Can you give a dog a home?

Last week, six year-old Rottweiler-cross Bless made headlines after being dubbed Britain's saddest dog. Battersea Dogs and Cats Home think Bless' forlorn face is the reason why it took so long for someone to adopt her. It was only after her time in the spotlight that Bless finally found a home.

Remember Barry? He's got a home!

Remember when we were introduced to Barry the Brindle Mastiff by Matt Johnson back in March? Well he's only gone and got himself a new home - and very happy he looks too!

How to make things last longer

When times are tight, it pays to know how to make what little you have last for as long as possible. How Clean Is Your House? presenter Aggie McKenzie is here to show us how to double the life of some of our most-used products, save money and stop waste!

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Faking it in the garden

Welcome to the This Morning patio as you've never seen it before! With a luscious lawn and flowering pot plants our patio looks like an English garden in full bloom, but all is not as it seems.......this garden is actually all fake.

From faux flowers to artificial leaves, Love Your Garden's David Domoney is here to take us through our artificial Eden, and explain more about when, where and why fake might work for you in your backyard.

Get expert advice on how to secure your home for the holidays

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Want your children to fly the nest?

Are you a parent with adult children living at home? Are you confused about the best way to help them fly the nest? Perhaps you want to help them rent or buy a property and are unsure about the best way to use your money?

Whatever your question, our property expert Louisa Fletcher will be taking your calls tomorrow (Thursday). Email your question and a contact telephone number to and we may contact you. You must be 18 or over. For terms go to