Mum is dad... and dad is mum

Bianca and Nick Bowser are man and wife, living in Louisville Kentucky, USA with their two young sons. But the happy couple are hiding a huge secret from their two children. Mum Bianca was once a boy called Jason and dad Nick was born a girl called Nicole.

So do they ever plan to tell their children they've swapped sex and parenting roles? They join us live from the States to tell us about their unconventional family.

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The plight of Ashya King's desperate parents

I would do same thing to save my son, definitely

– Ricky De Sousa, a friend of the Kings

As Ashya King's parents remain under arrest and in custody in a Spanish cell, we speak exclusively to Ricky De Sousa, the family friend who told Ashya's parents about the Proton Beam Therapy that sent them racing across Europe.

He says the Kings were only doing the very best for their son and would NEVER have put Ashya's life at risk.

There has to be more to story - if not how can there ever be justification for what’s happened?

– Joanna Nicolas

Also joining us is social worker Joanna Nicolas, who says that the authorities are right to follow protocol.

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Have you spiced up your life? Let us know!

How have YOU and your partner(s!) spiced up your life? Stars of the comedy movie Sex Tape Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel are here on Wednesday. We want to let them in on some of the funniest or most unusual ways that you've tried to spice up YOUR marriage or partnership! If there's an embarrassing story with it, let us know!

Email with your story and even a phone number by 11:30am Wednesday Sept 3. You should be 18 or over. T&Cs at

Katie Hopkins goes to Fat and Back

My armour was my skinny self

– Katie Hopkins

She's spoken out against everything from benefits to baby names and obesity, and is back to prove a new point - fat people have no one to blame but themselves for being fat.

In a groundbreaking documentary, Katie Hopkins has piled on three-and-a-half stone and vows to lose it all again to prove how easy it truly is to shed the pounds.

She joins us today at her heaviest ever, to talk about her journey so far and her plans to ditch the excess flab in no more than three months.

Journey to Fat and Back footage (airing in 2015) courtesy of TLC/Crackit Productions

Are you entitled to a payout after flight delays?

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Ashya King: I would have done the same

NHS complaintsL​​ast Thursday, 28 August, an international search was sparked after seriously ill five-year-old Ashya King was taken from Southampton General Hospital by his parents Brett and Naghemeh King, against medical advice.

Ashya has a brain tumour and his family removed him so they could seek a specialist treatment he'd not been offered in the UK.

On Saturday Ashya's parents were arrested after they were found with their son in Spain. Today we meet mother Ros Barnes whose son Alex, 10, was treated for a brain tumour as a three year old in the US with the proton therapy treatment the Kings want for their son.

Ros will reveal that she would have runaway just like the Kings if faced with the same situation. Dr Dawn joins us for a medical perspective.

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