POLL: Should you encourage your children to eat their bogies?

What would you say if someone told you that picking your nose (and eating it!) could actually be good for you? Well according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, your bogies contain a raft of health benefits, providing good bacteria which help the teeth and form a mucus barrier against bad bacteria.

But should you encourage your children to do it? Have your say in our poll!

AHOY THERE! Alison takes to the seas with the RNLI

Ahoy there shipmates!

Today Alison is literally pushing the boat out to help launch the Royal National Lifeboat Institution's annual MayDay campaign.

For many of us MayDay means a bank holiday, but for the crews of the 237 RNLI lifeboat stations around the country, Mayday is a distress call that can see them drop everything to rush out to sea to put their lives on the line to save others, with staggering results.

Since it was founded in 1824 the RNLI has saved over 142,200 lives, and as Alison discovered when she visited the amazing St David's Lifeboat Station in Wales, this incredible achievement is made more so by the fact that 95 per cent of RNLI personnel are volunteers and all their work is funded entirely by donation.

So make sure you report to your TV screen ship shape and Bristol fashion, to find out more about this incredible organisation and to see Alison take command of a lifeboat (albeit for about 30 seconds), as it puts to sea in spectacular fashion.

Fear of the dentist caused me to pull out my own teeth

None of us particularly enjoy going to the dentist, but for 30-year-old Sarah Boalch, a trip to the local surgery was out of the question. Her phobia was so severe that she even tried to pull out some of her own teeth to avoid an appointment.

Suffering from constant pain, her fear prevented her from getting help and even impacted on her job as a singer as the crowd made fun of her teeth. Now, at her wits’ end, Sarah has asked for the Speakmans' help.

Will she be able to face the dentist’s drill? It’s time to find out…

With thanks to

Waterside Dental Care, Rochdale

Phobia helplines

Take the pledge to support our 'Be Kind' campaign

Across the country, today, there are children spending the day in fear. Too frightened to go to school. Too frightened to speak out. Too frightened to tell anyone. Across the country, today, children are being bullied.

As part of 'This Morning's Be Kind' campaign we want you to watch this video. You'll hear from two mums whose children took their own lives as a result of the bullying they experienced. Then hit the pledge button. Pledge to watch this video with your children. Pledge to help your children know they can ask for help, for them to know someone cares and for them to know how important it is to BE KIND.

If you're in Scotland, you can watch the video here.

Katie Price: 'Online bullying should be a criminal offence'

I'd like to say 'what is it that goes through your head?'

– Katie would like to meet Harvey's online trolls

Katie Price is no stranger to public criticism, but she has zero tolerance for online trolls who have continued to target her 14-year-old son Harvey, who is partially blind, autistic and has Prader-Willi syndrome.

Last month, Katie set up an online petition - calling for online abuse to be treated as a criminal offence and those caught to be registered offenders. With over 213,000 signatures on her petition so far, Katie Price is here to tells us why online trolls have forced her to take action and why she’s pledged support of our Be Kind anti-bullying campaign.

BE KIND! Pledge to support our anti-bullying campaign now

Ask Jo Frost: How can I get my two sons to sleep?

Research out today reveals new parents will lose out on more than 650 hours sleep in the first year of their baby’s life, leaving a third feeling depressed and one in 20 even worried their tiredness levels could put them or their baby in danger.

After reflecting on the shocking statistics, parenting expert Jo Frost takes viewers’ calls on their children’s sleep issues - including a question from Laura who can't get her two sons to sleep on time.

We're on the lookout for unsigned artists

If you are an unsigned band or artist and would like the chance for your song to be used in one of our fashion features, This Morning wants to hear from you!

Please note: For those shortlisted, a member of our Music Team will be in contact to confirm copyright details alongside the execution of a Licence To Use Material by the Music Right's Holder. If the copyright check fails along the process your music might not be used for the purposes of the broadcast.

Should Britain ban the burka?

With the general election just 6 weeks away, the political parties are setting out their key manifesto points in a bid to win votes. So will UKIP’s pledge to ban the burka in Britain go down well with the electorate? Party leader Paul Nuttall says the garment is a barrier to social harmony and a security risk - but is he right?

Debating the issue today are Sahar Al-Faifi, who wears a burka herself and believes true integration should mean women can wear what they like, and Dr Taj Hargey, who has backed UKIP’s announcement, believing there is no logic behind Muslim women covering up in the UK.