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Escape to the Chateau stars Dick and Angel

For the last four years, Dick and Angel Strawbridge have swapped life in the UK for life in the French countryside - refurbishing a five storey, forty-five roomed chateau to its former glory.

Ahead of a new series and Christmas special, they’re swapping their chateau for our studio today to reveal the real story behind their labour of love.

'We've finally been reunited with our engagement ring'

It was meant to be a dream proposal when John Drennan whisked partner Daniella Anthony off to New York and got down on one knee in Central Park. But what happened afterwards was far from a fairytale. Daniella’s precious new engagement ring fell off her finger in Times Square and bounced into a metal grate and down to the city sewer below.

Now, a fortnight later, the Peterborough couple have been reunited with their ring - rescued by the NYPD. They join us live from LA to reveal how they’re celebrating, their future wedding plans and their vow to never lose it again!

We wouldn't Change a Thing this Christmas

The Wouldn’t Change a Thing children are back as they continue to change perceptions of Down syndrome.

Today we're launching their very-own Christmas video, with Phillip and Rochelle playing starring roles - and a music superstar in the mix too!

'Stop giving Hollywood baddies scars'

From Lord Voldemort to Darth Vader and countless Bond villains, scars make up the prominent features of some of Hollywood’s leading villains. But it’s time for this to stop, says Tulsi Vagjiani, who was involved in a plane crash as a young girl which killed her brother and parents.

Tulsi was bullied as a child, which affected her mental health profoundly. She joins us today to explain why it’s time that cinema stopped stigmatising scars.