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Is your Vauxhall Zafira a fire risk?

It is every driver's worst fear: a faint whiff of smoke enters the cabin of the car, and within a matter of seconds, there's a fire raging away under the bonnet. But that has been the case for hundreds of Zafira B drivers including Sue Freemantle who narrowly escaped death when her car spontaneously burst into flames last September.

And during a Transport Select Committee last week Vauxhall revealed that this problem has been on their raider since 2009. So why has it taken six years for the company to take any action? Alice Beer and Sue Freemantle join us to warn others who may be affected.

Boost your saving rates

There’s a savings crisis across the UK. The Bank of England may’ve decided to keep the base rate at 0.5% but it said it could cut it in August, cutting returns for millions of people who’ve worked hard to squirrel away cash. And according to our Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis, that’s just the start. Unless you ACT NOW to boost your savings rates it’s only due to get worse…

Want to stop paying credit card interest?

Stop paying credit card interest, 16-17 summer holiday camp, £10 Harry Potter and FREE posh soup. These are our Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis’ Quick Deals.

Remember, deals can change quickly, even while I’m on the programme. So always double-check the terms and conditions before spending. Plus, while I hope these deals will save you cash, don’t spend if you can’t afford it, don’t need it, or won’t use it.

Mum is in Stansted... and dad is in the air!

It's not unusual to forget something when you go on holiday - your toothbrush, your phone charger, even your passport. But Maurice Hunter went one step further and forgot his own wife! He made headlines this week with the hilarious tale of how he accidentally left Carolyn behind at Stansted Airport, mistakenly thinking she had already boarded their flight to Spain.

The couple have now been reunited and join us in the studio. Plus we have surprise for them, which we hope they’ll enjoy together!

Save our Death Row dog Hank

Meet Hank, the adorable Staffy-Labrador cross who has captured the hearts of almost a hundred thousand people. That’s the number of signatures who have signed a petition to save his life, after Belfast City Council seized the much-loved pet from owners Joanne Meadows and Leonard Collins.

The couple are now fighting to save Hank's life after the council claimed he is actually a Pit Bull Terrier - a banned breed which is illegal to own. His owners join us live from Belfast to talk about the battle to save their beloved dog. We are also joined by vet Roger Mugford, in the studio.

Rich men take me on holiday - but I'm no gold digger

We all dream of travelling the world, but how about if you could do it for free? Natalie Wood has been seeing the sights all over the world for the past two years after joining dating website Miss Travel. The globe trotter accompanies wealthy men to various holiday destinations, with her suitors having spent over £60,000 simply on the pleasure of her company.

Natalie enjoys a luxury holiday... without having to pay for it

But Natalie insists she isn't a gold digger, just a girl who likes to travel! She joins us now to tell us more.