POLL: Where do you keep your washing machine?

Kirstie Allsopp has caused a storm on social media, after suggesting that she finds it 'disgusting' to have a washing machine in your kitchen.

But where do you keep yours? Do you agree with Kirstie and have found an imaginative place to keep your machine? Vote in our poll and let us know!

How to create a showstopping garden - whatever the size and budget

With the Chelsea Flower Show in full bloom and the weekend set to be a scorcher, it’s time to get in the garden.

Gardener Michael Perry is here to help us create our very own patch of paradise - without the price tag.

From hanging baskets, to window boxes, to an ingenious use for your old wheelbarrow, we’ll be sure to get you green-fingered without pinching your pocket!

Alice and Rylan's guide to staying safe in the kitchen

Growing numbers of people are reporting to A&E departments with injuries caused when cutting avocados - with even film star Meryl Streep among the victims.

Last week, in the wake of the news, both Phil Vickery and the Hairy Bikers shared their methods for cutting the popular fruit. But if you still don’t fancy your chances, Alice Beer (with a little help from Rylan) is here with gadgets to help you slice, dice and chop safely - as well as other products to keep your kitchen an accident-free zone.