Is your pet keeping you up all night?

After starting the week by teaching you pet first aid, we’re turning our attentions to the sleeping patterns of your dogs and cats. Is it okay for them to sleep in your bed? How can you stop a new puppy barking the house down all night? Or is your cat’s snoring keeping you awake?

Vet Paul Manktelow is here with his gorgeous dog Dolly to take your questions.

A big welcome to the This Morning honey bees!

Since May, the This Morning roof has played host to 100,000 bees who have been working tirelessly to create our homemade Willough-bee honey.

Today we meet the two men who have been caring for our bees, and reveal the fruits of their labour.

How clean is your bed?

A question for you all - how clean is your bed? How often do you change the sheets, or clean the mattress? According to our poll, almost half of you asked, have never cleaned your mattress - which, over the course of eight years can collect 10 pounds of dead skin and 10 million dust mites - which can lead to various problems to our health.

Alice Beer is here today with her own filthy mattress and an informative guide to a more relaxing night's sleep tonight.

Great British spider invasion... THE TRUTH!

It might not feel like it today, but autumn is fast approaching, and along with it, spider season! As households around the country brace themselves for a spider invasion, reports seem to suggest we could expect the biggest influx of eight-legged critters yet!

Bug expert Dr Sarah Beynon is here to tell us what types of spiders we're likely to see at this time of the year, and to show us how we can remove any unwanted spiders from our homes.