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Kitchen gadgets to make your life easier!

Ahead of her appearance on Celebrity Masterchef, we’re joined by Jean Johansson who’ll be revealing the clever kitchen gadgets to save you time and hassle - including the tear-free onion goggles, the heat conducting knife and the ‘rub away’ bar that removes stubborn smells!

Alice in Sunderland: Genius household hacks

Alice continues her adventures in Sunderland by returning to the home of reality star Charlotte Crosby. Charlotte has an incredible FIVE bathrooms in her home, all in need of a bit of a spruce and a shine. So Alice rolls her sleeves up and shares the genius cleaning hacks that are about to make all our lives a whole lot easier!

Anthea Turner makes your life easier!

Want to know how to chill that wine in a hurry before your BBQ guests arrive? Fed up of ice lollies leaving your little ones with sticky fingers?

Anthea Turner has the life hacks that will solve all your problems and leave you thinking… why didn’t I know that? She’s here with the hacks you just can’t live without that will make life a whole lot easier.

Pimp up your pad, Rylan and Gok style!

You’re cordially invited to delve deep into the sacred homes of Gok and Rylan. From soft furnishings to ornaments and lamps, our presenters will talk you through their interior style choices, and show you how to get your hands on their look in your very own home. But who’ll come out on top?

Take a look at each room, and then VOTE IN OUR POLL BELOW to let us know which one you prefer!

Gok's room

Gok's room

Rylan's room

Rylan's room

When it comes to breeding dogs... how small is too small?

We’ve seen dogs in celebrities designer handbags and now the latest craze is teacup dogs and they are exactly what it says on the tin... tiny dogs in teacups.

While the dogs may be super cute and fashionable on Instagram, some come with a price tag of £8,000 and because of their miniature size, they are prone to health problems and shorter lives as a result of their breeding.

But at what point does owning an accessory pet like 'teacup dogs' mean you're being cruel to the animal? Chihuahua breeder of 20 years Elena Katerova joins us in the studio with three teacup chihuahuas. She believes these dogs are healthy whilst vet Scott Miller says it’s dangerous and we need to stop breeding teacup dogs for their sake.

Kelly Brook's Glorious Gardens: Godinton House Gardens

She’s our resident green-fingered goddess and fresh from hanging out (naked) in the lavender fields, Kelly Brook is visiting Kent's Godinton House Gardens.

From learning the history of their kitchen garden to picking fresh produce for lunch, Kelly learns about feeding our plants, especially in this warm weather.