How to be a happy camper (like Holly!)

Jeremy Clarkson famously called them a menace, but we’ve got bad news for him - Britain is in the grip of a caravan and motorhome boom as more and more families opt for touring holidays.

With the caravan industry going from strength to strength and more models available than ever before, we've called on our consumer editor Alice Beer to give us her guide to the most exciting caravans available on the market right now.

Which is the best dog for you?

Every dog has his day! A new study by the Kennel Club estimates that the lovable French Bulldog will soon become the UK's number one canine companion, overtaking the lovable Labrador.

But while a Frenchie is undoubtedly cute, could you handle its stubborn tendencies and high level of maintenance?

As potential pet owners are warned not to put fashion ahead of their family needs, we're joined by pet expert Louise Glazebrook and a host of four-legged friends to talk about which breed could be best for you.

Extravagant Valentine's Day gifts, recreated on a budget

Roses that can last for three years, a giant chocolate fountain and the jewellery Meghan Markle used to declare her love for Prince Harry - not to mention a diamond that will set you back a million pounds - Natalie Anderson takes a look at how the rich and famous do Valentine’s Day.

But if your budget is a little more modest, we’ve got some cheaper alternatives you’ll fall just as much in love with.