It's time to talk about incontinence

We joke about it, but it’s actually not that funny... For many women it can be very debilitating.

– Carol Smillie

A This Morning poll has found that one in three women have experienced some sort of incontinence. You're really not alone if you're one of them.

TV presenter turned entrepreneur Carol Smillie is one famous face who from time to time has had to deal with incontinence as part of her life. She's here to tell us about her own experience and is joined by Dr Chris to tell us about this hidden condition and what we can do to prevent it.

Dr Chris and Denise answer male contraception Qs

With so many of you commenting online about the male contraceptive pill, it has been made the subject of our phone-in. Do you think a male contraceptive pill is a good idea? Would you trust your man to take charge of birth control? And is it fair that most of the responsibility is currently on the woman? Could this ease the problems in your sex life or be the contraception you have been searching for? Would you consider using the male pill?

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Are you suffering from hay fever hell?

It's estimated that nearly 18 million people have hay fever in the UK and is most common in children, but can develop at any age. 95% of hay fever sufferers are allergic to grass pollen, but tree and weed pollen can cause problems too.

Hay fever can be a debilitating condition, affecting every day life and it is also believed that children with hay fever will drop a GCSE grade compared to children who do not have hay fever.

With hay fever on the rise, Dr Sophie Farooque, a leading allergy consultant at St Mary's Hospital, is here to explain why that may be, and what we can do to help ease these debilitating symptoms.

Cervical cancer alert

Figures just released say that one in four young women delay their cervical smears through fear.

When Samantha Beaven suffered bleeding and cramping during her pregnancy, doctors attributed it to pregnancy complications - tragically it was actually the symptoms of cervical cancer and Samantha died aged 29 - leaving behind her two young daughters and husband Alex.

Alex and best friend Wendy will tell us about Samantha's battle with cancer, and remind us why screening is so important.

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