How to create the ultimate smart home

Turn up the heat, dim the lights and get Alexa to switch on your kettle, all from the comfort of your sofa...or even miles away from home. With smart home technology officially one of the fastest-growing tech sectors, Steve Wilson’s here with his pick of gadgets to simplify your life.

From the latest home surveillance camera you can control via an app, to a device that lets you treat your pet pooch away from home we’ve got it all covered to create the ultimate smart home.

A day in the life of Liz Earle

Having left her multi-million pound beauty company, beauty guru and mum of five Liz Earle is now focusing on other passions - including being an organic livestock farmer!

Nowadays Liz spends most of her time in the barn rather than in the boardroom - and today we get a glimpse of how she juggles country life with her new wellbeing projects.

Retro gadgets are back - and we want them all!

As figures of the 90s holiday staple, the disposable camera, soar in sales and popularity, Steve Wilson takes us back to the future with the best retro gadgets to give us a taste of nostalgia.

From stylophones to polaroids, Steve's taking us on a trip down memory lane.

Spider-proof your home with Anthea Turner!

No one likes it when guests outstay their welcome... but what if they were never invited in the first place?!

The recent wet weather has caused 'spider season' to start earlier than usual meaning you might be sharing your home with a few uninvited eight-legged friends.

The arachnids usually start to seek shelter in September, but a wet August has tricked the spiders into a premature mating season.

So, if you’ve spotted a few unwelcome guests in your home, fear not, Anthea Turner is here with her tips and tricks to solving the spider invasion!

⚠️ WARNING: Giant spiders could be invading YOUR home!

Would you like to share a home with this chap?

How do you react when you see a spider in your home? Well you better get prepared, because spiders big enough to set off burglar alarms are on their way!

The recent wet weather has led to an influx of eight-legged monsters making an appearance in lots of UK homes, leaving many people terrified! But don't worry - they're usually not too harmful.

But how scared are you to see these creepy crawlies moving in to your home?

Household hacks to make cleaning a dream

Bleach, detergents and specialist cleaners are not the only way to keep your home looking spick and span. Anthea Turner is back in the studio with some hacks that could change the way you run your home forever!

Anthea shows us how to polish furniture with coconut oil, how to create DIY ice packs and a handy hack for finding fiddly little things lost under the sofa - at least we think that is what she was doing!

More of Anthea Turner's handy household hacks

Anthea Turner's handy household hacks

Are you worried about getting that stain out of your child's uniform ready for the new term? Or perhaps you've partied a bit too much this summer and the wine spillages just won't lift? Well never fear, Anthea Turner is here!