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'A conman stole my parents' home'

After receiving a call from ‘Gerry at the bank’ to tell them there had been fraudulent transactions on their account, Donald and Margaret, who both have dementia, handed over their confidential details. Unknown to them, Gerry was actually Syed Bukhari, a conman who used the details to gain access to the couple’s life savings. He spent the money on luxury holidays, and used £10,000 for a hair transplant. He even sold the couple’s home.

After Syed was finally jailed for eight years last week, we’re joined by Mark Williams-Thomas, alongside Donald’s son Graeme to explain why his dad and stepmum are still fighting to reclaim their home.

Avoid the price hikes and slash your energy bills

Energy bills are about to rapidly rise again. People are being hit by a double whammy - we’re in the midst of the second rash of big six price hikes this year, and at the same time the market’s cheapest deals are disappearing.

Our Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis, is warning that if you don’t act you could be ripping yourself off to the tune of £300+ a year. Plus he has a special way for British Gas customers to get £200 a year off their bills.

Is Sandra Britain's biggest Bridezilla?

Are you guilty of being a Bridezilla? Over the weekend a post from a bride scolding her would-be wedding guests for not forking out thousands of pounds to travel to her dream wedding location went viral. But it seems she's not alone in wanting the very best on her big day - even if it means falling out with friends and family along the way.

Today we're going to meet one woman who says nothing and no one could stand between her and her dream wedding. With FIVE weddings, plenty of arguments, and some proper diva tantrums, could Sandra Igwe be Britain's biggest Bridezilla?

Why Bodyguard has us all talking about PTSD

Bodyguard has had the entire nation hooked, and as well as speculation around next week’s finale, it has also got people talking about the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder - as we see the impact it has on the life of protection officer David Budd.

It’s something we often talk about here on This Morning with The Speakmans and today we’re revisiting one of their most difficult cases to date. Former Policeman Russell Dean, whom we first saw on the show in 2016, was suffering from PTSD and struggling to see a future for himself.

Today, we’ll be finding out how the Speakmans changed his life forever.

Alice Beer's top tips on trusty tradespeople

We all know the feeling of dread when you’re set to turn on your boiler for the first time in months, only to find it doesn’t start. You need to seek professional help, but where do you start?

After a man was jailed in Italy for nine months for posting fake reviews on TripAdvisor, we’re asking how can you find a trusty tradesperson? Are those online reviews written by actual customers? And when it comes to boilers, should you be paying monthly for a cover service?

Fear not - Alice Beer is here to answer your tradespeople qualms.

'I can lift a can of beans with my vagina'

Have you ever thought about how strong your vagina is? Mum of three Kirsty Wright reportedly has the strongest lady parts in the UK! She uses Jade Eggs - made famous by Gwyneth Paltrow’s online brand ‘Goop’ - to improve her bladder control and pelvic floor.

But do the eggs actually work? Goop was forced to pay £112,514 after it was sued for making unscientific claims about their benefits. However, thousands of women have taken to the trend, and 48-year-old Kirsty claims she can now lift up to 1 kilo of weight (equivalent to roughly seven apples) using her vaginal muscles alone.

She’s here to tell us more and show us how it’s done, alongside Dr Sara who offers a medical stance.

At war with my neighbour... over a trampoline

You can choose your house, but you can’t choose your neighbours - something Sarah Duckworth and her family know all too well having endured two years of ‘hell’ living next to Loretta Diplacido.

From having hot cups of tea thrown their way to suffering regular verbal abuse, Loretta’s behaviour has left the Duckworth family feeling like prisoners in their own home, and resulted in their neighbour being charged with common assault - all because Sarah wouldn’t let Loretta’s grandson use their trampoline.

Mum Sarah Duckworth joins us from her home in Leeds, and founder of Homeowners Alliance Paula Higgins is in the studio to shed some light on the neighbours’ dispute.

Can you give an old dog a new home?

This Morning are on a mission to help find rescue dogs around the country a new home. Last week we met Beagle puppies Britney, Elton and Kylie. But it’s not just puppies that need rehoming, today we’re meeting 12-year-old Levi, a bouncy Staffordshire Bull Terrier who has been in need of a loving home since May.

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