I fall asleep up to 50 times a day

Jacky Lloyd's life has been ruined by her narcolepsy and cataplexy conditions. And despite being one of the most severe cases in the UK, falling asleep up to 50 times a day, Jacky has been refused a drug that could dramatically improve her life.

Jacky joins us today, along with her husband Darren, to tell us what living with these conditions is like.

Get help and more information with our narcolepsy helplines

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New drug driving legislation comes into force

A new drug-driving legislation comes into force across England and Wales today. It's the biggest shake-up of the law for 85 years, and will make it easier for the police to catch and convict drug drivers.

We're joined by sisters Natasha and Michaela Groves, whose daughter and niece Lillian was tragically killed at the age of 14 by careless driver John Page who was found with cannabis in his system. The family has been campaigning for changes in the law since Page was convicted in 2011.

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It's time to get serious: have you made a will?

It’s time to take a deep breath and talk about some unpleasant issues. The fact we don’t like to talk about death or dementia makes it even more important to do so. The consequences of ignoring this may happen sooner than you think, and it can be catastrophic for your family and their finances. Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis is here to tell us the key points.

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Buster the hero dog

They say that dogs are a man's best friend, but there are few that would have put their lives on the line like the one we're about to meet.

In the heat and dust of Afghanistan, RAF Police Flight Sergeant Will Barrow and his bright-eyed springer spaniel Buster risked their lives every day dodging the Taliban's sniper bullets as they went out on foot patrol.

Today we are joined by Will and his four-legged best friend, to talk about how Buster - who has saved countless lives - has a nose for danger, but a heart of gold.

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Born in the USA - three months early

For Lee Johnston and his fiancée Katie Amos, a trip to New York was going to be their last big holiday before Katie gave birth to their son Dax. With just under three months before her due date, Katie didn't have any concerns... but Dax decided he was impatient to get into the world.

Born 11 weeks prematurely, Dax had to stay in hospital in America, stranding mum and dad with no money, nowhere to stay, and £130,000 of medical bills. Now, seven weeks later, Dax is well enough to return home and mum, dad and baby son are on the sofa to talk about their American adventure.

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