Would you know how to save a life?

Would you know how to save a life? Shockingly 95% said we wouldn’t. Now Dr Ranj is on a mission to turn us all into life savers - ready with the first aid training that one day we might need.

Today, he’s starting his mission in schools - with a class of primary school children. It’s his hope, that with just one hour of training, every single one of these children could become a little lifesaver.

Are we too quick to diagnose autism?

For many parents it can be a comfort. They think 'at last, I know what my child has'.

– Child psychiatrist Dr Mike Shooter says autism can be diagnosed too quickly

With around 700,000 people in the UK on the autism spectrum, child psychiatrist Dr Mike Shooter believes we have become a nation dependent on diagnoses.

Dr Zoe experiences life in a trauma ward

In 2017 we spoke to Professor Green about the Transform Trauma appeal, which aims to save more lives of people affected by major injury. We were invited to send Dr Zoe to the St George’s Trauma Unit in London to see first-hand the effort that goes into saving just one life at a major trauma centre.

Dr Zoe follows the story of Danny Waller who was hit by a car and arrived in hospital with life-threatening injuries - she’s on hand to see how many NHS staff it takes to get Danny back to normal.

Dr Zoe faces her biggest fear

She’s an expert when it comes to braving the nation’s ailments, and the word ‘squeamish’ isn’t part of her dictionary. But underneath it all, Dr Zoe is hiding a secret fear - a deep-rooted phobia of cockroaches that’s so bad she can’t even watch an episode of I’m A Celeb.

She joins us alongside the Speakmans to see if she can tackle her fear once and for all...

Who Wants to Live Forever in Ikaria?

International beauty guru Liz Earle has travelled across the world for us, discovering the secrets to a longer life. After visiting Sardinia last week, Liz is in Ikaria, a Greek Island in the Aegean sea, to meet a couple in their 80s who continue to run an olive farm.

So could olives be the key to eternal youth? And would napping for 30 minutes prevent heart disease? Liz is there to find out.

Anxiety and panic attacks

Dr Max Pemberton is back with his Mental Health Clinic and he'll be paying particular attention to the area of anxiety and panic attacks which has made headlines recently.

At least one person in 10 experiences occasional panic attacks, which are usually triggered by stress. Today Dr Max will explain the distinction between anxiety and panic attack and take viewers' questions on the phone.

For advice and information see our anxiety and panic helplines

Why missing a smear test can have life-changing consequences

A third of young women are missing smear tests because they are embarrassed about their bodies. New research reveals women's fears over the look and smell of their genitals are preventing them from attending.

Cervical cancer is the most common cancer in women under 35, and a smear test can prevent 75% of cervical cancers.

Dr Zoe joins us now to talk about the importance of smear tests, and in Manchester we're joined by Jo's Trust supporter Laura Flaherty, whose avoidance of smear tests lead to life-changing consequences.

The Life of Riley - get fit and lose weight!

Lisa Riley is back to inspire the nation to lose weight. Today she meets James Corden’s sister Ruth, who is struggling to lose weight before starting IVF treatment.

Together they try out an exercise class that is popular with the Beckhams and celebs like Harry Styles and Ellie Goulding - Barry’s Bootcamp.

Be inspired to get healthy and lose weight in 2018