Rebekah Vardy: 'Why I'm taking on the trolls who have threatened my family'

She’s known for being the other half of Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy, but away from the football stands and the glamorous holidays, Rebekah Vardy has suffered horrific abuse at the hands of trolls.

Rebekah with her husband Jamie Vardy

From threats of violence, to death and even rape, Rebekah has been scared to leave her home. Now she’s decided that enough is enough and has teamed up with former Saturday’s member Frankie Bridge for a new Channel 5 documentary series Celeb trolls: We’re Coming To Get You which illustrates the impact it has upon her and her young family.

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Boy with severe nut allergy turned away from international flight

I felt like we couldn’t go home because of my condition

– Daniel Levitan

It’s the This Morning interview which has been watched over two million times on Facebook and has made headlines around the world - the emotional reunion with our friend and colleague Amy May Shead, who suffered an anaphylactic shock and cardiac arrest brought on by a severe nut allergy.

Viewers overwhelmingly supported a ban on nuts on planes after watching Amy May’s story, and today we meet Daniel Levitan, a 14-year-old boy with the same severe allergy who was turned away from an international flight after his parents asked airline staff to ban nuts from the plane.

NUT ALLERGIES ARE SERIOUS: Our Amy May's life-changing battle

'I quit my life in London to rescue stray dogs in Thailand'

Mike Dower was living in London and working in IT when he visited Thailand in 2008. He was shocked to encounter a large number of stray dogs who had been left dead in the street, were blind or totally emancipated and he vowed right then and there that he would help put a stop to it.

Mike Dower

In February Mike moved to Thailand and set up a charity called Bon Jardin which helps dogs in need. Since then he’s come to the aid of a dog who was shot and paralysed, by attaching a wheelchair to his legs to help him walk.


Mike has also helped a blind dog called Suzy, who now lives with his friend in the UK and he joins us today alongside the grateful four-legged pup.

POLL: Should passengers be banned from bringing nuts on to flights?

Three-year-old Marcus Daley suffered a severe allergic reaction after passengers on a Singapore Airlines flight opened their snack packets of peanuts around him. Thankfully his parents had anti-allergy medication and he recovered from the reaction.

Should passengers be banned from bringing nuts on to flights?

With certain airlines no longer selling nuts on their flights, should they be taking the next step and banning passengers from bringing nuts onboard? Vote in our poll and let us know what you think.

The world's youngest bionic boy cycles into the studio

I can ride my bike with my friends now and I can eat with a knife and fork and I can climb on climbing frames

– Alan Gifford

Riding a bike and learning to eat with a knife and fork may seem like rites of passage for most children, but for eleven-year-old Alan Gifford, these seemingly simple tasks were a pipe dream after having both of his hands removed at the age of three following a heart condition.

Now it’s believed Alan has become the world’s youngest boy to be fitted with two prosthetic hands after his family raised over £30,000 to have them made and fitted especially for him.

Alan joins us alongside his proud parents who say his new hands have given their boy new-found confidence and have changed his life forever.

Battered, bruised and starved: Lisa's 28-day forest ordeal

The first few days I stayed in the same spot. I kept yelling for help - 'please help me, I'm naked, I don't have a phone'

– Lisa Theris

Battered, bruised, confused and malnourished. That was Lisa Theris after 28 days in the Alabama woods. The 25-year-old radiology student went missing in July and was soon presumed dead by her friends and family until she was found on the motorway in mid-August.

I remember waking up naked in the woods and not knowing how I got there

– Lisa Theris

Lisa joins us today from Alabama, ready to discuss her harrowing experience, and how it felt to be found after 28 days.

MY OCD HELL: I washed my hair 72 times in one day

When Serin Rayer-Davies turned 21, her obsessive compulsive disorder was so out of control she struggled to leave the house and even contemplated ending her own life.

Having extreme OCD left Serin unable to cope with the thought of being contaminated by germs and in a bid to stay ‘clean’, she would wash her hair up to 72 times a day and rewash the same laundry load up to 15 times.

Having undergone therapy, Serin has now turned her life around and even met the man of her dreams. But now she’s letting her husband into her clean space, she’s facing the possibility of a devastating relapse.

Serin and her father Deny join us now to talk about her debilitating disorder.