Are solar panels worth it?

The sun's been beating down over the last week, meaning the 550,000 Brits with solar panels are smiling. Solar panels aren't just an environmental boon, they cut your electricity bills and pay you for generating energy too. However, the amount you can earn from them has just dropped, resulting in many asking 'are solar panels worth it?'.

Martin Lewis is here to put solar panels in the spotlight.

Do you know a DIY dynamo?

Do you know a man who is a DIY dynamo? Is your husband, partner, dad, brother or friend excellent at assembling furniture or can read and understand an assembly manual in a matter of minutes? We are looking for DIY experts (or those who think they are!) to take part in an outdoors DIY item on This Morning next Wednesday.

If that sounds like you or someone you know please get in touch! Email by Tuesday at midday nominating yourself or someone else.

Terms and conditions

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The Rich brothers' trash challenge

The weather is hotting up and the season of BBQs and outdoor entertaining is upon us. But if your garden is looking a little tired after the winter, the hottest gardeners around - Harry and David Rich - are here with some novel ways to spruce up your outdoor space.

We're going to put their creativity and DIY skills to the test by giving them a skip full of junk that most people would throw away. Can they create three amazing pieces everyone will want in their garden by the end of the show?

The Rich brothers... before they looked in the skip!

Why is pet obesity on the rise?

People think he's an old man when we go out walking, because he just waddles around!

– Rolo the pug's owner

A study released today has revealed that four out of five veterinary professionals have seen an increase in pet obesity cases in the last two years.

Obesity is the number one concern among vets when it comes to dogs but worryingly, nearly half of people surveyed are not aware it's a major issue.

We meet some of the obese cats and dogs battling for the title of UK’s biggest loser, as part of the annual pet slimming competition.

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