Want to buy your first home?

This week our property expert Louisa Fletcher is going to show us how to buy a home.

Sounds like a tall order, but she has chipped away at the vast boulder that is the property market to present four perfectly chiselled take-home tips for anyone who is ready to make the biggest purchase of their lives - their first home.

She'll be covering everything from solicitors to Stamp Duty as well as the hidden signs to look out for that could make your dream home tricky to shift when you come to sell it.

Carry on packing

Can't wait for your holidays but always overpack your case? A recent survey revealed the average woman will pack as many as eight pair of shoes for a seven-day break, with 53% going over the personal baggage allowance.

Here to slim down your suitcase is travel queen Jenni Falconer. She's got tips on how to pack, and items to ensure that what goes into your case is stored correctly - and weighs the right amount.

Don't buy without our property advice

Few areas in life are more daunting than the property market. And with the papers full of headlines about soaring house prices and rocketing interest rates, not to mention recent announcements from George Osborne to cap mortgages less than a year after launching his Help To Buy scheme, it's easy to see how confusion can arise.

Our new property expert Louisa Fletcher is here to help demystify some misleading property headlines. She'll also give us a bird's eye view of what the nation's property market looks like and has all the advice on how to potentially take the sting out of Stamp Duty.

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