Are you suffering from empty nest syndrome?

On Thursday's show we're tackling the sensitive issue of empty nest syndrome.

Have your little ones gone to school and you're now home alone during the day? Have your grown up kids flown the nest and gone to uni recently? It can be an emotional time - but also empowering!

We'll be taking a phone-in and offering advice on how to reclaim your life when empty nest syndrome kicks in. If you'd like to speak to one of our experts we'd love to hear your dilemma. by 11:30am on Thursday 25 September. You should be 18 or over. T&Cs

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60k for the biggest bottom in the world

Does my bum look big in this? That's the question most people dread - but not Tatiana Williams! Born a boy called Cory, the past 20 years have seen transsexual woman Tatiana spend over £60,000 on illegal implants to get a 60-inch bottom - one of the biggest in the world!

So why did she do it? Tatiana joins us live from Miami to explain.

Cosmetic surgery helplines

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Worried about your children away from home?

It's a subject that scares all parents - how do you know what your child is really getting up to when they're away? Are they getting so drunk they're out of control? Have they taken drugs? Are they sleeping around?

Denise Robertson and parenting expert Sarah Newton take viewers' calls and offer their advice.

Young people and drug helplines

Alcohol addiction helplines

Stress helplines

Young people's sexuality and sexual health helplines

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Missing people phone-in

Do you have a child that's missing and you don't know what to do? Maybe your child has run away in the past and you're worried about it happening again.

Or if you are someone who is missing and you don't know how to get back in touch with family then give us a call and we may be able to help.

Email or phone 08000 30 40 44 with your comments. Calls are free from BT Landlines. Calls from some mobiles and other networks may be charged. Terms and conditions at We need your calls by 11:20. You must be 18 or over.

Can age gap relationships work?

Age-gap relationships are nothing new, from Queen Elizabeth the 1st's younger lovers in 16th Century to today's happy Hollywood couple Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas.

But for Rachel, 37, and Mike Kelly, 70, their unlikely love-affair, with a whopping 33 year age gap, brought scandal that changed their lives forever.

Smile for the man Behind the Mask

World-class celebrity photographer Andy Gotts MBE joins us today to talk us through some of his most iconic photographs and the fascinating stories behind them as his exhibition Behind The Mask, featuring the biggest collection of BAFTA-winning actors, comes to the Lowry Gallery in Manchester for the first time.

Andy has selected five of his most memorable photographs to discuss with us today.

The exhibition remains open until Sunday 11 January 2015.

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