The million-pound domestic violence victim

When Matt Myles won £1 million on the EuroMillions in April last year, he thought all of his dreams would come true. A trip around the world with friends followed and he even had a visit to the This Morning studios. But things turned sour very quickly when his ex-girlfriend Carla Chamberlain turned violent. After she was found guilty of common assault and criminal damage, Matt is speaking out against the taboo of domestic violence against men.

Domestic violence helplines - men

Domestic violence helplines - women

Domestic violence and forced marriage helplines

Showering with your kids for the world to see?

Perez Hilton sparked a backlash when he posted a picture of himself in the bath with his two year old son on Instagram.

The snap was shared by thousands worldwide and the celebrity blogger was branded 'creepy', while others defended his behaviour and said there's 'nothing wrong' with parents bathing with their children.

Agony aunt Denise Robertson, journalist Sonia Poulton and former men's magazine editor Martin Daubney join us to discuss the headlines.

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