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Big game hunting: Cecil the lion

Sport and hunting should never be synonymous

– Virginia McKenna OBE, Founder of the Born Free Foundation

On Tuesday evening the news broke that an American tourist, Walter Palmer, had hunted and killed Zimbabwe's most famous lion, Cecil.

The worldwide response has been massive. A petition has been started, Walter's website and name have been dragged through the mud and hundreds of famous faces have tweeted their disgust and upset over the incident.

One person who is shocked and horrified by the events are Virginia McKenna OBE, Founder of the Born Free Foundation.

Game guide Garth Hovell, understands the other side of the argument and takes photographs on safari for a living. He thinks that we should change the way we think: "This is great. Everyone on social media, it's fantastic... Now you've got to convince poor governments."

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Fighting Islamic extremism

Isis are very cult like, they are trying to brainwash people. It's about breaking through that propaganda and showing that it's a lie.

– Sara Khan

Earlier this month a family of 12 from Luton became the latest in a long line of Muslims to leave the UK to live in Syria under the Isis regime.

This has spurred campaigner Sara Khan to set up a drive urging Muslims (particularly young females) to resist the temptation to flee the UK despite the sophisticated rhetoric used by Isis.

Sara joins us today to explain why she believes now is the time to stand up and fight extremism.

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Outrage at Cecil the lion killing

It is barbaric, it's stupid, there is nothing macho about it. People are genuinely surprised this is still legal in some countries

– Philip Mansbridge

Philip Mansbridge, the UK director for the International Fund for Animal Welfare, talks about the fatal killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe.

US dentist Walter Palmer paid £35,000 to kill the beloved 13 year old male who lived in the protected Hwange National Park.

The dad of two shot Cecil with a crossbow and arrow and the animal was later found beheaded and skinned.

Two Zimbabwean men who accompanied him on the hunt have been charged with poaching offences and could face up to 15 years in prison if found guilty.

Philip says: "I don't know what makes these people tick. We should be teaching our young people to care for animals."

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