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Eco-friendly Christmas wrapping

Last year it was estimated that Brits would throw out 108 million rolls of Christmas wrapping paper. That’s a lot of waste.

And even the most well-intentioned of us may be unaware that the wrap we put in recycling isn’t actually recyclable, if it contains plastic, dye, foil, glitter or leftover sticky tape. It’s been said that you can check whether paper is plastic coated or not by scrunching it. If it stays scrunched, it’s probably fine to recycle, but if it pops back, it’s covered in plastic.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to make presents look pretty and cut down on waste.

How we could have kept our Christmas tree alive

Yes, we’ll be honest, our This Morning office Christmas tree is looking a little worse for wear - but just how could we have kept it going all the way until the big day, and how could you avoid whatever we did oh-so wrong?

David Domoney is here with some top tips for making your tree last longer and some tree saving advice if it’s already looking a little sad!

Top tips for choosing, caring and styling the perfect Christmas tree

Are you putting up your Christmas tree this weekend? Perhaps your house was covered in tinsel and baubles the moment Halloween was over?

Traditionally of course, people didn’t put up their tree until Christmas Eve, and took it down on the Twelfth Night, but it seems most of us now make the move at the beginning of December.

In fact, Saturday 8th December is the busiest day in the UK for buying a real tree, according to Dobbies Garden Centre.

And to celebrate the first official ‘Bring your Christmas Tree Home Day’, designer Lee Jackson and gardening expert Louise Golden, share their step-by-step plan for styling the perfect tree.

Ruth's Christmas wrapping hack

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without turkey and the trimmings, Father Christmas and his reindeer... and Ruth and her present wrapping technique!

So in keeping with tradition, Ruth demonstrates her foolproof hack - all you need is an ironing board.