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Kelly Brook strips off for a lavender massage

Sit back and relax as Kelly Brook visits one of the most beautiful farms in Britain - a lavender farm in Kent. There, she learns about the beautiful flower, picks some for herself and shows you how to make a lavender wreath.

And in true Kelly form, she ends the day in style… stripping off for a private massage right in the middle of the lavender field - as you do!

How to save your dog's life 🐕

The RSPCA has issued a warning after a fit and healthy dog collapsed and died after being taken for a walk in the heat. Our vet Dr Scott Miller his here with lifesaving advice for what to do if your pet passes out. He’ll also be revealing some other hidden dangers of taking a dog for a walk and how to administer simple first aid on your pooch.

Hello heatwave! Alice's coolest outdoor accessories 🍹

It’s official - summer has finally arrived in the UK and the lovely warm weather is set to continue into the weekend all over the country.

So whether you’re on the lookout for some new garden furniture to decorate your lovely green space, or you need some inspiration for park-time picnics or beach getaways, Alice Beer has got you totally covered.

Fancy a slice of Mary Berry's mansion?

From Oprah’s £6 million pound hideaway to Mary Berry’s £3.85 million Buckinghamshire mansion, we take another snoop around the properties of our dreams and discover the celeb owners who call them home with our estate agent to the stars, Leonard Steinberg.

Maddie Moate shows us the latest science crazes

Not only did DIY slime encourage children to be more interested in science, but introduced a whole new host of experiments families can try at home! Today Edutuber and BAFTA-nominated CBeebies presenter Maddie Moate will reveal the latest science crazes from bouncing eggs to rainbow milk.