Text Santa supports Together for Short Lives

Throughout December, we've been supporting the appeal which raises money for six deserving charities. Today we're hearing from two families and finding out why the charity Together for Short Lives has been so important to them. We sent Peter Andre along to meet them and deliver them an incredible surprise...

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Worried about family problems at Christmas?

Are you worried your relationship won't survive Christmas? It doesn't just have to be your partner - maybe you're worried about family feuds? Or having to spend so much time with your in-laws? Denise is here to offer advice.

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Couples dreading Christmas

Christmas is traditionally considered the happiest time of the year, but new research out today claims many couples are dreading the festive period. Almost a third of couples say they are not looking forward to Christmas - and a quarter admit they argue more at this time of year than any other.

Journalist and broadcaster Martin Daubney and his partner Diana James, who have been together for 14 years, join us today to admit they're dreading Christmas this year and it's the real test on their relationship...

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Are you worried about toy overload?

After a recent report revealed that the average child last year was given 43 toys as Christmas presents, we want to know what you think in today's phone-in. Do you spoil your kids at Christmas? Perhaps your children expect more than you can afford? Maybe you feel spoiling your children at Christmas has turned them into brats? Are you getting into debt to make your kids happy at Christmas? Whatever your situation, we want to hear from you.

Psychologist Oliver James is back to take your calls.

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