms, an outright cure remains elusive. But with new treatments on the horizon, are we getting closer?

We sent Dr Chris to investigate treatment - including the effects of 'allergen immunotherapy'.

I cured my type two diabetes

My appetite is much smaller since doing the 5:2, and the weight has stayed off.

– Phillip Schofield

More than four million Britons live with Type 2 diabetes, while one in three adults has raised blood sugar levels that can lead to the disease. But how can you avoid it and even reverse it?

Dr Michael Mosley was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes four years ago and rather than start on medication he invented the 5:2 diet, resulting in him losing weight and reversing his diabetes diagnosis.

Dr Mosley will be telling us how you can do the same on a similar diet.

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Healthy options to choose

What's stopping you from being healthy?

Even if your body doesn’t change or even if you’re not losing weight, if you’re doing a hundred and fifty minutes of moderate exercise per week, you’re still getting those health benefits that are really important

– Dr Zoe Williams

It's our first #WellnessWednesday, and we're on a mission to get people up, eating better, and feeling healthier!

This week Dr Zoe Williams, GP, former Gladiator and health advisor, kicks us off with ways we can get active at home, getting past the excuses and making small changes to make us feel a whole lot better.

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Raising awareness of nut allergies for Amy May

On 12 April 2014, a valued member of the This Morning team Amy May Shead set off for a trip to Budapest. Severely allergic to nuts all her life, Amy carried her EpiPen with her and felt confident she could deal with an allergic reaction should it occur.

However, on the third day of the trip, Amy ate a chicken dish in a restaurant which caused a severe anaphylactic reaction. Amy went into cardiac arrest, it took six minutes for the paramedics to revive her. Amy was placed on life support in the Budapest hospital before being flown home.

Her parents Sue and Roger joined us on the sofa on 12 September 2014.