Danielle Lloyd on breast surgery nightmare

If you're going to get something done, do your research

– Danielle Lloyd has a warning for anyone considering cosmetic surgery

She was crowned Miss England in 2004, but beauty queen Danielle Lloyd was left devastated when one of her breast implants exploded in 2012. After being rushed to hospital with a blood clot forming and losing six pints of blood, doctors were forced to remove the implants completely - leaving her with a AA cup.

Despite the surgery saving her life, Danielle says that her smaller breasts affected her confidence, and ultimately her relationship with husband and footballer Jamie O’Hara.

She says she regrets having the surgery in the first place and has a warning for anyone considering breast enlargement surgery, which increased by 12 per cent in 2015.

She joins us on the sofa alongside cosmetic surgeon Angelica Kouvani.

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Falsely accused of sexually assaulting a film star

In a TV exclusive we meet Mark Pearson, who is picking up the pieces of his life after being wrongly put on trial for sexually assaulting a film star.

Just last Friday, Mark was found not guilty of sexually assaulting a woman at London Waterloo train station, as their paths crossed on the busy concourse for a split second.

Mark's name was dragged through the court system, whilst the 'victim' remained anonymous, despite no witnesses and no evidence to support her story. Mark joins us today, relieved he's a free man, but to say more needs to be done when it comes to anonymity of both parties until the trial is over.

We're also joined by a supporter of Mark's, Erin Pizzey, a family care activist who became internationally famous for having started the first domestic violence shelter in the modern world.

False accustations helplines

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