Ten myths surrounding HIV

...the only way we can currently beat HIV and AIDS is through increased awareness, making sure people protect themselves, increased testing and identification, and early treatment

– Dr Ranj

This week (24 - 30 November) is National HIV Testing Week. The campaign aims to target those who are in high risk groups and ask them to consider taking a HIV test.

Although huge steps have been made to combat the disease and educate people on facts surrounding the illness - as well as a lot of stigma still surrounding it - there are still a number of myths associated with HIV.

In his latest video, Dr Ranj Singh joins us online, to dispel 10 myths associated with HIV.

For more information on HIV and AIDS please visit

Terrence Higgins Trust

NHS Choices

National Aids Trust

HIV Aware

HIV & AIDS Helplines

Flt Lt Alun Pepper says 'get it checked'

The Movember campaign specifically raises awareness for programs that combat prostate and testicular cancer.

Alun Pepper is an RAF Fast Jet (Tornado) weapons system officer. He's been in the forces for just over 18 years. Back in 2006, just a few weeks before he was due to go on a major military operation to Iraq, Alun discovered that something wasn't quite right with his testicles. He's here to tell us his story.

Testicular cancer helplines

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Premature babies phone-in

To mark World Prematurity Day, on this morning's show we hear a happy ending to what could have been a very different story. We meet the little girl who was born four months prematurely, at just 24 weeks. Weighing less than a bag of sugar, her chances of survival were next to nothing.

For today's phone-in, If you have worries about giving birth early, or you've sadly encountered difficulties with a premature baby we'll have midwife Jacqui Nash on hand to speak with you.

Premature babies helplines

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Disorder gives me 10-stone legs

I haven't been able to do thing ... I can't run around in the park with him, get on a bike...

– Claire Tickle misses out on activities with her son

For 16 years, Claire Tickle, 38, was told her ballooning legs, thighs and buttocks were down to her obesity. But despite trying countless diets and attempts to lose weight, Claire only dropped the pounds on her upper torso and her bottom half just continued to expand.

It wasn't until six years ago that she was finally diagnosed with Lipoedema, a rare condition which causes an abnormal build-up of fat cells. The disorder leaves Claire in constant pain from the moment she wakes up and has hugely affected her confidence, limiting the activities she can do with her six-year-old son. Claire Tickle joins us today to discuss how the condition has hindered her life and her hopes for potential treatment in the future.

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Dawn answers your weight-loss surgery queries

Have you had weight loss surgery but you're regretting it? Maybe you've had a gastric band fitted but you haven't had the results you were hoping for? Or maybe the side effects are worse then you've imagined.

Earlier we spoke to Emrah Mevsimler who was just thirteen when he had a gastric band fitted and says he regrets it. Dr Dawn Harper takes viewers' calls on the subject.

Terms and conditions

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