'It was like a concert here today'

Beverley Knight got Ruth and Eamonn's weekend off to a flier with a dazzling rendition of a track from Memphis the Musical.

As word got round the singer was going to give a live performance many ITV workers also filled the studio to watch the singer's upbeat rendition of Some Day.

Ruth and Eamonn were united in saying it was the highlight of today's show.

Do you agree?

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What's in the stars for February?

February begins at the weekend, so it's time to bring Russell back to see what lies ahead.

There's excitement for our Aquarians, passion for the ram - and love is near for single Virgoans.

What do the stars have lined up for YOU in the next 28 days? Russell Grant is here with his astrological look to the future.

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Russell grabs a chat with fellow guest Kimberley Walsh

I drank eight pints a day while pregnant

I was an addict, I couldn't control it. I needed to drink. I didn't know the damage it would cause

– Linda says she will always feel guilty

Every time Linda McFadden looks at her daughter she wells up. But they are not tears of joy, rather ones of guilt as she is reminded daily of the damage she caused to her daughter, Claire McFadden.

Linda's failure to stop drinking while pregnant, at her worst drinking eight cans of lager a day, meant that Claire was born with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS).

The condition has left Claire with facial deformities and learning disabilities. Linda and Claire join us to talk in the studio, and Dr Dawn is here to provide insight into the medical effects drinking while pregnant can have on babies.

Claire said: "When she first told me I was very angry and I did blame her a lot. But as I got older I completely understand and don't blame her anymore."

Please see our FAS helplines

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Have you been bored by your children?

I think it's obvious it's not always going to be the best fun playing with a small child when your a grown adult, you're going to have different interests

– Catherine Cooper

Commenting on provocative comments made last week about children, yesterday the editor-in-chief of influential lifestyle magazine Elle, Lorraine Candy, admitted she found playing with her kids boring. In a contentious newspaper column she said playing with her children was 'exhausting' - and admitted ignoring them when they complained they were bored.

We're joined by journalist and author Catherine Cooper who agrees with Lorraine, arguing any mum who hasn't felt bored playing with their children is either 'lying or deluded'.
Mother-of-two Denise Sumpter on the other hand finds playing with her children 'engaging and exciting' and says she 'feels sorry' for mothers who find it dull.

Is it ok to be bored by your kids?

Today we met the mother of two who says she finds the company of her own children tedious at times!

Does that make her a bad mum? Do you ever get bored of entertaining your kids? Maybe you've never previously admitted it, for fear of being labelled a bad parent. Or do you cherish every moment you spend with them?

Ruth and Eamonn took your calls on the controversial subject in our phone-in.

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