Kelly Brook's big gardening trends for 2018

Despite the unpredictable British weather, sales of garden furniture and garden accessories are expected to grow by 4% annually up to 2021.

Here to guide us on this year’s biggest outdoor trends (whatever the size of your garden) is This Morning’s new green-fingered guru Kelly Brook.

A bunny is for life... not just for Easter!

Who knew so many neglected or abandoned rabbits were in desperate need of loving homes? Rabbits are the UK’s third favourite pet, with about 1.5 million kept. But despite their popularity, about 67,000 rabbits end up in rescue homes across the UK every single year.

Today we’re joined by some fluffy friends who need a loving home and rabbit expert Suzanne Moyes to tell us how best to look after them.

Phillip and Holly learn the art of knitting

Last week, we received almost 6,000 Facebook comments and pictures of people’s knitting, an activity encouraged to help lower blood pressure and combat depression.

Russell Crowe, Julia Roberts, Ryan Gosling and Sarah Jessica Parker are fans - and it’s considered a form of mindfulness.

We’ve invited Dragon’s Den contestant turned wool entrepreneur Claire Gelder to demonstrate the basics to Phillip and Holly - plus we’ll meet some master knitters who have been creating some woollen wonders in our green room.

Property SOS: Everything you need to know

From base rates to borrowing, the world of property can be a tricky one to master.

Here to navigate us through the jargon and ensure we’re getting all the information and the best possible chance of our dream home is leading expert Kate Faulkner.