Everything you need to know about chickenpox...

Spring is prime time for chickenpox outbreaks and with the Easter holidays in full swing, all parents need to know the symptoms, treatments and vaccines against it.

The infection, caused by the varicella zoster virus, can stay dormant in the nervous system and could later reappear as a shingles.

So how do you recognise the signs and symptoms? What’s the best way to comfort little ones desperate to scratch the itch? What are pox-parties? And which medicine is an absolute no no?

Dr Sara Kayat is on hand with her specialist chickenpox clinic and also gives advice to parents who are struggling with their poorly ones at home.

Duncan Bannatyne's daughter reveals she's lucky to be alive after mistaking sepsis for a hangover

Duncan Bannatyne's daughter has revealed that she's lucky to be alive after she contracted a deadly sepsis infection - that she initially mistook for a hangover.

Abi Bannatyne thought she'd partied too hard at a friend's wedding when she woke up feeling unwell and shivering. But within 24 hours, the 34-year-old had been rushed to hospital, with a temperature so high it could have caused brain damage.

She joins us, alongside her famous dad and Dr Ranj, to talk about her life-threatening ordeal.

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A living nightmare: 'I woke up on the operating table'

It sounds like a nightmare - waking up in the middle of an operation, able to feel everything but unable to tell doctors. But that’s just what happened to Fenn Settle who woke up and felt a sharp stabbing pain in his abdomen during the operation for a ruptured appendix - he was on the operating table and had no way to tell surgeons he was awake.

Fenn joins us alongside Dr Richard Marks to tell us about his harrowing ordeal.

Les Dennis: 'I reversed my type 2 pre-diabetes'

He’s a quiz show host, Corrie star, and all round entertainer, but after ignoring the warning signs of his poor health for a year, Les Dennis was told he was pre-diabetic.

Along with a host of familiar faces, Les has now taken part in a Sport Relief challenge to tackle his unhealthy lifestyle.

He's on the sofa today to tell us how his new attitude towards health and exercise has helped saved his life.

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Corrie's Rob Mallard: The hidden health condition I've never spoken about

He appears in the living rooms of millions of people during the week, but behind the scenes Coronation Street star Rob Mallard has been hiding a secret health battle.

Following his appearance on our sofa earlier this year he was hit with a wave of abuse for his uncontrollable shaking - with some even accusing him of ‘being drunk’. He decided to take the brave decision and reveal his hidden condition - an essential tremor.

Rob joins us today to share why he kept it a secret so long and discusses the huge effect it has had on his job in the spotlight. Dr Ranj is also here to help shed light on the condition.

Would you know how to save a life?

Would you know how to save a life? Shockingly 95% said we wouldn’t. Now Dr Ranj is on a mission to turn us all into life savers - ready with the first aid training that one day we might need.

Today, he’s starting his mission in schools - with a class of primary school children. It’s his hope, that with just one hour of training, every single one of these children could become a little lifesaver.