Tumble dryer blaze warning

Millions of families have been warned that their tumble dryers could be a potential fire hazard. Are you at risk?

Consumer expert Alice Beer joins us in the studio to explain the latest alert, and we speak to fire investigation officer David Robinson, live from Dowgate Fire Station in London, with his tumble dryer safety dos and don'ts.

Hotpoint tumble dryers safety notice

Indesit tumble dryers safety notice

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Dread cutter

Well, talk about using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. In our regular consumer slot fronted by the usually controlled and knowledgeable Alice Beer, the whole studio was left watching through their fingers as our expert attempted to slice bread with what looked like a circular saw.

It was harrowing. Fortunately Phillip put a stop to the demonstration and normal pulse levels resumed. And Alice went home with all digits intact.

Breadmakers put to the test

Breadmakers put to the test

Did you know that there's been a 300% rise in the sales of breadmakers?

There's nothing better than waking up to the smell of freshly baked bread, plus it's better for you, and cost effective too.

Alice Beer shows us some of her favourites with some handy tips on what you need to look for when buying one, what you can make in them and how you can create cut loaves with state-of-the-art slicers.

How early is too early for Christmas decorations?

Is it ever too early to put up the Christmas decorations? We'll be meeting one couple who are ready to switch on the Christmas lights on Friday. But is it too soon?

Do you think it's far too early for Christmas? Or is now the right time to put up the lights and get in the festive mood? Have you already got yours up? If so send us a picture - we'd love to see. Email your pictures and comments to thismorning@itv.com with the subject CHRISTMAS DECS by 10.15am on Friday 30 October.

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