Is your child being bullied?

Our resident agony aunt Deidre Sanders writes...

If you're worried your child is being bullied, I'll try my best to help. First of all, what are the signs that a child is being bullied? You need to know because children often won’t admit that this is happening to them. Keeping it secret, of course, adds to their anxieties and isolation - and makes it easier for the bullies to continue.

Our Clover's all grown up and a full fledged Guide Dog!

She was our puppy with a purpose when she made her This Morning debut in September 2015, now Clover is all grown up and working as a fully trained guide dog. She’s been teamed up with new owner Sharon whose life has totally changed since Clover moved in - after being without a guide dog for the last 10 years.

Both Sharon and Clover join us in the studio as we take a look at the moment they first met.

'He’d put everybody else first before his own safety'

Tributes have been pouring in for Police Constable Keith Palmer. The 48-year-old husband and father who was killed yesterday afternoon while on duty guarding the gates of Westminster Palace.

We speak to one of his former colleagues Nina Whitehead, who says this isn't the first time PC Keith Palmer had been a hero - after saving her life 10 years ago.

Heroes emerge in aftermath of Westminster terror attack

It was within earshot of our very studio - scenes of terror on the streets of London as four people - including a police officer and the attacker himself were killed, and at least 20 others injured, after a terrorist vehicle attempted to enter the Houses of Parliament.

We look back at the events - and the heroes who emerged - from that terrible day.

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Terror alert: What does laptop ban on some flights mean for you?

Today marks the first anniversary of the terror attacks in Belgium that prompted raised security measures in airports across the world. Now the British government has announced a cabin baggage ban on laptops on direct passenger flights to the UK from six different countries in the Middle East and Africa.

So why has the ban come into force and what does it mean for you? To help answer those questions, we're joined by Simon Calder and security expert Sally Leivesley.