Best Bits: How to catch a mouse!

If you were watching yesterday you will have seen we had an unwanted guest in our studio... a mouse!

Well he was back this morning, but the good news is we managed to catch him and release him.

Holly and Phillip remain convinced that his buddies are still very much in residence though...

Meet Freddy - the World's tallest dog

Weighing in at a staggering 14.5 stone and being taller than the average man, Freddy has officially taken the title of World's Tallest Dog!

It's cost his owner Claire Stoneman £10,000 to feed the Great Dane and his sister Fleur, but she doesn't mind, he's like a baby to her and is far more important than any man.

Let's hope Freddy's on good behaviour around our iconic TM sofa - in the past he's chomped his way through 26 settees!

All your Christmas etiquette questions answered

What time do you all sit down for Christmas lunch? Do you serve a starter? And is there a plethora of potatoes being served in various forms? As Christmas Day approaches, etiquette expert William Hanson believes we’re doing it all wrong. Gasp.

From the language we use, to the way we cook it, he explains how to get the Christmas meal right.

Steve's Christmas supermarket sweep

With just five days to go, have you finished all of your Christmas shopping? If not, help is at hand as Steve Wilson brings us his top pick of Christmas gifts you’ll find in the supermarket aisles.

From fantastic presents for the kids to great deals that’ll save you from any last minute gift embarrassment - he’s got it all. PHEW!

Giftwrap like a pro! (Or like Phillip and Holly...)

Ever wondered how to wrap that tricky Christmas present? Never been able to get that ribbon just right? Well, thanks to our gift-wrapping champion, nine-year-old April Horscraft, you don't have to fret this festive period. Full of wrapping tips and tricks to match the knowledge of one of Santa's elves, she's here to make sure our presents sparkle under the tree this year.

And apart from sharing her best advice with us, April challenges Holly and Phillip to a 30-second wrapping challenge - but who will take the (perfectly wrapped) trophy?