Save our British bluebells!

From poems to folklore, the magical bluebell has enchanted Britain for centuries and there’s no better time to see them than now.

As the flowers come into bloom, woodlands across Britain are awash with glorious carpets of shimmering sapphire. Almost half the world’s bluebells are rooted in the British Isles but now they’re under threat here, thanks to an invasion of the Spanish bluebell.

So what can we do to protect our unofficial national wildflower? Claudia-Liza investigates.

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How to be minimalist with your memories

Even the most unsentimental of us can find it strangely difficult to part with those precious baby clothes, toys and old photos. They get left in cupboards, under stairs and in our attics. But with the weather not looking great this weekend, what better time to have a clear out?

If you're not willing to throw everything away, Steve Wilson is here with some great ideas on how to display the best, so you part with the rest.