Make a Valentine's gift with DIY blonde

The craft business has generated almost £2 billion in the UK and has become such a huge craze, fellow crafters now gather for Crafternoons to make personalised gifts.

Whether because of fears about household finances or an urge to be creative, craft stores are enjoying a renaissance as Britons reconnect with childhood hobbies. And what better way to show someone you love them than with a gift you made by hand? It's the thought that counts, after all.

So, get your paper, scissors, multipurpose glue and glitter sticks ready, because it's time to get crafty with vlogger Sophie Prescott, aka DIY Blonde.

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Declutter your closet the KonMari way

Detoxing your home has become as fashionable as detoxing your body and all over the globe, you'll hear of 'KonMari' evangelists who are living the dream in a state of minimalist, or, minimal-ish, purity.

But what and who is KonMari? Well, it's short for Marie Kondo - the world's most celebrated decluttering guru, whose first book sold five million copies. And today we're channelling our inner KonMari to learn how to make more space in our wardrobes. Showing us how, is decluttering expert and professional organiser to the stars Vicky Silverthorn.

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We want you to share your home hacks

On Wednesday's This Morning we're putting on the marigolds and whipping out the rags as we run through some of the best home cleaning hacks that could save you a whole lot of time.

Whilst we've got some great tips to share - we'd love to hear your own time-saving solutions to make your kitchens, bathrooms and homes sparkle.

So whether it's the perfect natural concoction to clean the floor tiles with, a rust busting secret recipe or a whole new use of a duster we want to hear from you.

Send your tips, pictures or even short videos to with the subject HOME HACKS by 10.30am on Wednesday 20 January. You must be 18 or over and have read our terms and conditions.