We want to see your DIY mini Grand Designs

On Thursday's show we have the master of the home makeover, Mr Grand Designs himself, Kevin McCloud.

We'll be talking all things property and we'd love to show your pictures of your own mini grand designs.

So, do you have a shed with a secret or a garden den for the kids? Perhaps you have a room with difference or house that stands out. Whatever your unique and creative home improvement we'd love to see them. Please send your pictures, along with your name, contact number and location to thismorning@itv.com, by 11am, Thursday 1 October 2015.

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Brush up on gas safety

More than 5.5 million people in the UK are putting their health at risk by not getting their gas appliances checked every year. Incidents of people failing to get an annual safety check have risen by over 700,000, which has led to six deaths and over 300 injuries in the last year alone.

With gas leaks a cause of carbon monoxide poisoning and explosions in the home, Alice Beer is here with her advice on simple steps you can take check your appliances, and she's joined by mother of three Polly Furse, who wants to warn others after being poisoned by leaking gas from an unsafe boiler that had never been checked.

Gas safety and carbon monoxide poisoning helplines

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Titchmarsh reveals the secrets of the royal garden

English gardener, broadcaster, and novelist, joins us as part of our line-up of royal commentators as he reveals the secrets of the royal garden as well as discussing his new TV series Titchmarsh on Capability Brown, his new novel due out next spring and a new series of the ever popular Love Your Garden due to hit screens next year.

She talks about all kind of things where you think 'oh gosh, that's really quite frank.'

– Alan Titchmarsh

The Great Indoors: Beside the Salcombe seaside

Larry Lamb helps us to make the most of our interiors as he visits some beautiful homes across the country in The Great Indoors, and this week, he's loving being beside the seaside!

Larry visits Britiain's priciest seaside town Salcombe, home to property developer Michael Nathenson and his wife Angela. The Nathensons have lived in their dream home for almost three years.