Secure your home for the holidays

August is the busiest holiday month in the UK with more than seven million of us holidaying abroad and millions more travelling to hot spots across the UK. But 43% of burglaries happen when a property is empty, so it's worth putting in a little effort to deter would-be thieves before you headoff on your hols.

Former Police Officer Dan Neal tells us how to safeguard our homes and Steve Wilson demonstrates those gadgets designed to help secure our homes and possibly deter burglars.

Going abroad with valuables also means you're vulnerable to theft while you're away on holiday so Dan gives his tips to keep your stuff safe while Steve has some gadgets on hand to help.

It's a bug's life this summer

A perfect storm of scorching weather and thunderstorms have made it a bumper summer for bugs - not just mosquitoes but other creepy crawlies which can give you even nastier bites.

Everyone has their own bite remedies, from drinking gin to eating garlic. But what really works?

Here to separate the fact from the fiction is Dr James Logan from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

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Mosquito repellents

Look for products containing DEET, especially if you're going to tropical countries - a natural alternative is PMD (lemon eucalyptus)

Vitamin B, marmite and garlic do no repel mosquitoes

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