Meet the mum who's spent £100,000 to look like Barbie - all because of bullying

I wanted to change my look completely, I didn't like myself as Kerry at all so I went for the plunge and just went quite extreme.

– Kerry on her brand new Barbie look

She's often perceived as the perfect woman, with her long blonde hair, tiny waist and big bust. But would you want to look like Barbie?

Kerry Miles has spent £100,000 transforming herself into a human version of the doll - and even comes with her own box.

Kerry even says that she would divorce her husband - who isn’t a fan of her plastic looks - if he forced her to forget her Barbie ways.

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Firefighter Lucy Masoud says her colleagues are 'heartbroken' by Grenfell Tower fire

My colleagues are heartbroken, devastated and frustrated that they couldn't save more people

– Firefighter Lucy Masoud says her colleagues are struggling to cope with the events at Grenfell Tower

The public applauded the work of the fire service for their bravery and heroism whilst attending the devastating Grenfell Tower Fire.

But for those hundreds of firefighters at the scene, many don't see themselves as heroes and will never forget the lives they could not save.

Firefighter Lucy Masoud was off duty when the blaze broke out but attended the following afternoon. She's since witnessed many of her colleagues struggle to cope with what they saw that day.

Our Be Kind campaign goes into schools

The students have made the school an incredible community that they feel is their home

– Lucy Alexander praises the incredible work of Levenshulme High School

Once a failing school where pupils feared for their safety in the corridors, Levenshulme High in Manchester has turned its fortunes around and is now advising the government on how to clamp down on bullying.

So what is their secret to success? Lucy Alexander, whose son was driven to suicide after being bullied, visited the school to find out.

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This Morning Emergency Services Award - nominate now!

We are looking for members of the Emergency Services who have gone beyond the call of duty, and are deserving of the This Morning Emergency Services Award at the Daily Mirror Pride of Britain Awards.

Please note that nominees must be 16 or over, and were either working or volunteering for the Emergency Services at the time of their deserving act.

If you are under 18, please get permission from your parent or guardian before you nominate and please also get permission from the nominees parent or guardian if they are under 18.

Nominations close at 23:59 on Friday 25 August 2017.

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Please note that the winner and nominee may be required for filming for use on This Morning.

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Piers Morgan: 'I can easily see a situation where Donald Trump gets re-elected'

We have to work out what we think a monster actually is in this country. Is it a rough and tumble New York tycoon, who managed to win the Presidential election by just being very different to normal politicians?

– Piers talks Trump

With a second series of ITV series Killer Women with Piers Morgan starting tomorrow at 9pm, Piers joined Phillip and Holly in the This Morning studio.

As talk turned to the political situation over in America, GMB presenter Piers opened up about Trump and the way he feels Britain looks at the President of the United States.

I became so ill I was ready to die... until I found hope

Janka Penther suffered from cystic fibrosis. She made all the plans to end her life at Swiss clinic Dignitas - telling her mum and dad her wishes. Facing such a debilitating condition, the future was uncertain, but that was until she took hold and changed her outlook on the life she had, and everything she still had to live for.

Turning first to her love of surfing, she decided to catch every wave, and live life to the full. And that hope of a full life became a reality after she was found to be eligible to be put on the transplant list and incredibly received a new pair of lungs after three weeks of waiting.

She'll be joining us on the sofa to tell us what changed her life forever, about life with her new lungs - and how she’s competing in the pool at the World Transplant Games in Spain.

Do you know as many flags as six-year-old Jayden?

When Jayden Binkley was diagnosed with autism at the age of three, his parents - in their own words - admit to mourning the so-called 'normal' child they would no longer have. Three years on however, and Jayden is proving what an incredible boy he really is, with his many skills including being able to name all of the countries of the world in alphabetical order, along with their capital cities and flags. He also knows most of the signs featured in the Highway Code and is starting to get to grips with the solar system!

Jayden’s parents Lynn and Richard join us alongside their son to tell us why they believe Jayden’s autism makes him unique; and why - even if they could -they wouldn’t take his autism away from him.

Autism and Aspergers helplines