Ask Dr Ranj... the truth about the MMR injection

Latest figures from NHS Digital have revealed the number of children under two being vaccinated against measles, mumps and rubella has fallen for the fourth year - and are at their lowest since 2011-12. Whether you’re worried about making your child a danger to others if you don't get them immunised or are unsure about the risks involved if you do, Dr Ranj is on hand to answer your questions.

BOOK: On Immunity: An Inoculation by Eula Biss

Dr Ranj: Do you really need vitamin B12?

It’s being advertised as the wonder booster to make you feel a little healthier in clinics, beauty salons and even department stores - but just what is B12 and do you really need an extra shot?

Dr Ranj explains just what you’re being advertised, tells us why we need it, whether you need more, and how you can boost your B12 intake naturally.

The truth about contraception

From bracelets to gadgets to apps, it seems the world of fertility has gone au natural, measuring your body’s cycle without the use of pills, coils and injections. But do they work? Can you trust them? Are they better for you than the traditional prescribed medication?

Fertility expert Dr Larisa Corda is here to explain more about the new age methods, whilst Dr Zoe gives her advice on the best contraceptive for you.

You should not take the pill if you:

  • are pregnant
  • smoke and are 35 or older
  • stopped smoking less than a year ago and are 35 or older
  • are very overweight
  • take certain medicines (ask your GP or a health professional at a contraception clinic about this)

You should also not take the pill if you have (or have had):

  • thrombosis (a blood clot) in a vein, for example in your leg or lungs
  • stroke or any other disease that narrows the arteries
  • anyone in your close family having a blood clot under the age of 45
  • a heart abnormality or heart disease, including high blood pressure
  • severe migraines, especially with aura (warning symptoms)
  • breast cancer
  • disease of the gallbladder or liver
  • diabetes with complications or diabetes for the past 20 years


Get Fit in 5 with Very

Gym memberships can cost the earth, and take up too much of your already busy day.

But did you know you can use your furniture and fittings to create your own workout at home? It’s simple, easy and it’s free!

We’re talking bench presses against the kitchen island and coffee table glutes. Who’d have thought that furniture can equal fitness. What’s more you can Get Fit in 5! Check out our super speedy home workout video.

Dr Ranj's five minute holiday first aid essentials

As the nation gets ready to go away for the summer, we couldn’t let having Ranj presenting the show go to waste.

So he’s promised to give us a five minute first aid class you won’t want to miss.

From what to do if you get sun burnt, to how to deal with an insect bite, it’s Ranj’s Holiday First Aid essentials.

Could acupuncture take the sting out of life?

From tackling period pains to numbing migraines to increasing fertility to boosting mental health, acupuncture has long been credited with helping aid various ailments. But how can a series of tiny needles take the sting out of life?

Gerad Kite believes his five element technique, which he’s used on celebrity clients like Fearne Cotton, Chris Evans and Greg James could be the answer and he joins us in studio to explain more.